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22 Sep 2021 00:04:14
In the words of Russ Abbott, what an atmosphere tonight, first away day for a while, i love Fulham away, even better to get a win in London. Follow follow follow we're the best xxxxing team in the world.
MOT guys MOT.

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21 Sep 2021 23:39:16
Sounds like an interesting day for Dan James. His Son delivered in Manc this afternoon, pity he was born on wrong side of Pennines, but I guess DJs girlfriend will have been involved with the gynae teams over there, so best for continuity of care etc.

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21 Sep 2021 23:08:04
Thought a very makeshift team did extremely well tonight against a Fulham side that constantly harried us and we're also very physical. Ref should have got a card out a few times I thought to calm them down as they just kept getting away with it. Great ro see the younglings hold their own against one of the better Champ sides and the experience will do the world of good, as will the result. Firpo will a cracking penalty that shows there is a player in there and Gelhardt and McKinstry did superbly with their pens as well. Rodrigo did well to have the courage to take the first. Summerville excellent - looking forward to seeing more of him. Overall a pleading result in The Smoke and hopefully one that will help breathe a bit of life back into our season. On on on.

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21 Sep 2021 22:42:14
Thought the youth did excellent tonight, especially Cresswell, he is play way above his age.

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21 Sep 2021 22:58:27
Yep Cresswell was the one to come out with the most credit, Roberts and Forshaw please get on tandem together and don't come back.

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21 Sep 2021 22:11:03
If it hasn't already been decided, ]. Then my vote for MOTM must be Charlie Cresswell. If he has done nothing else he has proved to Bielsa that he can do a job at CB anytime required. Get Ayling back to RB and bring young Cresswell in.

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21 Sep 2021 23:36:18
Fully agree with that Leo, I would say he’s earned his place against West Ham, a very competent young defender. As Bielsa has already commented on the current defensive crises, "a solution always surfaces" well, it just has in Cresswell.

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21 Sep 2021 19:14:52
Leeds United v Fulham: Meslier, Shackleton, Firpo, Dallas, Phillips, Cresswell, Summerville, Klich, James, Roberts, Rodrigo.

Subs: Klaesson, Hjelde, Drameh, Forshaw, McKinstry, Gelhardt, Greenwood.

That’s going to be an interesting back line tonight just praying Gelhardt and Drameh get a chance to show what they can do, honestly think Drameh could be a significant upgrade on Ayling.

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21 Sep 2021 19:41:52
Class you need to spell it out for who is RB and who is CB with Cresswell?

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21 Sep 2021 19:55:37
I had no idea Leo, not sure it’s a defence that can hold for 90 minutes plus.

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21 Sep 2021 22:37:44
Well, we made it through, just. How was Summerville the only player yellow carded. The commentary made it sound like Fulham should have had a few booked too, with Joe Bryan having been described as seem to kick Summerville into the air early on, and Cresswell was said to have been caught while in the air. To be fair, KP was also said to have gone straight through one of their players. Good that Gelhardt and McKinstry got sub appearances, and also scored in the penalty shootout. That should do their confidence a power of good. The Fulham fans were chanting ‘who are you’ at Gelhardt as he was taking his kick, so he gave them some when he’d smashed it into the roof of the net. They didn’t bother with McKinstry.

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21 Sep 2021 19:09:01
Could he not have put Joe in tonight from the off? Flip side though if Ty has another poor game surely it makes it nigh on impossible to keep not selecting Joe.

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21 Sep 2021 15:34:36
If you remember when Llorente got crocked pre season I heard from inside the club that initially he was expected to take quarter of the season to be back. I believe his return was subsequently rushed, which led to a recurrance shortly afterwards. I fear we will rush him back again and the same could happen, whereas the club should have actually given him a proper recovery period after the initial injury and the same now so that he has a chance of staying fit and injury free.

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