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01 May 2024 14:23:49
Anybody out there disappointed with playoffs after being top and pre international form?
Pre international break we were the form team in Europe. Real, Barca, city, gooners, Munich, psg. Eat our dust.
Gotta disappoint right?

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01 May 2024 14:31:40
Yep, ya, you bet yer.

01 May 2024 17:06:04
I believe back in December,
McKenna and his Ipswich players took great motivation and determination to prove Leeds United and Southampton supporters wrong in dismissing Ipswich in top 2 race.

01 May 2024 17:34:39
Of course everyone is disappointed Aus.
The international break left us with a few injured, the welsh boys inconsolable and a fat dollop of fatigue, there you have it. It’s only small margins but it’s enough to derail a team that was bang on form, winning every game and destined for promotion.

I’m sick of hearing about Ipswich Baz, just do everyone a favour on here mate and zip it, please.
I’m sure I post on behalf of most on here? we don’t give a shijt about McKenna and Ipswich.

01 May 2024 17:35:41
Yes and No Aus.

After the start we had, I predicted that we would finish 6th therefore making the play-offs and that would be that. So in that respect I'm correct (and we still have a chance of getting promoted) .

But obviously considering where we were just a few matches ago then can't pretend I'm not disappointed with what has happened and where we are likely to find ourselves.

One game to go - still a chance:)

01 May 2024 17:43:42
No one said you did give a shijy OP.

but it was you who were posting regularly on here about how 'carp', 'sheite', 'lucky', rugby thuggish ipswich were

and you and Ani that there was zero chance of Ipswich getting top 2 they had gone

You brought this up not I.

I pointed out your foolishness

Anyway it's over now they are up at Leeds expense.

01 May 2024 19:19:29
I thought tiredness wasn't a thing for professional athletes, George? ?.

01 May 2024 19:21:58
That's not entirely true though is it OP?

Every Leeds fan worldwide HAS GIVEN a ? about Ipswich these last 6-8 games, because it was all coming to a conclusion so each + everyone of us were taking an interest to see ramifications for our team

I say the above now purely as a courteous reply, no malice whatsoever intended OP

Before forum police arrest me ?.

01 May 2024 19:32:15
OP moving the goalposts again George. it was only 2 days ago that he insisted the ONLY issue for Leeds bad run was " nerves ". now all of sudden he has changed it to " fatigue" ?

Chris indeed.

01 May 2024 19:36:56
Ecstatic about playoffs. Chance to showcase our lachrymatory future to a worldwide audience live and from our own ground. Yay ?.

01 May 2024 19:58:51
I think you know what I’m talking about Chris, but is you prefer to take it in the way Baz prefers to elevate it then be my guest.

01 May 2024 20:21:12
OP, no need for you to be on defense mode with me ?

I genuinely wasn't taking the Mick.

01 May 2024 20:44:07
Nice one Chris ? not looking for anyone to take sides . Desperately disappointed like everyone else that it doesn’t look like we’ll make the automatic promotion.

Unlike Baz and Co who I believe are looking for point scoring.
Really wtf ?!

01 May 2024 21:51:03
Point scoring OP? Moi? Never!

Baz 16 OP 1 ?.

01 May 2024 23:24:03
Baz, why is it foolishness to express an opinion? We are all expressing opinions here.

02 May 2024 00:36:42
At least Baz and Co got the necessary points in April unlike Farke.

Here's a notion. Take George advice in first place then there's no point to be scored.

Here's another notion. Admit your errors.

The bench has been criminally underused. The first team have been criminally overplayed, overburdened and under relaxed.

02 May 2024 08:11:35
It’s too convenient to make that assessment George as it’s something nobody will ever know. How do you know if Farke had made more use of his bench we would be better off?
It’s no different from saying had we bought different players in last summer we would be better off now!

When you have a winning formula like we did before the international break you do not change it. Who knows why so many players had appeared to lose form, for me the pressure got to too many of them, the small amounts of our players arguing with each other on the pitch seem to suggest that.
Farke can only tell his players to be calm and not let the pressure get to them but then it’s only up to the players as it is them who are on the pitch.

I hate to say it but our team bottled it at the most important moment, that happens in football.

02 May 2024 08:24:49
Baz if only you you didn’t change your mind all the time to suit your agenda I could give some credit.
But sorry Baz, it’s nul point for you mon ami. ?.

02 May 2024 16:33:19

1. You miss the point yet again.
2. You appear forgetful again.
3. Convenient? You're having a ?.
4. How can it be convenient when I posted about lethargy before the fixtures in question? Basically I got it right and you chose to ignore. Demonstrable by your remark about professional athletes.
5. By resting players, I'm not interested in the results in those games per my reply to Bright. We probably would have lost 2 and drawn 1.
6. What I'm interested in is then the return to full energy with those who were rested for the run in.
7. What Farke did was to play those players and lose anyway! I'd rather lose but then receive the benefit conferred of the rest.
8. By not resting, we went on an extended run of doing badly costing us even more points (Sunderland, Blackburn, QPR) .
9. Thing to remember? Tiredness produces dip in form.
10. Overall, I saw the dip in form coming because I've been a studier of the sport a long time. Farke is a good manager but his failure to think ahead cost the club. Please try to recall that I did post my prediction thoughts prior so there's nothing convenient whatsoever at all. Proof is in that reply of yours about professional athletes.

02 May 2024 17:38:11
Well said George 100% factual post

You most certainly did post about lethargy tiredness and the need for rotation before those fixtures in question

Fair play George.



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