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30 May 2024 12:27:15
Long time since I've posted but been a tough few weeks to be a Leeds fan aha.

Just knew we wouldn't do it - I texted my dad (fellow leeds fan) pre-game and said to win we need 2/ 3 of Gnonto/ Rutter/ Summerville to show up and none really did.

Wonder how much this new Red Bull investment will help with with Profit and Sustainability.

I'm accepting that we will lose Summerville (and if we get £30m + for him I don't mind) . As good as he has been I feel he is a bit one trick - cut inside from the left and shoot. That's what he's good at (and he's very good at it) but might get found out higher. Wingers generally I feel are kind of easier to find and identify decent ones.

Losing Archie who clearly bleeds Leeds would hurt so much more because you just don't get players like him. Versatile, I'll do any job boss get me out there playing for MY team - but i'll still be better than 85% of natural players in that position.

Aside from Archie, every other player has a price.

Llorente / Kristensen - As I understand it only Harrison and one other (Roca? ) have the loan clauses again so we need money for these two ideally. If we can get around 12.5m for the pair combined that would be stomachable. Llorente apparently didn't have a bad season.

Aaronson - 12m is mooted. Massive loss but we need him gone.

Wober - weirdly, if we can't get 10-15m for him (another who did well on loan) , we might end up keeping him if we were to sell Ampadu (wouldn't want to) .

Piroe - I'd take my money back on him right now

Gnonto - 25m but I understand there's a hefty sell on clause from his previous club.

Basically if we get:

Summerville 35m
Gnonto 17.5m (higher fee but sell on)
Llorente/ Kristensen 12.5m
Aaronson 10m
Wober 10m
Roca / Harrison loans again

That comes to about 85m. Steinsson needs to do the ugly side of moving undesired players on well, some of these must have been being worked on in the background for ages too.

85m covers our immediate costs I think (73M) ? for this season in transfer fees owed. A little lee-way too if we can't move on some of them for the fees i've suggested but i don't think i'm unreasonably high on many of them.

If the red bull deal covers some of it too so we don't have to sell all at the start of the window immediately then all the better.

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30 May 2024 14:33:31
Good post Ealing.

Wonder if we can get discounts on purchase price from those players who came from RB teams.

30 May 2024 14:41:49
Aaranson apparently (according to both content creators Ger and Locky) was very good towards back end of last season ( in Bundesliga)

Maybe, just maybe, he could play and be ( very) effective for Leeds United this season in Champo?

1) He is a 120%er every game . and his pressing is very good.

2) He would be too quick for most Champo defender plodders

3) Just like Firpo, Summerville, Gnonto, Georginio etc have shown its more than a tad easier to be far more effective in Champo than EPL.

30 May 2024 15:11:51
Summerville can do more than that. He's excellent at picking the ball up deeper, inside the lines and turning defenders. Whenever he's been allowed to roam a bit he's shown excellent press resistance and that turn of pace to get away and break. A few of us have talked about it before and it seems its probably a tactical decision from Farke trying to be more structured keeping him out left. I think he plays much better when he can team a little, giving him better attacking options. When he doesn't have that licence to roam, he usually gets doubled up and has to cut. Whilst Firpo tends to overlap into the space when he does, rather than underlapping, which he doesn't do much.

30 May 2024 15:40:16
make a note in the diary - Baz has posted something I agree with, and arguably positive!

I too am getting (probably stupidly) excited about Aaronson i the champ next season and have been wondering if Farke could get the best out of him. If so he could be the no.10 we thought we were buying.

on the other hand I've heard the club want to sell him.

30 May 2024 16:20:53
Eureka! Alf Cuppa has seen the Baz light ✨️.

30 May 2024 16:23:07
LUFCfeath lol ?

OK how about one of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels creations :

'Dumb' and ' Dumber' ( perhaps the latter)

30 May 2024 18:16:49
Not just you Alf, pal! I would be willing to give BA the chance to prove his worth for a while pre season, so do agree with Baz, which is something I have been known to do more than the odd time.

30 May 2024 18:39:24
Yep Bright you know it fella! ?

You do live up to your name when you wisely agree with your Uncle Baz! ☺.

30 May 2024 20:42:41
Keep posting positives Baz and we will probably agree more often.

30 May 2024 21:29:01
Good post Ealing.

31 May 2024 00:23:42
Good contribution cork.

31 May 2024 11:14:21
I’m not so sure about Aaronson, in the Premiership he was was dispossessed far too easily, the slightest shove and he was down, he is quick but my feeling is he will be bullied in the Championship.
You could say Willy and Jimmy are constantly fouled so what’s different?
I was not convinced by him last season, the German or Austrian Leagues suit his lightweight style in my opinion.



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