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28 May 2024 08:21:19
After a day and a bit to reflect, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I'm still suffering with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment, thinking what might have been etc.

I've read a lot of comments online from people calling for Farke to be sacked, what are some of our fans on! Yes, we failed towards the end of the season and clearly didn't turn up when it mattered, but considering what he inherited at the start of the season the guy did an amazing job!

To get 90 points and still not get automatic promotion is such a Leeds thing to do. Had Farke had a steady start to the campaign and not all the comings and goings to deal with, plus the disruption caused by the likes of Gnonto, I think we would have won the league.

I know we will now loose the likes the Summerville, Gnonto, Rutter and a few others. However, if we can keep the core squad and replace those players with solid additions, I believe we will be up there again next season.

My biggest fear is obviously failing again and then sitting mid-table in the Championship for years. Hopefully it won't happen but we all know how easy it is to get trapped in the division.

My other fear is finance. I've seen comments but don't understand the numbers myself. Some fans have said that we are in danger of breaking the fair play rules and may need to sell a lot of players in order to stay out of trouble. If anyone knows more about this, please explain. This obviously could have huge implications and prevent us from having another shot at promotion for some time.

All in all, I'm glad the season is over. I remain hopeful and will be there to support Leeds next season no matter what.


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28 May 2024 10:12:43
Danny what yer thoughts on Jury Out Farke

1) DF game management subs, etc

2) Tippy tappy sideways and backs handbrake football

3) No plan B other than put on forwards with 8 mins left

4) Being schooled by Russell Martin 3 flipping times

5) Being 1st with eight games to go but ending up 4th best team behind last season L1 Ipswich

6) Zero goals from 500 corners in 2024

7) Refusal to play talents Joseph and Cresswell

8) Repeating same mistakes. Evidently not learning from them.

28 May 2024 10:21:50
and the 2 petulant show ponies pretenders WG and CS (imo deliberately) doing nowt in Leeds biggest game of season.

Saw on one content creator Locky on Leeds wingers dribbles taking men on stats in Play Off final:

Willy Gnonto Nil. did NOT try to do so all game!

Summerville just One.

BUT Dan James 5 (out of 6) successful dribbles taking men on in just 24 mins . he tried and did make things happen with his energy, runs, dribbles, taking men on.

plus 2 good shots from DJ close to scoring.

28 May 2024 12:01:46
Baz you are spot on with all the above!

I will stick with my opinion on Willy early in the season. After he wanted out and refused to play, he should have never been allowed to wear a Leeds Jersey again! Yet, Joseph and Creswell get the short end of the stick. All on DF and it won't change next season either.

Like I said DF is full of It! and it showed.

28 May 2024 12:59:42
Baz, were you calling for Bielsa out after the first season when he finished with 7 less points that we did this season and got “schooled” by Frank Lampard in the play offs?

28 May 2024 13:14:37
We essentially have around 75mil to pay owing from player transfers this season (before June) and if that ends up being a loss we could suffer due to Fair play rules. That could then impact our ability to bring new players in. Early days yet though and time to balance the books.

28 May 2024 13:48:53
1) DF game management subs, etc
worked more often than not

2) Tippy tappy sideways and backs handbrake football
tended to be against low blocks where our players struggled to break them down. A decent CAM would have helped there

3) No plan B other than put on forwards with 8 mins left
worked most of the time

4) Being schooled by Russell Martin 3 flipping times
Well done Martin - Farke probably won't have to face him next season so that's fine.

5) Being 1st with eight games to go but ending up 4th best team behind last season L1 Ipswich
ran out of steam. The chase wore us out

6) Zero goals from 500 corners in 2024
Players need to learn how to score from a corner

7) Refusal to play talents Joseph and Cresswell
Joseph did play, I'm sure he will get more game time next season. Cresswell doesn't fit into the system

8) Repeating same mistakes. Evidently not learning from them.
He has a successful system and the confidence to stick with it. he did change things around a number of times but it was never as successful as the tried and tested system.

28 May 2024 14:03:24
We need to buy 8 players for 70 mill in my estimation. Let’s see how good the new regime is.

28 May 2024 14:17:56
Baz According to Troy Deeney, he witnessed 4 or 5 LUFC players "laughing and joking" on the Wembley turf right after the full time whistle. He remarked that this behaviour is highly inappropriate.

28 May 2024 15:22:11
Fully agreed Hooksie

Mighty . Leeds were a mid table Champo team the season before Bielsa took over

Whereas Leeds were an EPL club the season before Farke took over.

