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13 Jun 2024 22:48:22
Leeds United have joined the chase for out of contract Coventry City attacking midfielder Callum O’Hare.

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14 Jun 2024 05:53:04
Yes please!

CALLUM O'HARE - 26 - AM - Coventry

O'Hare has the ability to be a game-changer. A tricky and forceful dribbler that salivates at the opportunity to run at opponents and force them to make mistakes. He loves to put the opposition under duress when he has the ball at his feet. He's a keen contributor on the goals front, too, with a natural ability to crash the box. O'Hare is also a team player who will run himself into the ground for the cause, something us Leeds fans love to see. A quality passing range and the vision to match. This signing should be a no-brainer considering the Coventry man is available on a free this summer.

14 Jun 2024 06:04:15
Would he be a starter Alf? Displace Gio?

14 Jun 2024 10:36:24
Would be if gio leaves aus.

14 Jun 2024 11:50:40
Gio likely staying due to the issue of the £35 million fee paid

Zero chance on Ohare . he will be picked up by a prem club. possibly Southampton.

14 Jun 2024 12:31:52
Gio inverted/ inside forward onnthe right and O'Hare through the middle. DJ out left. That would be taking into account Cry and Gnonto leaving.

Would work well given Rutter is so lively in the half spaces.

Optimistic signing, but wouldn't rule it out, Baz. I tend not to talk in absolutes as anything can happen in football. Especially with how the money side of the game is played these days.

14 Jun 2024 14:05:45
Did think of that dill.
Farke has his work cut out all beit not as hard as last season.
Admire Admonsen attitude.
Hope Farke can be flexible with formation v players available.

14 Jun 2024 16:21:31
Flexible not putting money on that.

14 Jun 2024 22:20:56
One of Farke's major issues is his lack of versatility, so it would be a shock if that changed over the summer. But fingers crossed, eh. Would be a lovely suprise.

15 Jun 2024 05:58:07
I think that this “ inflexibility” thing has been somewhat over cooked.
He had limited resources available, so used the best of what he had.
He showed a lot of flexibility, adjusting the approach and tactics for the playoff semis, and the line up, again tho, his hand was forced somewhat.
I feel we will see more flex in his approach next season, if he is able to assemble the right squad depth this summer.

15 Jun 2024 09:45:18
Brighty . not sure about flexibility. Norwich fans will tell you otherwise

The key to getting promoted will be near perfect recruitment and not so much DF.

15 Jun 2024 16:59:32
Farke not utilising his subs; James, Roberts, Joseph, geldhardt, creswell, crew, when using the same old team wasn't working, shows he has a lack of flexibility.

Towards the end of the season, Summerville had been figured out, he was man marked by two defenders the majority of the time and Farke did little to change how we attack or how we play.

Remember when Rutter and Piroe were played out of position and Farke refused to change?
Call me unfair but I don't rate the guy as a manager and I think he will be gone by Xmas.

15 Jun 2024 17:42:22
On this I tend to agree MOTagain.

16 Jun 2024 01:24:17
You would Baz!

16 Jun 2024 10:15:49
Norwich fans baz. How so?
Like how to lose a final?.

16 Jun 2024 12:50:16

Yes I ' would '

You know why?

Because its sensible, logical, factual.

. not sprayed with rose tinted misguided optimism. not dipped in hot tub of delusion ?.

16 Jun 2024 12:53:12
Aus . been listening to some Norwich podcasts esp when Leeds vs Norwich matches are on and they aren't quite as flattering and positive about DF as you first might have expect.

16 Jun 2024 14:12:44
Still ****ed em over baz. They just country folk mate. Don’t give them too much respect. Or move.

16 Jun 2024 14:29:13
Norwich fans are knowledgeable Aus. they had Farke for 4 and a half seasons . know him better than Leeds fans do

Try to broaden your very limited horizons Aus.

16 Jun 2024 16:35:32
Logic, factual and sensible Baz eh, well what about the post from MOTagain saying he doesn’t rate the guy and you agreeing? Well it seems that you will agree with the negative calls but never the positive posts eh! DF, 4 years with Norwich and 2 promotions, one season with Leeds and 90 points which would normally be enough! Crew only came onto the scene late late on so not a serious playing contender at the time and as for all the other tosh, well it’s like this…. You can only play the hand you are dealt, never mind rose tinted, misguided and broaden your horizons crap. You really wanted DF at the beginning, great manager, best Leeds could get, blah blah blah, then when it suits you throw it all back in the ring! It’s you who needs to smell the coffee pal, it’s you who needs to broaden your horizons and it’s you who has a negative opinion on nearly everything. One question for you which I have asked and you’ve never answered…. if not DF then who? It’s bloody souls destroying reading about the future constant demise of DF and his inability to manage. The season hasn’t started yet, transfers not even breached, yet here it is again, doom followed by gloom!

