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13 Jun 2024 09:44:06
In the accustomed fashion, I now provide the voting results for POTS 2023/ 4 in reverse order. ???

Coming in 3rd, a result which is bound to shake the corridors of power at ER ?:


Coming in 2nd, therefore this year's runner-up, losing his crown ? from the previous season but putting up a good fight ?:


This year's winner ?⭐ in 1st place is:


Congratulations ?? to Dillinger. A very deserving winner I think you'll all agree with his insightful posts and high quality research on future recruitment.

Wish I could offer a prize.

Enjoy your day Dill.

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13 Jun 2024 10:55:34
Agree 100%. All three worthy podiums.

13 Jun 2024 11:07:07
Well done to George and the winners!

13 Jun 2024 11:08:20
Congrats Dill, Bright and OP - three worthy winners!

Thanks to all posters for your contributions to this site and the Eds for their input and moderation - already looking forward to next season!

And lurkers - what are you waiting for, we'd love to hear your opinions too.

13 Jun 2024 12:44:12
Sorry Blanco, was working all mad hours lately

I would have posted Dill also as poty, serious research done on multitude of posts, Special mention to yourself pal, I really enjoy your wit ?,
Well done Dill ?.

13 Jun 2024 12:48:55
Well done Dill ?. a very skilled writer and researcher.

13 Jun 2024 14:23:40
Congratulations Dil, a well deserved accolade to walk in the footsteps of Aus and Bright ??????

As Alf said, be great to have some new posters, opinions on the site, variety is always welcome.

A special thanks to the Eds for all their hard work and a special shout out to Martyn ? hope you’re good pal, be lovely to hear from you……. again!

13 Jun 2024 15:06:19
Well done indeed Dill - I'm sure you'll wear the crown with distinction:)

13 Jun 2024 15:58:04
Well done Dillinger.

Also a huge well done and thank you to all poster on this site. Not being local to Leeds, this site really helps me feel connected to the club and fellow fans.

13 Jun 2024 16:14:11
CC ???.

13 Jun 2024 16:39:15
Thanks a lot chaps. Really appreciate this and I'm really happy to be a part of this little community we have going here. It's good some of us have differing opinions and (mostly) healthy debate stems from it, haha. We're all obviously die hard Leeds fans, so it's great to see us all so passionate.

And really happy you guys enjoy the scouting reports and other posts I've made. Will definitely keep them coming over the summer, so keep your eyes peeled ?

Thanks again, everyone ?.

13 Jun 2024 17:16:44
Congratulations to a worthy top 3 and thanks again George for doing this.

13 Jun 2024 18:17:04
100% the right winner imo! Keep em coming Dillers!

13 Jun 2024 18:53:35
Really worthy winner; well done Dill. Well done OP and Bright, even though its the playoffs for you OP :D

There has been some great contributions this year, so thanks to all for keeping the community going. Thanks to the editors for keeping it all in check and allowing us to participate.

13 Jun 2024 18:59:06
Well done Dill, well researched and informative posts since you joined this forum, outstanding effort ??.

13 Jun 2024 19:26:12
You are 100 % right Dill about its good that this site at least has some posters with differing opinions .
. as it is far, far too top heavy with Tinters ☺. just joshing lads

Ani; OP in playoffs you say?
Odds on OP bottles it ?.



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