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08 May 2024 09:18:47
For a while after Xmas I stopped getting nervous when teams attacked. Thought go for it. Rarely would they score. Now I'm nervous again. I amazes me how teams get 90% of their corners right in the money in our box yet we get 90% wrong. As stated below. We are no threat from dead ball situations. Often try and walk it in too and waste the opportunity. Every time we face a corner I'm expecting mez to flap or miss it and watch as it floats into the net.
It's in explicable really how we collapsed.
Just hope we can inexplicably improve again.

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08 May 2024 10:05:06
I know how you feel Aus.

However, we are not alone as the Spurs manager has said he's not worried by the amount of goals his team concede from corners and set pieces. If its good enough for Tottenham. (oh hang on, how many trophies have they won recently ?)

08 May 2024 12:38:05
If PB and DJ aren't available

And DF again picks all 4 JP GR WG and CS for an away match to Norwich. Leeds will lose as they have done EIGHT times already with that line up . zero midfield presence . zero press

Play 3 in mf . IG, GK and AG

Drop JP . play MJ or WG up top

Keep it compact in mf and defence . clean sheet please.

08 May 2024 13:35:52
Gruev needs dropping, imo. He's been absent the last few games. But I do like the idea of more of a midfield presence with 3 in there, Baz.

08 May 2024 14:08:38
We don't have any other mfs though to drop IG esp if 3 in mf.

08 May 2024 14:25:24
I have said this for ages now Aus, a corner used to be of benefit, knowing it would be fed into the box and an opportunity to score. As you rightly point out Mes flaps punches when he could catch, and we always look vulnerable. When it's the other way we find it hard to get it past the near post and we never score, well we did on the odd occasion with coops and Striuck, but they are of no benefit to us normally.
A very frustrating part of our game.

08 May 2024 17:49:12
True, true. Just like the idea of overloading the midfield for the first leg.

If DF continues with a double pivot then I'd prefer IG is dropped.

Would consider Cooper in at CB and push Amps back up next to GK. Cooper mainly for some leadership and passion on the pitch as we've been several lacking a leader and motivator out there recently.

08 May 2024 22:17:53
Changed your tune Dill.

09 May 2024 04:07:42
I guess a series of bad results will do that to a man. Something clearly needs changing to address the issue (s) . Not exactly happy as it has potential for other issues, but the biggest single issue right now is lack of leadership and motivation/ desire on the pitch. We can't just keep going through the motions or we'll sleepwalk ourselves into another season in the champo.

09 May 2024 06:38:47
Why would you reshape the team and change the formation which has been working the whole season?
It’s the players minds that need changing, the confidence and belief they had before they decided to bottle it after the International break.

We are a possession based team, Cresswell has to improve that in his game if he wants a future in playing for our club.

Overloading our midfield will create too many spaces on quick counter attacks, I prefer our 4-2-3-1. We had one of the best defense stats in the league until just recently.

As Bielsa would say, there is no plan B, stick with plan A but just do it better.

09 May 2024 07:17:55
I get what you're saying, but there are a multitude of reasons for a play off game tbf, OP. Extra layer of defence without inviting too much pressure (as opposed to adding an extra CB) , 2 (or 1) sitting and 1 (or 2) with the ability to work higher up the pitch. Compact the pitch as to not allow easy passing lanes to strikers.

If the idea is to not concede away it's a tactic I'd be for in a one off game. We keep a clean sheet away then we set ourselves up well for the second leg.

Can you elaborate a bit on this tho mate as that's not how I see it working, so interested to hear your opinion - "Overloading our midfield will create too many spaces on quick counter attacks"

09 May 2024 08:45:34
Dill, I prefer Ampadu in our back line he’s more effective there than going forward in my opinion, main reason also is that Firpo or Byram are not consistent enough on their defensive duties and we become weak on our defensive flanks. Pushing Amps further forward is only going to expose us to quick counters on those wings, especially with Firpo there.

I miss Phillips for his passing, we give the ball away far too often in midfield which also puts a strain on our back line. Basically we don’t have the strength in midfield to play three there.

09 May 2024 11:04:44
We do need a better LB than Firpo, he has been great going forward with some very good assists and before you say it Baz, we let go of a good LB in Lief, he also has been very good in storming up the field for Ipswich with some fantastic assists, sadly though he is pants at defending. Part of the reason we let him go I imagine and the reason Ipswich seeped in a shedload of goals this season.
Good LB’s who can do both are rare and expensive.
Don’t think we can afford an Andy Robertson or Gvardiol !

09 May 2024 12:02:35
I think Amps is fine at CB but can be caught out positionally (although what you mentioned being dragged across to cover may play a role there) and he's not the strongest in the air. I like him in CM as he's very press resistant and he does look up field once he's turned a man, especially the diagonals to wingers.

I think overloading centrally would force play to the wings due to the congestion and would then allow one of the CMs to double up on the opposing winger, whichever side they may be operating. Would stop a lot of flow coming through central positions and force teams to try less successful options such as crossing from wide. Would also allow the extra man to cover the marauding full backs should they need to. That's how I envision it anyway. Would be a safer option imo.

09 May 2024 12:05:47

1.If DF picks same line up and formation as at QPR. Leeds will lose away from home

You are mistaken. that particular lind up has not been working all season .8 away defeats in 23 matches is a LOT

2 17 goal Leif Davis in our team instead of Ipswich

Leeds would have been Champions

Ipswich would have finished 8th.

09 May 2024 13:08:07
Far too many other variables at play in a full season to credibly start claiming we “would have” been this, that, or anything. In fact that is complete nonsense. You are assuming he would have achieved exactly the same thing in a different system, with different players, different bloody everything! ?????????.

09 May 2024 14:01:33
That's very true, Bright.

09 May 2024 15:42:30
remove 17 goal assist Leid Davis from Ipswich team . they ain't finishing anywhere near 96 points fella . use your noggin lol ?

And Leif Davis would be far more effective in doing the JF role in DF " system.

09 May 2024 17:20:46
Jebus. Give it a rest! Who’s to say Ipswich wouldn’t then have a different player who did more than LD, eh!? Stop trying to be mystic Meg! You can’t account for any of these things, so stop making statements as tho you’re the font of all knowledge, and can therefore predict the future. Nowt works like that, anywhere! ?????.

09 May 2024 19:35:53
Leif Davis would of scored 4 OGs for us too then and we'd end up in playoffs still after losing those games ?

Plus if we had Davis we'd have an extra 10 assists rather than 17 as you'd have to account for losing Firpo's assists wouldn't you.

Anyway, it's just a load of waffle is this tbh. Players aren't going to do the EXACT same at other teams are they. All massive speculation and assumption.

09 May 2024 20:02:23
The probability of Ipswich finding a LB who got more than record breaking 17 assists of Leif Davis for a LB is about 0.0001%

Brighty you are funny ?.

09 May 2024 22:11:55
Funny, maybe. Talking predictive toss, not at all. Making up probability data, also a big fat zero.

09 May 2024 23:49:56
Oops Bright back on dodgy form ?.

Feel fee to name any Champo level left back who would have surpassed Leif's assist stats past 2 seasons

Sincerely you won't be able to!

Anyways agree to disagree.



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