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08 Jun 2024 08:53:13
Pleased byram extension triggered. Always a positive and hardly put a foot wrong when called upon and available. Granted not prem quality but good enough for another champ season. Like his fighting attitude too.
I welcome him back.

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08 Jun 2024 09:48:42
Often injured.

08 Jun 2024 10:26:32
Cooper, Shackleton, Byram 3 sick notes hardly inspiring for a so called ambitious club.

08 Jun 2024 11:14:34
When he plays, he gives 100% every time. Offers an aerial threat too, and effective defensively in the air. Injuries tend to be niggles, not season ending, based solely on last season, so think he is a decent and versatile player to have in the squad. Same goes for Shacks. Coops I guess will be doing coaching badges too, and is seen as someone to keep at the club from that perspective. Nowt negative in any of those proposals in my view.

08 Jun 2024 12:00:56
Said when available baz. Read the post mate.
Didn’t say a starter did I. Can do a job in this league though.

08 Jun 2024 13:24:41
100% spot on Gelderd ; its deeply uninspiring and one questions ambition

And Aus

if a player is often injured he is neither a ' starter ' nor a ' sub'. ??

he is in fact mostly ' unavailable '

In a 46 game slog to get promoted from this fricking Champo Leeds definitely must have a squad of

1) QUALITY at CF and CAM at the very least

2) ALL players giving 100% each game with a winning MENTALITY. no bottle jobs, no down toolers!

3) a squad of AVAILABLE, RELIABLE players! . so having at least 5 sicknotes in Bamford, Byram, Shack, Cooper and indeed Struick is utter folly! Get rid!

I would NOT have any of them nor Meslier in my squad!

08 Jun 2024 13:40:00
Who dared to wake Baz up ????.

08 Jun 2024 13:47:14
Leeroy ☺?

I am Kraken of the Leeds United Banter Site . ??.

08 Jun 2024 14:11:40
How many games did byram play in baz?
Just a number needed mate.
No opinion needed. Zzzz.

08 Jun 2024 14:22:15
Facts are

Sicknote Byram just 239 games in 13 seasons

That's 18 games a season Aus

Probability he would miss more than half forthcoming season

Aim for better Aus fgs! ?.

08 Jun 2024 14:56:56
Krakhead Baz! lol ?.

08 Jun 2024 15:23:58
I never touch drugs Woody . they make you deluded and erroneously optimistic ? ?.

08 Jun 2024 15:39:38
I would guess Byram's salary isn't earth shattering, so fair enough on that one. But as Baz said, time should be up for Bamford, Cooper and Shackleton. As for Struick, if he is still under contract let's see how he goes next season.

08 Jun 2024 17:42:51
Struijk is arguably our best CB. Of course he needs to stay! Despite the team conceding less when he didn't play, I'll stand by what I say.

He's a solid ball winner on the floor and in the air, he can progress the play through breaking the lines and with his passing. He's mobile and quick enough to revover bad situations and he's also a goal scorer/ threat from set pieces.

He's notably injury prone given he's missed 7 games total (previous 4 seasons) before this season.

Absolute must we keep him.

08 Jun 2024 17:53:33
Agree Byram does suffer from injuries but he has played a fair chunk of the season, about 67% of matches played. De Brunye has only played 44% of games, but I’d still have him on the payroll.

08 Jun 2024 18:24:28
He's NOT* notably injury prone.

He's an exceptional presser of the ball too. KEEP KEEP KEEP.

08 Jun 2024 18:28:22
Indeed Baz, a Kraken you are a mythical superstition, a folly and made up nonsense.

For a start off Struijk is not a sick note, we missed him after Xmas, even though we went on a great run after he was injured. He’s our only defender who does possess a very good Ariel presence.
As for Bryam definitely keep, yes he will cover only about 60% of the season but his contributions will definitely make up for his occasional absence.

08 Jun 2024 19:03:14
Lol OP next you be telling me Zeus and Pegasus never existed ?.

08 Jun 2024 23:40:20
Baz a drug user is called a crack head, I said Krakhead, which meant the mythical beast that came from the waters and snapped at its audience!
So not for one minute did I mean a druggie so please accept my apologies if it came out that way ? if you are not offended and do actually use drugs, please can I buy some? lol ? ?.

09 Jun 2024 01:36:02
All gòod this end Woody . coffee or paracetamol on offer lol ?.

09 Jun 2024 06:33:26
100% again Dilli! Have always rated Pasc highly. He is an essential “keep” in my eyes too. I have a bad feeling tho, that if he can prove his fitness, a European team will be coming in for him.

09 Jun 2024 11:42:45
Hoping this long injury/ recovery has put bigger teams off for now, Brighty. Don't think there's many better LCBs in the league than him other than Greaves at Hull.



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