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11 Jun 2024 06:55:21
A PL "highlights" reel of BA (yes, I know) just popped up on my insta. My only "prediction" this season; BA leads our assist rankings, if he stays fit. He will break the souls of some Champo players if DF gets a tune outta him!

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11 Jun 2024 07:34:50
I'm quite looking forward to seeing how he plays to be honest. Can't tune a racing engine without a qualified mechanic, and I don't think Jessie James had finished his YTS. I have a lot of optimism this year, more than last to be honest due to the uncertainty at the start of last season. MOT.

11 Jun 2024 07:57:12
I’m thinking now that the bosses are seeing it as a money saving scheme. If they welcome some back then they wouldn’t need to buy for that position. Although I’ve said no way back before, it does make business sense.
Wober and Harrison and ba can all do a job in this league.
Not rass or heaven forbid loriente.
That would leave us to upgrade on other positional targets.

11 Jun 2024 08:32:24
It’s a difficult dilemma for Farke, and BA appears the easiest to transition back into the squad, whilst I feel very strongly about how mercenary they were in jumping ship as soon as was possible I said I never wanted any of them back and still feel the same, as I would rather take a loss and buy players who are desperate to play for the shirt.

Wober in particular (if Beren Cross is correct) gave verbal assurances of his desire to play for us last season before withdrawing from the team before the Monaco friendly at York. Farke will not have forgotten that either.

Now should one of our mercenaries score the goal that clinches promotion I’m sure I for one, would also be mercenary enough to cheer and sure would go on to hypocritically claim I always say forgive and forget.

And whilst I understand the financial ramifications for the board I would much prefer some of Dil’s excellent recommendations than have any of them back.

But that’s just my rather intransigent grumpy and unrealistic view of all the rats that originally jumped ship.

11 Jun 2024 09:55:52
So much for the microwave.

11 Jun 2024 10:24:10
Good well balanced and honest post Class and I agree. I think he will cause some problems for defences this season, he is very hard to tackle without a foul given, he’s like the old fashioned gangly strikers of old, he’s very fast and he has good feet, it’s just his shooting leaves a lot to be desired as does staying on his feet, but then Gnonto, Georginio and Summerville have that problem in this league. I also agree with Class regarding the financial sense in bringing him back. ?.

11 Jun 2024 12:03:36
Good post Bright
I think BA would be most effective of all coming on with 30 mins to go against tired teams.

He won't have the goals/ assists levels impact that I predicted DJ would last season ; but he would assist goals for sure . needs to work on his goal scoring though!

Bottom line Leeds would still also need to sign a specialist CAM.

11 Jun 2024 13:37:18
All those creeps who didn't want to play for Leeds last season (Including Gnonto) should never wear our Jersey again! Get rid of all of them.

11 Jun 2024 13:49:13
Heart before head berm.
Let’s be clear.
If they can help us save money and get to prem.
Let them redeem themselves.
It helps us and increases their value.
It’s just business.
Now where’s my horse.

11 Jun 2024 16:24:15
It's not even a case of saving money, it's preventing catastrophic losses. If we sell Aaronson for £10m which is estimated market value we would have to post a 15m loss for the season and we just can't afford that if we want to abide by sustainability rules. Add to that losses for Rasmus and Wober and we would be posting losses of 20 - 25m and that would screw us. We have no choice but to take them back and as we are also paying them huge wages it makes no sense not to play them.

11 Jun 2024 16:26:29
Bang on, Aus.

11 Jun 2024 17:43:32
Totally true Alf! Good assessment of the predicament the club faces right now!

11 Jun 2024 17:48:04
Oh definitely, modern football is a business first and foremost and players irrespective of their loyalty are the clubs assets and they must realise the best return possible, as was the case with Drameh’s new contract.

This mess is not of the new boards making ?

But personally I’m maintaining my grumpiness about it ?.

12 Jun 2024 06:01:02
??? Class! Carry on Grumping! ?.

12 Jun 2024 08:58:18
According to Mrs Class, grumpy is my neednatural state these days Brighty ?

I did point supporting Leeds United is challenging at times.



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