Both 'failed' in their first season in getting promoted but Farke 's failure is worse, far worse in comparison.

28 May 2024 15:29:11
And Mighty.

Bielsa's Leeds United beat Fat Frankie 's Derby THREE times out of 4 matches. the 4th time Calamity Kiko and Calamity Cooper were the catalysts for a 45 minute meltdown. no "schooling " at all by Fat Frankie over Bielsa . self inflicted 45 mins wounds

Whereas Russell Martin and Southampton have beaten Daniel Farke and Leeds United THREE times out of THREE. Farkd totally been " schooled " with very similar goals conceded again and Farke completely clueless to counteract, stop, find solutions.

28 May 2024 15:32:07
Alfie Cuppa . oh joy . sell the self before side CS and WG for as much as possible

Archie Gray may have to go IF big offer comes in.

28 May 2024 15:44:13
George. I would not trust anything Troy Deeney and Sly Sports say about Leeds United.

That said I gave intimated for some time now my thoughts on a few certain players stepping off the gas to get Leeds promoted

Alf . you basically agree with all of my 8 points. bottom line Farke failed
And ( some of) the players bottled/ didn't want it enough / failed.

28 May 2024 16:43:54
as did Revie's teams Bazza - many, many times

as did DOL teams - completely

as did Beielsa's team in the first season

as did Wilko's having decided to gift Man U with a decade of domination by selling them the missing piece

Farke isn't the first to have narrowly missed the end goal and had many obstacles to overcome.

28 May 2024 16:59:29

Give me a Revie over a 1000 Farkes

Give me a Wilko over 500 Farkes

Night and day.

28 May 2024 18:16:16
Don't forget that Revie turned his back on Leeds and buggered off to a failed tenure for England.

28 May 2024 18:17:26
Point is even our most revered managers 'failed' but the present is always in motion so Farke certainly has time to improve assuming 9ers stick with him.

28 May 2024 18:36:30
Revie had been at Lèeds FOURTEEN 14 years Cuppa . our longest serving manager by some distance

He deserved his opportunity with England and a fresh challenge.

He certainly didn't ' turn his back ' on Leeds.

Is Klopp ' turning his back ' on Liverpool after a mere 8 years?

Nonsense Alf Cuppa

I will say if again Alfyou weren't even born in the Revie era let alone experience it and no little to nowt about it, you weren't even aware from previous posts that Leeds United had won 2 UEFA Cups the League Cup.

May I suggest you stick to posting abour the Lweds eras you at least experienced 1990s onwards ?.

28 May 2024 19:12:40
Baz, unlike you most posters on here were children in the Revie era, football has changed a lot since then. Making comparisons is pointless and without significance.

28 May 2024 20:08:33
As usual OP you have got it back to front

It was Alf Cuppa who made the Revie era comparison. yet he evidently knows so very little on it.

28 May 2024 23:03:04
Is it not a form of comparison to say you would have Revie over a thousand Farkes today.?!
Hypothetical I know but Revie would be lost beyond belief if he was given the job to manage Leeds today.
Sorry Baz but you are making a pointless comparison.

29 May 2024 01:43:26
So are you saying Alf Ramsey, Sir Matt Busby, Don Revie, Danny Blanchflower, Sir Bob Paisley, Jock Stein, Brian Clough, Bill Shankley etc would be " lost beyond belief " managing football teams in 2024?

And what on earth is this baseless suggestion formed from OP?


29 May 2024 09:09:45
Good post Danny. I think many of us share your perspectives, and worries alike.
Baz, I agree with you on one thing; Deeney, while a good player, is a whopper of the first order, with the intelligence of a crushed walnut, hence his short stint as a gaffer, and hopefully now end of his gaff punditry and lies. Another one who hates Leeds anyway.
Any discussions of managers from the great Revie et al eras are purely hypothetical. Yes, if they were resurrected, and parachuted into top jobs now, they would fall flat imo. On the other side, and more in line with your way of thinking, given the time to relearn and adapt, would their brains make them great now? I think some, dunno which, would once again excel, while others would fail. Totally different games, scenarios, rules, tolerances, and player power would be too much for the egos of some.

29 May 2024 11:00:55
Totally different game Bright? How?

OP silence speaks volumes on his baseless suggestion ?.

29 May 2024 12:37:54
Do you really need me to answer that Baz? Honestly? Do you?

29 May 2024 13:08:40
Try Brighty.



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