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27 May 2024 16:05:17
Mirroring a few comments
Disappointed obviously but not surprised

Don't forget Bielsas first season
25 wins
8 draws
13 losses

83 points and lost in play offs

I think we have a better team and infrastructure now, I'm almost certain another 90 point season will see us up.

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27 May 2024 17:42:51
Indeed Mighty!
My own point of view is that this season was a “hope” to go up season, from a management and ownership perspective. Equally I think next year will be a “must go up” scenario, which will see us restructure as needed through sales, and suitable / essential acquisitions and loans to buy. The 49ers will not allow us to stagnate in the Champo.

27 May 2024 18:11:09
Not a better team
Not a better manager
Shudder at what could happen soon enough ?, the exit door will be very busy once again.

27 May 2024 18:39:11
Chrissy that is far too realistic to post on here.

27 May 2024 19:49:21
De ja poo. Read all this cack before!

27 May 2024 20:11:51
Deja vu Brighty would be bottling not going up.

27 May 2024 22:47:52
Is someone talking Baz?
I thought someones crusade on this forum was people should all be able to post without it becoming a tad personal?

27 May 2024 23:43:22
Chris indeed ☺?.

28 May 2024 07:55:56
How was that personal? ????.

28 May 2024 10:21:15
Tad personal was my quote. You seem to be very fast to take my posts apart, and going beyond yes or no, and just being derogatory.

Now normally that doesn't bother me in the slightest, name calling is fine, I won't ever get offended, I ain't a snowflake.

But your hypocrisy, then when you moan about how you feel (opinions and posts) from certain posters shouldn't be dissed is laughable when you do that to others.

I won't bother inserting emojis ? (joke).

28 May 2024 10:51:22
Spot on Chris 1 billion per cent

The H word is rife with that fella . called it for years.

28 May 2024 17:51:10
Absolutely nowt personal intended in that at all. Zilch! Maybe you’re just being a little over sensitive! If I disagree, I’m going to say so. But I do that for everyone, and everything, here and everywhere. If a disagree, I don’t sit and nod. Somethings I just ignore as I disagree so much, but reading it again and again, I might bite.
Again, what did you take personally there?

28 May 2024 18:14:59
Chris post self explanatory esp pertinent 3rd paragraph.

28 May 2024 19:03:52
Who says my post wasn’t in response to yours and “reality” Baz? Which in part it was?! Something you preach, but can’t grasp, what with your imaginary conspiracy theories of players not even trying!
But again, there is nothing personally abusive, offensive, remotely name calling or anything of the like in my post, just someone feeling “picked on” for some inane reason? I’m baffled by the defensiveness and the responses tbh.

28 May 2024 20:00:19
This post and multiple scores of your other posts Bright to which Chris and I allude.

28 May 2024 21:26:46
Last response. It’s a waste of breath, and time. Your problem, not mine, as Chris was clearly only referencing the above, and you’ve seen the need to jump onboard, and try to take some self created high ground by tying it to imaginary other posts. Clearly, you read Chris’ mind too now.
If you’re going to throw the H word around, look in the mirror tho. Merely by using it, you’ve been the only one in this thread name calling. It’s all just playground mentality that many of us are used to, and immensely bored with.

28 May 2024 21:36:38
No 'mind reading' required

Just reading . Chris clearly referring to your many previous posts Bright.

29 May 2024 09:19:28
Ah, that skill of “reading between lines” then! Amazing way to just make up your own content again! ?????.



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