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28 May 2024 14:17:07
Baz, after your 8 negative points below I thought I would ask what 'yer thoughts' on some of Farke's positives from the season:

1. started on the back foot due to having very little time to build a squad
2. coped with no preseason due to late takeover
3. dealt with 12 first team players departing due to calamity of previous ownership
4. managed the Gnonto situation superbly turning it around from a player wanting to leave to being a valuable asset
5. overcame the hurdle of not getting in players vital to the system
6. turned Rutter from winger to creator
7. first 4-0 half time lead since 1995 (4-0 vs Huddersfield)
8. biggest ever win over Millwall in a 3-0 victory at the Den
9. 4 consecutive league clean sheets for the first time since March 2020
10. consecutive home league wins for the first time since August 2022
11. avoided defeat in our opening 6 home matches in a league season since 2009/ 10
12. won 4 consecutive home league games for the first time since June 2020
13. two away victories in a single season against teams starting the day top of the league for the first time in the club's history
14. first Leeds manager in the top two divisions to win 8 out of his first 15 league games since Dick Ray in November 1927
15. first manager in Leeds United's history to remain unbeaten in his first eight home league games in charge
16. Manager of the Month December 8th 2023
17. 6 consecutive league wins at Elland Road for the first time since Dec 2019
18. unbeaten in the first 10 home games in a single season for the first time since the 1973/ 74 season
19. 7 consecutive league wins at Elland Road in the top two tiers for the first time since December 1999
20. ended the kit-hoodoo of failing to win in a non-home strip since the 2021/ 22 season
21. joint-biggest competitive win against Ipswich with a 4-0 demolition at Elland Road
22. went into the Christmas peroid unbeaten at Elland Road in a single season for the first time since 1973/ 74
23. club’s biggest ever competitive record win at Cardiff with a 3-0 victory - first time Leeds had won 3 consecutive matches by 3+ goals without conceding a single goal for the first time since October 1967
24. dealt with losing our captain and primary defender Struijk, replasing him with Ampadu and starting a run of 9 consecutive league wins and 8 clean sheets
25. won our opening 5 matches of a calendar year for the first time in the club's history
26. Manager of the Month award in February as we recorded 12 out of 12 points
27. first Leeds manager to win five consecutive league matches at the start of a calendar year
28. first Leeds United boss to win two Manager of the Month awards in a debut season
29. first time Leeds secured five consecutive league wins since July 2020
30. 3+ extra-time goals in a single FA Cup match away from home for the first time in the club's history
31. unbeaten run of 18 home games in a season for the first time since 1973/ 74
32. 6 consecutive league wins for the first time since July 2020
33. unbeaten in our first 10 matches of a calendar year for the first time since 1975
34. 20 league wins after 32 games in a single season for the first time since 1971
35. 8 consecutive league wins in the top two tiers in a single season for the first time since 1931
36. 6 consecutive away league victories in a season for the first time since 1963
37. matched a club record 9 consecutive league wins in a single season for the first time since 1931
38. 28 points from 10 league matches never bettered in the club's history
39. 72 points after the first 34 matches of a single second tier season for the first time in the club's history
40. seventh consecutive home league victory with a 1-0 win over Stoke City
41. Championship Manager of the Month award in March
42. first Leeds manager to win three Manager of the Month awards in his debut season
43. unbeaten league run of 12 matches for the first time since 2011
44. Leeds unbeaten in 6 league matches away from home at the start of a calendar year for the first time since 2001
45. won 24 of the first 37 league matches in a single season for Leeds - never been bettered
46. club's unbeaten home run to 21 matches and record 8 consecutive home league victories for the first time since September 2009
47. 9 consecutive league wins at Elland Road in the top two tiers for the first time since between September and December 1989
48. nominated for the 2024 EFL Championship Manager of the Season
49. Leeds remained unbeaten for 23 consecutive matches at Elland Road
50. only the second Leeds manager in the club's history (after Bielsa) to reach 90 points in a single league season
51. first Leeds manager to reach 90 points in his first season in charge
52. secured a top three finish in his debut season
53. 56.4% win rate
54. 98 goals scored
55. 22 clean sheets
56. 31 wins
57. Restored pride.

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28 May 2024 16:03:17
Alfie Cuppa

stats of a relegated EPL club against mediocre Champo fodder yet still crucially dropped points against all bottom 8 clubs bar Plymouth .

