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28 Apr 2024 11:00:34
If we do end up in the play offs and despite our horrible form I believe we will still go up.
Southampton and Brom are on a losing streak. Norwich and Hull hard to beat but not exactly winning all around them.
Leeds v Norwich final?

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28 Apr 2024 11:24:23
Tip for the day Corky : don't put a monkey on it.

28 Apr 2024 12:03:43
I agree Cork, Norwich WBA and Southampton all stuttering. Also the pressure on Ipswich to win or win and draw their next two games will be ramping up big on them. That’s not saying the pressure hasn’t got to our team either but just to say nothing is decided yet.
Baz just wants us to fail because it suits his agenda and that is very evident.
I couldn’t give a monkeys what he and any other poster wants to write to trash our team and coach because supporting and not degrading my team is all I want to do.

28 Apr 2024 12:22:00
if it goes to playoffs then we have as good a chance as anyone else and it can be super exciting in knock out games so I would look forward to it.

None of the top teams seem to have done well under pressure this year.

28 Apr 2024 12:23:41
The return of the caustic soda master! Good of you to join us. Farke tactically inept. I support my team by revealing the truth emphasized across the board from many content creators (some of whom held in high regard by the 49ers) .

28 Apr 2024 13:02:16
That’s your opinion Mr. I Give up, I only support my team when we are winning. That’s is the truth George, you are incapable of supporting your team win or lose.
You are just like a child who didn’t get all the presents he wrote on his Santa’s list.
Got no time for fickle fans like you.

28 Apr 2024 13:07:41
Hmm another rant from OP; error strewn as ever too.

28 Apr 2024 13:09:43
OP stuttering ??because they have nothing to achieve there in the playoffs they will be up for it them you will see if you can’t now.

28 Apr 2024 13:19:46
Any sensible comments from you OP on the Leeds "performance" at QPR?

28 Apr 2024 13:54:00
We didn’t play well Baz, it’s not rocket science, nerves are affecting our young players, that’s it.
Whiteman people like you only see things one way, basically you blinkered in your loser mentality.
I leave you to wallow in your perpetual misery.

28 Apr 2024 14:12:10
Leeds lose 4 nil ; OP one line glib assessment ' we didn't play well " ?

Any reasoning at all OP? ?.

28 Apr 2024 14:32:17
Southampton lost 5-0 for no good reason than that what I’ve already explained, it happens at this pressure point of the season. It happens like it is in the Premiership, you accuse others of being naive Baz but you are perhaps the naive one?
The knee jerk reaction of wanting to now sack Farke and get rid of certain players is typical of certain fans who know or understand very little about professional football and competing in very competitive hard fought leagues like the Championship.

28 Apr 2024 15:09:59
Southampton were playing best team in league Champions Leicester OP . Leeds were playing playing QPR.

Entirely disingenuous of you to blame that abomination solely on alleged " nerves " of a bunch of 20 something internationals.

Conspicuously not even a mere mention from you of DF team selection, game management to change it before it fell apart so quickly

Nor no mention of player desire, application, player in fighting on pitch. lack of team spirit.

28 Apr 2024 16:03:48
Rise well above the pits of doom OP. You make a fair assessment that most agree with on here. The negative attention you appear to have drawn this season from the Chuckle brothers is totally unwarranted, and it’s great that you continue to post despite their best efforts to belittle you! Keep going fella!

28 Apr 2024 16:22:15
Totally agree baz zero effort or desire farke needs to up his and their game.

28 Apr 2024 16:38:50
Indeed Stubs disingenuous and nonsensical to suggest otherwise

Au contraire Bright sorry fella but it is indeed wholly disingenuous of OP and you. You won't find many if any who will concur with " nerves ". as the one and only issue .

certainly not any of the many Leeds United content creators.

28 Apr 2024 17:22:53
OP I was right all along with tiredness and rotation. Posted it in good time and before the content creators. Just admit it instead of disguising my excellent advice before the event into your propagandizing mendacious invention.

28 Apr 2024 18:58:09
If our lads were suffering nerves, What's story then with QPR, fighting relegation?

Is that a stroll on beach in budgie smugglers?

Or were they all dosed up on xanax as they didn't seem too nervous, just far far hungrier for win.

28 Apr 2024 20:47:44
Spot on reasoning Chris.

28 Apr 2024 20:54:09
Disingenuous? How? That one puzzles me, as certainly honesty is something I practice and preach, and was shown to do so since nipperdom….? Baffled.

29 Apr 2024 21:34:09
QPR did the Champs Leicester as well don't forget. It happens.



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