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10 Jun 2024 17:09:03
Great call from Baz regarding BA, I for one did not see that coming, but just as Brighty says he could actually do a good job for us.

If you look at Gnonto’s games this season and then watch some of the games involving BA you will see a speedier player with BA and to be honest he can’t be any weaker than WG because they both do fall over a lot, the only thing you don’t get with BA is the goals that WG gives us, but I suppose that our coaches can work with him on that.
I think he can cause lots of the defensive issues that DJ causes and he does not stop unlike a certain WG.

I don’t the sound of Ramus coming back, he’s to slow and he will get sent off more times in the Championship because he doesn’t like being tackled aggressively but I’m ok about Wober. What a partnership that would be with Wober and Robon eh, that’s if we get Rodon.
It will be very interesting to see how it all pans out over the next few weeks.

I would also like to add that I’m super impressed by the 49rs and the dealing of Cody Dramah, it’s obvious that he will not accept this new contract on the table, but what offering a new contract does mean is that we will now get a fee for him whereas if we hadn’t offered him the contract he would of left of a free transfer! The rules state that if a young player turns down a contract offer from their club then the club will be due a tribunal fee. These 49ers are very astute and also a stroke of genius getting Red Bull investment on board helps us with this PSR and FFP hanging over us, it gives us more of a better hand. Good times ahead, can’t wait. ????.

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10 Jun 2024 19:29:58
I am a Wober fan and would love to see him solving our LB problem.

10 Jun 2024 20:13:02
I can see them all coming back tbh. Not sure anyone else wants them and we overpaid badly meaning we will be screwed financially if we sell them at a loss. Just hope Farke can get a tune out of them although I'm most worried about Rasmus due to molasses like pace. Not sure he fits the Farke system Whatsoever.

10 Jun 2024 21:50:14
Definitely Wober too.

10 Jun 2024 22:08:43
Good post Alf, and I for one hope that Rasmussen does not fit DF’s system and he’s not at all in his plans as that would be a step backwards. ?.

10 Jun 2024 23:47:31
Actually Rasmussen having been okish for Denmark, in EPL and Seria A

would be right at home in Champo ability wise as a CENTRAL defender against many Champo strikers . he is big, tall aggressive and a decent tackler.

You don't play him / match him up with small quick strikers.

11 Jun 2024 01:04:28
If, as it seems we have a number coming back, I hope we have plenty of pre-season fixtures to introduce them back into the team in front of fans as I’m not sure most will get the “welcome” they want, but they probably expect. We want all the bad feeling out of the way and harmony before the season opener. They triggered their loan clauses because they felt they were to good for the championship; self evidently, the fact their back says they weren’t!

Notwithstanding the above, they will get my wholehearted support. I’m with Baz, MW and BA could do a job for us. BA and DJ running at championship defences would be a good thing.

11 Jun 2024 05:57:36
I’m also with Baz, Ani! ?
Rasmus can probably do a job in the Champo and learn a lot by doing so. Again, Wober is a definitely yes, but for CB with Pasc (I know both play left) but that can still work. If Firp’s isn’t sold, I’m quite OK with him at LB in the champ.
I think someone else will take JH and Llorente/ Koch (can’t remember which has gone already! )

11 Jun 2024 06:19:43
Wouldn't be opposed to a Struijk/ Wober CB pairing tbh (don't think we get Rodon back) . Would be great at this level. And agree, Ani, BA and DJ will be a handful for champo players. Both pacey and they graft their b*ll*cks off.

11 Jun 2024 06:23:09
BA is a snappy attacking player. I wonder if he can play down the wing or we go three in midfield with Archie, BA and Gruev?

11 Jun 2024 06:46:53
We might not have any choice but for them to return as we will not be able to sell them any where near the ridiculous price they were bought for.
I’m not going to say I want them back, because I don’t, they will without doubt will have to prove their worth and don’t be fooled by it’s only the Championship they’ll rip it apart.

If they play anywhere near to what they showed in the Premiership, teams like Preston, Coventry, Blackburn will have them for breakfast.

My opinion is that they are a chain and ball around the neck of the club and if they have any chance of playing they’ll have to play well above their own very poor standard and that’s not even mentioning their attitude.
Don’t forget they very quick in their decision to leave the club believing they were too good for us in the Championship, the decision by Farke i imagine will be not so quick to let them play.
They will have to work their backsides off to get anywhere near match day selection.

11 Jun 2024 12:12:16
OP where is ever your consistency ??

You were first on this forum in the Team Gnonto Redemption Camp. you calling numerous times for Gnonto to play ahead of 120% er large G and A DJ fgs ?

the very same Gnonto that put in a transfer request, refused to play for Leeds and if be had a loan exkt clause would have been off pronto ( just like others did who you forever deride)

Jeez . be consistent man.

11 Jun 2024 16:33:25
Best games I've seen BA play were as an inside forward from the right, MoT. Against Bayern and Barcelona (when he was still at Salzburg) he looked great there. Incisive and a real handful.

11 Jun 2024 18:37:54
Ha ha Baz, Gnonto didn’t leave that was the difference, a young kid having his ear bent by his notoriously aggressive Italian agent.
He also had to bide his time on the bench until he finally proved he was worthy to start.

Let’s have it right Baz, Wöber after arriving at his loan club Bor/ M’gladbach he announced to the media he was at a much better club than his previous!

These players now only want to play for us in the Championship because they found out that they are not that good after all, they were all highly overvalued and overrated when they came to us.

11 Jun 2024 20:01:33
Naive as well as inconsistent OP . Willy would have done the same had he a loan release clause .

Pragmatism and consistency required.

11 Jun 2024 21:26:40
Who’s bitten your little cherry Baz?
So I’m naive and I need pragmatism and consistency !
That’s rich coming from someone who’s changes his mind about our team pretty much every time he posts.
You are consistently inconsistent Baz, that much i will give you.

11 Jun 2024 23:51:11
Hmm more dubious OP rhetoric that we naturally don't agree on.

Such is life ?.

12 Jun 2024 20:12:09
Something to consider about the returning players abilities and form; Rutter was an absolute donkey last season, a waste of time and not worth the 35 million we paid for him. He wasn't even worth paying in washers.

This season just gone though? One of the most entertaining footballers I've seen in years, on and off the pitch. The way he skips past players like squiddly diddly, his passes and his passion, love for Leeds and his beaming smile when we win makes him an absolute steal for 35 million. Is he perfect? Not yet, but damn Rutter, you're worthy of that Leeds shirt lad.

With that in mind, are players like BA a superstar in the making? Could Kristenson play world-class now that Leeds are a different team? Wober? Roca?

If Rutter can turn it around and go from severely dislike to a fan hero, can the rest?



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