Alfie would you like to present DF with one of your ' 90 point mugs" ? congratulating him on finishing behind "96 points ( League 1 ) Ipswich"?

28 May 2024 16:18:33
Alf All the more reasons we should have gone up. Farke is limited tactically. He's overly risk averse, his in game management questionable, his lack of rotation costly and his treatment of a couple of squad players very suspect. He's still a keep for me but with the advisory that if he isn't top early on next season his time is up.

Worryingly, do you realize we only truly have like a dozen first team and squad players right now in total in light of the inevitable departures?

28 May 2024 16:40:35
George - we only had a dozen first team payers last season - that's what got us in the end and in a way it was sadly inevitable regardless of what DF did.

We simply didn't have time and/ or finances at the beginning of the year to build a proper, balanced squad.

That can be addressed this close season and hopefully will be.

28 May 2024 17:37:43
What a cracking post Alf! Tekka bow fella! ??????.

28 May 2024 17:39:53
Alf Don't quite share your optimism about the rebuild. Looking at the inevitable departures, the accounting numbers and likely outcomes in respect of the loan players, I think the recruitment team face a very challenging 7 week period to achieve the necessary quality in through the door.

I previously posted we need 15 players. Prepared to accept a reduction by 4 so 11. 11 quality over 7 weeks a tall order. However, I know Miles and Hammond are very capable.

28 May 2024 18:13:46
Thanks Brighty.

There are a lot of moving parts in the coming months George so difficult to make absolutes like that but time will tell. I thought our recruitment was good last summer so I am optimistic and there are bargains to be had out there as Dil's scouting articles prove.

28 May 2024 19:02:01
Good posts Alf, people are drawn into thinking there’s going to be another mass exodus of players like with our relegation. I’m not convinced there’ll be so many players departing. None of us know the financial implications and I think whatever you read is probably just speculation. Having said that there will I’m sure be one or two assets sold.
It’s going to be a very busy summer in trying to sell all the loan clause players, there are agreements already in place for some of them, maybe if all goes well the need to sell our better players becomes unnecessary? presuming they want to stay.
None of us will know that if couse.

28 May 2024 19:20:02
This close season only slightly less "chaotic" than last season, esp with the ffp hammer hanging over us. Quite a lot of juggling to do, but, it wouldn't be Leeds without.
I must say. Hats off to yor post and the homework behind it. The most telling for everyone to remember is the perilous state we were in come first game kick off to where we ended up is nothing short of miraculous and for anyone to call for Daniels head just beggars belief.
Lets just pray that the powers that be have already begun to action Plan B and positive anouncements are already being rehearsed. Good Luck with, for once, a steady ship and a staedy Captain.

28 May 2024 20:32:42
OP So YEP has it all wrong then with their headline the 20 LUFC players set to depart next month? Bad journalism obviously.

28 May 2024 20:55:01
Bloody hell Alf.
You've done some research there bud
Plus kept Baz moderately quiet too.

28 May 2024 21:21:40
Lmao Leeroy.

28 May 2024 22:32:35
@lufcdata was the excellent source, I didn't have to do much.

I think the club hv said there is a likelihood of selling to fund moves so although I agree it may not be as many as some think there will almost certainly be outgoings.

28 May 2024 22:39:34
George, whenever is their good reporting from journalists?
Most of those players out of what you have already posted who are destined to leave are the loan clause players and good riddence to them all.
In our current squad I would say there’s only one player who is very likely to leave and that is Summerville.

I believe Joseph will stay and will have more playing time next season, as for Cresswell I’m not sure.
Loan players, difficult to say, I don’t think Spuds have any plans for Rodon so a good chance he’ll be staying at Leeds, could be another loan or buy.

With twenty players leaving as you say, there’s no football team left and that would only equate administration.
Journo’s love to whip up a dramatic story, it’s what they do, yes and that includes YEP.

28 May 2024 23:12:59
Majestic post Alf ?.

29 May 2024 08:56:13
The YEP has been nowt more than hot air since the legendary reporter who preceded Phil Hay left. (Was it Bill Waterstone or something) ? …. I have loads of cuttings from the Wilko era in U. K. storage, so not to hand to jog my memory.

29 May 2024 11:18:16
Bill Fotherby.

29 May 2024 12:36:22
Hmm. That would’ve been our Managing Director who appointed Wilko, not the YEP sports reporter.

29 May 2024 13:07:40
Yep lol.



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