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17 Apr 2024 02:50:30
May I suggest a tag team wrestling match with luvvies Alf and Op versus evil twins George and Baz.

Back to school - my dad is bigger than your dad etc.

Saints well and truly in it, think it's better for us if they beat foxes but not sure. To go up auto think we have to win out and that not likely .

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17 Apr 2024 05:36:12
1970 so " Stone Cold Steve Austin" Baz.

We have had on here

" Ipswich have gone"; ?

" Saints are not in it "?

Well 4 teams are in it ; Leeds likely need to win both away matches and then at least draw final match against Saints.

17 Apr 2024 06:48:23
Think Aus should be the manager for the evils while Brighty could be manager for ourselves. Or we could do a triple threat match.

17 Apr 2024 07:18:51
Baz You be ??. I'll be the ⚫?.

17 Apr 2024 07:48:33
Just like to remind Baz and George that they are not Professional football managers behind their computer keyboards and that they don’t know better with their very conviennent hindsight opinions.
However, they would would know just a little more about coaching than that excuse of a football coach Jesse Marsch.
I think Alf, myself and several other posters need to add some reality to threads as Bazza likes to monopolize pretty much every thread with, it’s my way and my way only. ?
Power to the people ✊?.

{Ed025's Note - do you know what guys i think we need to be a bit nicer to each other, a bit more tolerant and respectful even if you dont agree with someones view, it gets like a bunch of fish wives at times and you are all on the same side here so lets stop the petty bickering and oneupmanship please..

17 Apr 2024 08:25:05
Feel a bit stuck in the middle.
Rejected by Alfs team ( which hurt a lot I might add) and obviously baz and Porgie able to manage themselves.
Tug of warer available here.

17 Apr 2024 09:30:46
OP . you can fall me "Frank" .

Sinatra ( not Lampard)

#my way ?.

17 Apr 2024 09:32:05
Ha one can never rely on those Aussies ? ?.

17 Apr 2024 09:25:26
Respectfully Ed I think a lot of the posts are a bit tongue in cheek, certainly from my behalf, it’s a bit of a distraction from the will we won’t we get promoted? Which is starting a lot of sphincter twitching amongst us Leeds fans right now.
Aus, if you wanna be in our gang you’ve got to tone down the anti Farke posts! ?
Yes mate, that’s the deal.

{Ed025's Note - there is nothing wrong with a bit of banter OP in fact i love it, but it can be a fine line at times mate and i just dont want it to turn into a slanging match, but im sure it wont..

17 Apr 2024 09:42:30
Don't mind opposing views Ed, in fact I welcome them but it's sooo boring hearing the same lines trotted out every single thread whose only point is to boast about how great they are, how much they told us so and clearly attempts to boost one's own seemingly fragile ego. Its far easier to be negative about a team than positive because in footie nothing is permanent. For every thread if Baz and George just don't bother to comment, we can all just assume they are right about everything and talk about more interesting things instead.

{Ed025's Note - its easy to just skip past posts you dont agree with alf, i enjoy a debate as much as the next guy but we do have to keep it civil mate..

17 Apr 2024 10:46:31
We have also had on here

"forget Leicester, they can't be caught. "
"Farke totally unproven at this level. "

17 Apr 2024 11:26:00
Agree with OP who usually has a good sense of humour/ banter.

Cuppa one realises you be bitter about DF messing up past 5 games esp Blackburn but no need to repeat/ use tbe ott ' e ' word.

17 Apr 2024 11:29:03
OP Didn't care for your convenient hindsight opinions comment when I know for a fact that prior to our decline I posted and discussed with you the benefit of rotation and resting players after a fixture pile up involving the international break (which wasn't actually a break for 85% of our squad, wasn't it just 6 who remained? ) I cautioned you then directly with a couple of clear posts and advisory and now you tell me I have a hindsight opinion? Hope you're joking but sense you are not.

17 Apr 2024 11:30:36

line 1 correct.17 points ahead one did not foresèe them choking . still think they will go up in autos

Line 2 false . I said he was " overrated " . unless you be referring to another poster perhaps.

17 Apr 2024 12:05:32
George let’s have right, we can oppose each other’s opinion, it’s fair game, doesn’t matter who is right or wrong it’s just opinions.
We oppose each other’s opinions if we want but then move on.
No need to get upset or make issues about it.
Keep it clean and we’re all good ?.

17 Apr 2024 12:36:47
My opinion on the rotation issue as you make out George, I feel you could have a point on certain players who came back from their internationals, but I don’t think they were fatigued more disconsolate especially our Welsh contingent who are very important in our squad.
It’s such fine margins In professional football, a slight knock in confidence to a few players can displace the squad leading to a negative performance.
So for me it’s not fatigue the problem but confidence, we don’t have quality replacements for Rodon and Ampadu, who appear to be suffering along with James.

17 Apr 2024 13:13:41
Not sure you have ever posted clearly. Most of the time I take Ed’s advice and ignore your posts. Unless they are short.

17 Apr 2024 13:23:27
OP Why do you conflate? Did I refuse your right to oppose? No. Issue is you've attempted to rewrite the truth by claiming hindsight. Now you say I've got a point with certain players. Make mind up! I was right all along and in advance. So unnecessary. The title was ours.

Sometimes you rest players for a good week, possibly lose 3 or 4 points because of it and then come back with a vengeance. What Farke did was ensure we lost double those amount of points and without the benefit of the rest!

17 Apr 2024 15:12:34
It’s like a plug on here put live and Neutral together it goes bang.

{Ed025's Note - im shocked Whiteman.. :)

17 Apr 2024 18:17:36
Ed025 only joking ED??????.

17 Apr 2024 18:21:45
Geoege you been on here a long time how many of your post have been wrong that speaks volumes negative positive wrong or right we are all marching on together. ?.

17 Apr 2024 19:27:35
Can I be The Undertaker, or Paul Bearer?

17 Apr 2024 19:31:50
Whitey I believe 1 was wrong out of 744,803 posts.

17 Apr 2024 19:38:11
Now you're talking Brighty - Paul Bearer was a creepy one wasn't he?

17 Apr 2024 22:01:16
He wasn’t half, Alf! Looked a bit Jimmy Saville / Rolf Harris to me!

18 Apr 2024 07:43:35
Thank you Ed025, wish it was more civil. Think some posters may have left due to the vitriol on the site. We all love Leeds so we should do our best to gat along. Appreciate all the good posts.

{Ed025's Note - it can just deteriorate if its 1 on 1 confrontation Simon, i post the same on all the sites mate as its not just on here that it happens, im not saying you cant have different views and express them, but lets have some respect..

18 Apr 2024 21:52:12
To be fair I called this a while ago

I get banter and jokes but one poster on here is consistently beyound the mark with no class or skill

Banter is funny rude is rude. Always ask yourself if o was in pub how would I respond.



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