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14 May 2024 20:20:28
Have just read last few days posts and thought I would add my two pence.

VAR. - should not be anywhere near our sport. It absolutely ruins the flow and is often open to debate anyway.

Promotion - don't really care if we go up or not. Don't get me wrong I want to win every game but just feel we will be cannon fodder in prem.

Farke - needs to be brave enough to gamble on some young uns - we have to find goals. We will probably have 75 % of the ball v canaries, likely lose at least one goal to them on a break - then hope someone can actually get something for us.

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14 May 2024 22:11:31
Agree, agree and agree 1970 ?.

14 May 2024 23:23:44
The VAR technology is excellent but the rules associated with it and it's operators, decision makers are the issue.

14 May 2024 23:57:14
I too don't like and haven't missed var it can really ruin the flow of a game and still makes too many mistakes.
As for promotion. It might not hurt leeds building for another year in the championship. Getting all the loans and want away players sorted and get in a few more farke players.
It will be a hard year if we go up.

15 May 2024 04:57:00
Have we the money for another rebuild Ben. Rumours are that we are walking a fair play tightrope.
Will possibly scoop 50 for Jimmy. Maybe 30 for gnonto. If we can keep the ones we need to Roden and roberts mainly.
Still need a goalie, central defender for cover, left back, attacking mid, 2 wingers and a striker.
That’s 7 players that are good enough for promotion for 80 mill ish?

15 May 2024 07:59:55
Another rebuild, the second in two seasons, is a massive undertaking. Wanting us to stay in the EFL is a death nail imo. We're going to be a drastically different team if we fail to get promoted, and not for the better, so I don't agree with that line of thinking at all.

We need promotion. We get promoted we have more chance of keeping our best players, whilst attracting a better standard of player, as we will inevitably be recruiting in the summer.

Promotion is key to not becoming a mainstay in the EFL, which I think may happen if we lose players then have to sign worse players to replace them.

Doesn't make any sense whatsoever wanting us to stay in the EFL. Will we lose more games next season? Yes, more than likely. Can we stay up and try and root ourselves in the Prem once again with some key signings? Yes, absolutely.

Without wanting to sound alarmist, the health and future of the club relies on EPL football next season.

15 May 2024 08:16:04
Thought about being a motivational speaker 1970, I don't know what it is but if we was at war I'd really like to be in the trenches with you. You just ouse positivity. I also very much look forward to playing football in the same league forever, for no gain other than entertainment. Really?.

15 May 2024 10:22:57
for me, the scouting team proved their worth last summer under very difficult circumstances and I am confident they will be able to find us the right players to give Farke what he needs for a reasonable cost. The way of football is to change personnel and we will still be here afterward regardless of league. a lot depends on being able to shift the rats though and pay what we owe for them to get rid of that amortized debt which was accrued by The Skint One.

15 May 2024 10:41:36
On the subject of VAR I find myself agreeing with George. The basic premis of the system is sound it's the operators (and the law) that fails.
If they are down to arguing millimeters (and terrified of getting it wrong) then you are obviously going to get delays. Surely this game is all about goals. If when drawing the line the player is CLEARLY offside then so be it. Immediately put the lines in, but if there is so little in it that there is need for debate then Do Not give offside.
Let's have some common sense and let the game flow.
I would also ask that all deliberations are transmitted to show the problems and to underline the competence of the officials.
My last plea is to the media. Please do not try to sell papers on the back of decisions. Do not fan the flames. For once back the officials accept it's not an easy job and cut them some slack however with minor tweaks 3 and 4 minute discussions will become a thing of the past as offsides become clear and obvious.

15 May 2024 11:43:43
What Dillinger said, totally, what's the point otherwise.

15 May 2024 13:54:04
Nice pic vid.

15 May 2024 18:21:19
Thanks Aus, was new year weekend when my son flew over from Pheonix on a surprise visit, lovely.

15 May 2024 19:06:36
As mentioned by one or two already, VAR is not the problem, it’s the implementation of it.
VAR initially was to aid the referee on the pitch, but it appears in the Premiership it is Stockley Park who are making the rules and decisions. Far too much meddling is confusing the basics of video technology.

On the continent there is not the same animosity towards it by fans and media.
We must remember that VAR is not a computer based decision, it’s a man behind a screen, so it will never be 100% correct in its decision making.

I believe VAR can work only if it’s used as a tool for the referee to use, if he wants to.
The referee must be in control of the game but with this implementation, he is simply not.

15 May 2024 20:39:31
Football, the only sport that is so corrupt that officials are "incapable" of implementing correct decisions from numerous advanced replays.
Cricket, tennis etc puts football to shame!

15 May 2024 23:43:11
What Baz said. The reason for the objectionable decisions is neither ineptitude or being under pressure. It's the c word Baz cited. All part of the retaliation package for the failure to launch ESL.



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