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10 Jun 2024 11:25:31
Brendan Aaronssen apparently staying put! As Baz had suggested, which I agree with, I think he may do a job this season.

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10 Jun 2024 11:52:55
His workrate and pace will cause teams issues. Much like Dan James, albeit not similar players they do share those traits.

10 Jun 2024 12:22:57
Cannot make my mind up with young BA he has many talents, is mobile and a very willing worker BUT it’s his lack of strength in this particular league. Gruev and Kamara definitely stronger than BA but both were dominated by the likes of smallbone in the saints games.

Also depends on what formation we play and who leads the line? Paddy does not have the pace for a threaded pass but Joseph does.

I’ve resolved nothing here I’ve just realised but he’s a good player but needs the right system and strong players to back him up.

10 Jun 2024 12:49:48
Good news about BA

I had a strong feeling, as well as a preference, that BA would be playing for Leeds this season; hey ho Baz correct again ?

OP, listen and learn from Sir Baz?.

10 Jun 2024 12:56:19
Err OP

Baz correct prediction number 325 :

It is confirmed (today by YEP) that BA stays and plays for Leeds this forthcoming season

# just saying ?.

10 Jun 2024 12:59:25
Think we got to change our formation class.
In order to do that we have to have more able individuals.
Collectively we were a 4 man strike force last season.
Need to be smarter tactically Mr Farke.
Able champ player. Got heart and passion. But hey ho. Jumped ship. Rot in middle earth Matey.

10 Jun 2024 13:10:19
Not convinced with him, needs to be tougher and not be bullied off the ball all the time.

10 Jun 2024 14:47:41
The kids got talent but did spend a lot of his previous time with us on the floor - and that was in the Premiership where you get some level of protection from VAR decisions.

As OP says, he needs to toughen up because they'll be no such protection in the Championship and could end up getting kicked from pillar to post.

10 Jun 2024 15:32:33
He's only rejoining for financial reasons on our part. A sale for a third of what we paid looks bad on books and no-one else wants him so he may as well return. However, he's not a footballer. Champion athlete yes but lacks the technical skills, build and understanding of the game. Will possibly be effective in the last 20 minutes of games as the opponent tires and will be useful against teams who hate a press. Won't achieve more than a 7 g/ a in a season. Better to play more of Greenwood than Baracus.

10 Jun 2024 16:04:46
Sorry all he left don't want any of them as several have stated on here.

10 Jun 2024 19:58:22
We had no choice but to take him back as we would record a massive loss if we sold him (and we really don't need a 15m loss on the books) , we own him so where else would he go and he was awful on loan last season so nobody else wants him anyway. Just pray Farke can get a tune out of him otherwise we are stuck with a very expensive asset that doesn't fit into the way we want to play.

10 Jun 2024 21:42:18
What op, Blanco + Alf said, ? absolute Donkey is Baracus, read earlier today we selling Llorente for 4mill ?, more financial wizardry from that " famous" DOF we sacked .

Baracus had a very poor season in Bundesliga ( no surprises ) as Mr Yorke sang.

10 Jun 2024 21:53:58
Both Brendon Aaranson and Max Wober would be excellent this forthcoming season for LUFC in Champo

Much like my main man DJ was for Leeds United last season ?.

10 Jun 2024 22:38:42
Mmm George makes a very good point between BA and Greenwood? Given the early form and GIALS Greenwood scored at Boro!?

10 Jun 2024 23:52:07
Christopher I heard that BA from many sources that BA has a very good run of matches towards end of season in Bundesliga

Tne Bundesliga is a much better standard than the bog standard Champo .

If Junior flipping Firpo can look good in Champo so can BA, Wober, RK easily fella!

11 Jun 2024 00:22:56
Don't forget to vote CC.

11 Jun 2024 06:07:18
BA earned very positive reports at the season run in. He also started his time with us very well, to the degree that the fans were singing for him specifically.
I think that there was also some ‘instruction’ involved with him going to ground so easily, as many more diminutive figures in football have managed to stay on their feet against much bigger opposition!

11 Jun 2024 06:46:41
There was fans protests during season
Baracus out was a firm favourite seemingly.

11 Jun 2024 12:20:41
UB have basket owners, numerous managers recently . think BA did fairly well all things considered

BA has crucially started to bulk up physically hence his improving performances.

Chris face it you were completely wrong about DJ last season . and you will be wrong about BA this season. he certainly isn't a ' complete donkey '

Time will tell soon enough.

12 Jun 2024 06:14:09
“Fan protests”.? . ????
Yes there was a growing disgruntled element focused on the Americans, the board, and the gaffer, and rightly so in the position we were at the time, no?
And of course, in a relegation battle, people will want under performers dropped, but were those “protests” all aimed at one player? Nah. Course not.
But I won’t say anymore, in case I’m accused of picking on you.

12 Jun 2024 07:20:55
Farke has already stated that it doesn’t normally work with players coming back when they request to leave the club.
I don’t think any of these loan clause players will pull up trees for us this season if fact if they do stay at the club I don’t believe Farke will use them unless he has too. This is most likely a financial reason and Farke has no say in it but what he could do is just keep them on the bench.
Hopefully we can invest in a few decent young players with the sale of Willy and Jimmy, who are hungry and want to play for Leeds United.

These mercenary players didn’t want to play for us in the championship when we were relegated but now they do!
Ask yourself the question why?



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