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10 Oct 2019 10:54:20
I played football last night with my mate who is wall, he watched the game with two championship professional players (one is a leeds fan) and a first team coach

their views are interesting as pro's and outsiders.

he said the general view was leeds are best team in the league. far too good for championship.

they also said they would happily play us every week. Wall struggle to win at the moment yet for all our play we never really hurt them and he don't recall their keeper making a good save

he said we lack pace and directness on attack and pass for the sake of it rather than with purpose to score.

he also said he look suspect at the back and have no physicallity

he said we was not shocked to see us beat brom and teams that want to play, he said he felt we'd do better in prem than championship due to this

many teams in champ are physical and can leeds deal with this he said? without a couple of lumps in defence they all said they felt we will struggle to get the points despite being far and above the best team they have ever seen.

he mentioned we are even better than newcaslte and wovles teams that walked this league but they where built to win games we are built to entertain

i know many may not care thoughts of outsiders but i thought some might find it interesting to see these views.

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10 Oct 2019 11:55:23
Totally agree about the lack of directness. That is where we fall flat. Need to be more direct in the final third, which will create more clear cut chances, rather than so many 50:50 chances which we fail to put away.

10 Oct 2019 15:56:20
Been saying it for ages we play too much football. No good passing it about five yards from goal. Sometimes you need to unleash or just run straight through them. Directness pace and presence. For all our possession we do not really pressurise teams into mistakes.

07 Oct 2019 10:20:04
Ed can you set a sight up called wingers and moaners sight so they can go depress each other without filling the banter sight with all this negativity?
Last time I saw in fighting like this was at the Labour Party conference.

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08 Oct 2019 10:46:00
Get a grip Martyn, what would you post about if everyone agreed with you. My Begonias are doing well Chris, think its the manure i use. Seriously why take it so hard they are only posts, reply or ignore, simples.

08 Oct 2019 11:40:41
Because banter is exactly what it says banter not moaning and slagging off players and others who don’t share your negativity, go on a site dedicated to depressing yourself sand not me.

08 Oct 2019 22:44:16
I am not depressed love reading all the posts, even yours lol. I don't slag off anyone and my opinion on a player is my opinion, like it or not. For me banter is about expressing you opinion and fact is not everyone will agree with it. You are moaning about people slagging others are you are doing it now. Think its time for a few to lighten up.

09 Oct 2019 12:10:18
Lol Martyn! “Banter” is what it’s called, I think, people! 😂😂😂.

07 Oct 2019 08:27:30
Didn't see all the game but the sending off was wrong, my problem is that beradi is crap and should not be playing for Leeds. He missed a tackle and out of position and then trying to recover and catch up, he is not good enough. Shows we miss cooper and shouldn't have sold Pontus, him and white could have been best pairing and coops as back up. Hope struik can get a start now, need height.
Also time to drop klich and play Eddie with bamford.

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07 Oct 2019 12:23:25
The footage now proves beradi didn’t trip the player in fact he never made contact with him he had a hand on his shoulder but when asked the ref said he had tripped the player, robbed there and then Harrison has both legs hacked from under him and he waves play on.

09 Oct 2019 12:11:18
Berra is definitely NOT crap! He’s a model pro who was stitched up

06 Oct 2019 20:28:02
What do you call 10 moaney hard to please people amongst at least 50,000 supporters?
Leeds Rumours members.

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07 Oct 2019 10:24:02
And a prize for naming all ten.

06 Oct 2019 19:37:03
Am I starting to agree with the many anti Rad Bielsa mob? I'll think I will ask the 35k at home games. Maybe I should of polled the 20k odd a few seasons back when we were proper rubbish. Do me a favour lads and get real. Some expletives on here don't realize when things are good the club is good and 99% of supporters are good. Now go and bitch and moan at the wife if your not happy with your lot because you must be unhappy elsewhere 😃 ok it's Sunday and I've had a few but.

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06 Oct 2019 17:18:21
to all the 'get a grip', 'only 11 games in', etc posts I just want to make a statment and ask one question

since last december/ Jan. this is what I have seen

a keeper who makes mistakes, thinks he is a number 10 and can't get crosses

Beradi make a number of costly mistakes

a defence which is lightweight

an attack which is not clinical enoough

our best striker and defender leave the club. our main goal threat and physical presence leave the club

a team that follows the pattern of creates a lot yet don't score enough and conceeds too easily

a team that consistantly loses to teams that are struggling

a manager with no plan B, who is loyal to the point of blindness, with no tatical adaptablity and makes the same mistakes time and time again

I have seen a record breaking slump to fail to get promotion yes a record breaking slump

i saw a play off record broken to fail to get to the final. yes another unwanted record

i saw a team last year that fell short,

I now see a team that looks weaker, seems to be going backwards in every regard

I also know that both the manager and club are known for falling apart in second half of the season

so armed with this data over the last 10 or so months. why are the negitive people being stupid? and is the positivety not misplaced?

geninely looking for answers from this? where is the positivity coming from? are we not underacieveing? how is everyone not frustrated and worried in equal measure?

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06 Oct 2019 14:21:05
rag just seen this on other page

Bermo have you just become angry because what I gather you have been angry a while, slatting KP, the manager and putting bets on US not getting promotted, we need more supporters like you . NOT, that's just my opinion!

yes I have been angry for about 18 years. i saw a team with great young players home grown fall to bits. go to league one (which i loved league one) but mainly consistantly underperform

I have seen some wonderfully gifted footballers leave the club i love to do well else where, every year we don't go up we lose more. i am angry because I can see shacks going

i am angry because at the moment i think we are the biggest underperforming team ieurope maybe with spurs but there's is a blip this season ours as been for years

as for needing supporters like me nice dig. cheers

if a fan can't see the problems and failings of his own club then what can he see. as for my bets. i don't want them to come ture but i think i have a good understanding of football and of course study my team the most so I make good predictions on leeds. I would rather they lose but sadly my predcitions of gloom come in year after year and I pray for the day i stop winning my bets and leeds start getting over the line.

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06 Oct 2019 16:09:03
We’ve been through it all together. The ups and downs.
That much is clear Bermo. I’d choose to not be angry, as it’s all water under the bridge, as bad, and as great it has been, not worth dwelling on for me.
Obvs people opinions are divided on the current regime, and that life, and normal.
No doubt we will continue to go through ups and downs, and together.

06 Oct 2019 08:26:55
Sorry but being the better team, playing the more attractive football, having most of the possession is pointless, if we don't win!

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