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11 Jun 2024 22:20:14
Today's / tonight's question;

Is there anything you can think of that Beckham won't do to get his knighthood? Have just read and marveled at his new love of the countryside as he cosies up to the King - I imagine he talks to plants as well now!

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11 Jun 2024 23:56:51
Probably deserves a knighthood. over due imo.

12 Jun 2024 00:04:18
Shag Camilla! lol ? although who knows eh! ???.

12 Jun 2024 01:40:11
Baz - you are joking right?

12 Jun 2024 04:06:58
1970 well as an ex Man U player he isn't a fave of mine

BUT to be fair Beckham :

1) Is arguably a good global ambassador of football, a good role model, and a very decent family man

2) undoubtedly a British cultural icon

3) undoubtedly has had a very successful football career spanning 20 years plus

4) factually Ballon D'or Runner Up twice

5) factually World Player of the Year runner up twice

6) factually Unicef Ambassador for 20 years

7) Founded ' The David Beckham UNICEF Fund ' to protect children in danger of violence, wars etc

8) Patron of Sir! Elton John AIDS FOUNDATION

9) Campaigner for ' Malaria No More ' FOUNDATION

10) NSPCC patron

11) Conducted clinics for disadvantaged youths in Harlem, New York City

12) Inspiration to some
Etc etc

So 1970 . Sir David Beckham it should be imo. plenty of strong evidence.

12 Jun 2024 05:52:40
Spot on Baz. He’s a very decent bloke from a pretty humble background too, and has pretty much kept his feet on the ground despite immeasurable wealth.
The tipping point would’ve been his ability to carry home a major trophy, in a team that he quite often carried himself (e. g. Greece) .

12 Jun 2024 06:06:07
Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Baz again! There’s a strong case for Sir David Beckham and I’d be happy to see it happen.

12 Jun 2024 07:23:18
A very decent family man ? shagged the help ?

In all serious, he does deserve one. A great ambassador for the sport and other noteworthy causes and seems like a decent bloke, as Brighty mentioned.

12 Jun 2024 08:18:44
Yes, but he missed a penalty and got sent off. Surely we can throw something in. ? To be fair after seeing what Baz wrote I agree.

12 Jun 2024 08:30:03
Yes, maybe he should get one, but it would be a better look if he just let it take its course than all this speculation that he is going out of his way to make it happen.

12 Jun 2024 09:06:32
I'm sure he's a very decent guy, certainly comes across as one, however the one thing that always makes me scream at the TV is whenever England score a goal at a major tournament the camera will focus in on David Beckham celebrating in the crowd - as if he were our greatest ever footballer, who won every major honour in an England shirt.

No, he didn't. He was the captain of the so-called 'Golden Generation' who won FA! Didn't even make the semis in any tournament either.

If they have to recognise someone in the crowd then focus in on Geoff Hurst - he did actually win something!

Apologies for the rant but it winds me up every single time!

12 Jun 2024 11:24:28
Brockley. you mean Sir Baz ?.

12 Jun 2024 11:26:52
Lol Cleggy! Very true tho! It’s like Wimbledon zooms in on Posh, probably confusing her for Cliff Richard! ???.

12 Jun 2024 12:15:21

12 Jun 2024 13:48:20
Very clever bright and not impossible
And true dill. Just because you cheat on your vowels it’s still ok to be a sir.
My opinion.
Prob one of the most gifted passer of a ball in the world ever.
Stood up to that old Scotts guy.
A sir? Nah.

12 Jun 2024 15:57:46
The thing that intrigues me 1970 is, why do you even care about it? There’s likely less deserving people received a knighthood than him anyway.
You get a 99 year old 2nd world war veteran still out selling poppies last year and he can’t afford to switch on his heating. And aus you’ll find that the old Scot’s manager reined him in a tad. He put a stop to him wearing a sarong anyway.

12 Jun 2024 16:52:15
Dill Such loos talk from you ?.

12 Jun 2024 17:46:03
That's a belter, George ?.

12 Jun 2024 17:54:44
I’d rather Beckham with a knighthood than Lewis Hamilton!

13 Jun 2024 09:44:30
Clarke and jones. I think he left man utd.
Pretty sure the Scottish guy didn’t ask him to go or want to lose his star player.

13 Jun 2024 12:48:00
Family men, don't have affairs . Supposedly
Eltons friend, yet took the Qatari lolly, where we know the outcome of Eltons friends sadly .

Nah not for me, Brand Beckham before all else, Fairs dues to him on his business acumen though, ?.



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