16 Jun 2024 17:30:27
Woody I do really enjoy ? your hysterical rants

To correct you Woody :

1) I agree with ' Positive ' AND ' negative ' calls as long as they are realistic / logical/ factual

2) I am on record as stating DF should get a 2nd season not least because not sure SF49ers would / could obtain better than DF . maybe they would but no guarantees they would

3 ) Also I am on record as stating that recruitment will be the key ? far more likely so than relying on DF abilities to get Leeds promoted.

BUT saying that

4) it would be VERY helpful indeed if SOMEHOW Daniel Farke becomes more frigging " flexible " this season and learns from last season's mistakes fgs! Please!

Cheers Woody lad! Enjoy the hot ? tub ?.

16 Jun 2024 18:57:06
You are also on record agreeing that he will be gone by Christmas! So again, who if not DF? You also say that in no way will we get Rodon and Archie, Jimmy and Gnonto will go. So who are we going to get Baz?, and where will we finish this season? Is it worth me getting a season ticket because my rose tinted glasses and misplaced beliefs maybe clouding my judgement! Maybe better me buying a hot tub and watching Pablo’s Goals Box Set, or even Viduka’s 90 mins against Liverpool on repeat eh!, and I will also save on Sky Subscription as well, these rose tinted goggles should of gone a long time ago, the money I would of saved means I could of subscribed to Bazovision Express Prediction TV! ?.

16 Jun 2024 21:10:59
Lmao Woodster you should do stand up ?.

Actually on wet Sunday afternoons I do recommend the Pablo and Viduka box sets, a glass of Port and a generous portion of stilton

If both Pablo and the Duke had been in our team last season we would have walked the Champo and not even DF could have messed it up lol ?☺.

16 Jun 2024 21:16:08
. as for my league predictions Woody . best wait to end of summer window

Archie Gray very likely staying this season but if a huge bid came in . I would take it. and use funds wisely on 2 goalscoring players CF, CAM.

16 Jun 2024 21:56:13
And I will ask again…. if not DF then who? I’ve asked you many times now but you still refuse to answer! ???.

16 Jun 2024 22:11:45
Well I would much prefer for Gnonto and Summerville to go rather than Archie. DJ is much better than Gnonto and I’m in favour of Meslier going and finding a new commanding number one . I would like Rodon back but unfortunately I have to agree with you Baz as he looks premier bound, another Ben White, it’s sickening when we take non wanted players and turn them into the wanted! Gruev could go but if we get a good replacement who can score then great. I would like us to get Sammie Szmodics, O’Hare, Connor Roberts back and Gilchrist would be a good loan addition. I think DF will get us promoted this season but I don’t think he is good enough for The Premiership, my choice after him would be someone of note, not an also ran or a journey man, someone who wants to manage us and not use us as a stepping stone, Look how hard Leicester are finding it to find a replacement, there is just no one available that gets us excited!

16 Jun 2024 22:25:11
Woodster I have already stated DF gets this forthcoming season. no promotion again and SF49ers will replace him at some point, perhaps more likely end of this season

If Redbull were owners they may have jettisoned him at end of playoffs final last season

Ask me for names if/ when DF is sacked in 2025 Woodster . and then shall. see who may be available .

It's too soon to ask this fella.

16 Jun 2024 23:51:14
Fair enough Baz and I have to agree regarding DF, I for one will be asking for the sack for DF if we aren’t challenging for the top spot or even miss out altogether. This season should be fine tuning only with no slow start and no excuses for failure.
I also agree that we really should have gone up last season especially as we had two bites of the Premiership cherry, so again Baz I agree it’s now or see you later DF.
I do agree with a lot you say but we rose tinted lot do have to live with hope as hope is what gets you up on a morning.
Off to get in the hot ? tub now cheers mate! ??.

17 Jun 2024 04:39:40
Fair dos ? Woody mate.

19 Jun 2024 13:57:24
I think our best hope is the generous portion of Stilton ?.



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