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12 Apr 2024 11:43:58
I've just watched the moment when Dallas told the team about his retirement. Emotional to say to least, never met him but he comes across as a fantastic honest top guy and it's obvious that everyone in that room was moved by his announcement.

What I did notice was the way Coops treated him, massive mutual respect between both of them. I know a few of us occasionally say bad things about Coops. The resapect he has from his team mates, the passion he has for the badge, that letter he wrote at the end of last season, he deserves a lot more respect from us fans. OK I admit he's never been a great player for us but at least he puts inm a shift on and off the pitch, he's Leeds through and through, he's towards the end of his career when most players in whatever sport performances drop off and whatever he does after this season, he'll always be welcomed back by me. 10 years service, part of the great team of Bielsa's, those are a couple of the qualities to become a true Leeds legend.

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12 Apr 2024 12:38:31
100% agree with you Koch. In my opinion, he has a times been a great player for us. He is a lot better player than most give him credit for. He is an International player, with more caps than many a Leeds legend.

I expect plenty to disagree with me, but for me he should be respected for the person and the player he has been for us.

12 Apr 2024 13:56:02
I am not being divisive here Koch, but where in the context of all this is expectation? The way some talk about this stuff you would swear these men are playing for free!

When any of us are in receipt of a wage, there's a 2 way understanding that's FUNDAMENTAL between both parties

I have to work, be switched on all times, need to show a willingness+understanding of my job, in turn I am paid for all of the above

No when it comes to MULTI millionaire footballers lots of people seem to believe that these people are extra special, because they show a team ethic or that because they are a colleague in changing room that this is somehow other worldly ?

Maybe a certain core of footballers may not be the prima donas they are if you just expected as a pre requisite the things you say as the reward For Liam's kids kids probably being financially secure for him kicking a football for 15 years ?.

12 Apr 2024 14:01:00
Stuart Dallas should be made an Ambassador for Leeds United!

A role model for all Leeds players and supporters.

12 Apr 2024 14:13:47
Agree ani Koch. He is Leeds.

12 Apr 2024 14:39:35
Lovely post Koch.

12 Apr 2024 14:41:57
Chris - Do I need to share the contact detials of a good therapist to talk over your worries and frustrations? [insert cheeky winking face emoji].

12 Apr 2024 14:53:54
What Chris said.

12 Apr 2024 15:29:29
On the contrary Koch-man

I ain't miserable or in need of help, but I do find it very strange the way some people almost genuflect at mention of a footballer doing WHAT WE ALL do, day in day out

He's a multi millionaire, z thanks very much,

So keep on assuming your correct that I am miserable ranting mad man, locked in house complaining

I ain't, I love life, exercise all too regularly love gym, and just for asking here's proof.

12 Apr 2024 15:30:29


12 Apr 2024 15:49:57
Haha Chris. What's being a millionaire got to do with it?

12 Apr 2024 15:52:04
What Chris said again

( but without the gym part )

Much prefer playing tennis ? to keep fit, healthy and active.

12 Apr 2024 16:07:53
What Chris said and what Baz said about Chris.

12 Apr 2024 16:13:33
Cooper from what I saw certainly showed leadership qualities and good character off the pitch as you'd expect as club captain but didn't truly show them on the pitch. Rarely saw him shout, get animated or be motivational. He isn't good enough or quick enough at this level. When he leaves the club next month, thank you for his service but goodbye ???.

12 Apr 2024 16:48:16
What George said and about what George said about what I said etc lol

LUFC legends for me have to be very good players indeed.

Coops a loyal servant

Anyone for tennis

Strawberries and cream ? for afters.

12 Apr 2024 17:35:31
Ah, Koch man you got me there

What have football and money gotten to do with 1 another? ??.

12 Apr 2024 20:46:31
Chris Chris, I stand right with you on all you say in your post 100% post of the the Year??????.

12 Apr 2024 22:54:04
Chris, so anyone who earns a fortune, a footballer, movie star, musician, an entrepreneur can’t just be a great person, a leader or be applauded for their human qualities, because having all that money nullifies all their other qualities. Liam Cooper was the same person (ask the anyone in the Chesterfield team that won promotion) when he was a Chesterfield player earning £700 a week (probably less than you at the time) .

For my sins, an ex-Chesterfield player used to work for me and he said at the time that we had “robbed” them of their best player and he would soon be the Leeds Captain…his prophecy came to pass.

12 Apr 2024 23:33:35
Chris mate you seem very bitter towards the modern day footballer?
Ok they earn vast loads of cash as do people in other professions.
But they do make sacrifices to get to the top of their industry.
One last point. Money doesn’t make you happy or even content. But it sure takes the sting out of being poor!

13 Apr 2024 09:52:37
True Corky!

13 Apr 2024 10:00:27
CC. Just because they make big money, doesn’t mean they can’t show loyalty, build strong relationships with their coworkers, help each other, be committed to the cause, and care for their objectives. Likewise, it doesn’t mean that they do show any of the above qualities!
The money is irrelevant, just an added bonus, to those players, like Coops, like Stuarty, Archie, Amps and a host of others from days past, who are genuinely good characters and people, who actually feel blessed to do what they do, and be paid for it.
It also doesn’t mean that some of us can’t appreciate a good human being when we recognise one, and point it out!

13 Apr 2024 12:22:36
I think most people in today world would say they are over paid some at a very young age money cause them problems over the years just have to look over the past five years all all the cases that have been in a court look at Man Ut Trying to buy off witnesses because they’ve got the money to think they can do what they like so Chris is right stop giving him such a hard time and think about what he’s actually saying.

13 Apr 2024 13:32:24
Whitey, yes, they are overpaid. That is not in doubt here, for sure.



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