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09 Jun 2024 02:31:55
We now know that we can’t have a slow start, we can’t let any team get a strong head start like last time and no more dropping points against the lower teams, Farke now knows 90 points is no guarantee so it’s full on from week one. We need to get those out that want out and those in that we want in. All this has to be achieved ideally a few weeks before kick off, although it doesn’t always work like that. Our target should be 100 points, there should be no excuses, and no more distractions. Get it done and get it right those at the top and then it’s down to DF, NO EXCUSES! MOT, ALAW ????.

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09 Jun 2024 06:17:56
Spot on, bang on, and correct! Go for the kill from the first whistle to the last one in may next year!

09 Jun 2024 07:10:59
100%. No fear home or away. Go for it. Get momentum from get go. Make the others know they playing for 2nd to 6th.

09 Jun 2024 07:31:28
Transfers incoming and outgoing will be in the owners hands unlike the beginning of last season with the hideous loan clause situation.
Ninety points is generally the go for target for automatic promotion, last season only happens every 15/ 20 seasons and is unusual.
Either leading the league table or keeping within a few points of other teams leading is a better situation than being 17 points behind Leicester at Xmas.

The Championship is never a given but feeling confident that Farke will lead us to automatic promotion this time around.

09 Jun 2024 11:09:42
Good post woody,

Cannot imagine the turmoil that Farke had to deal with last year, but my own reasoning for this season being even more challenging.

Farke will have a full preseason with relatively settled squad, plus an opportunity to plug obvious gaps and weaknesses from last season and yet he will be all too aware with our ambitious (American) owners that it will be either success or goodbye at the end of the season.

But it’s not like these managers get statutory redundancy terms and he could probably afford to sit a few seasons out on what he would receive from ending his contract.

09 Jun 2024 11:36:43
We need to finish first, lift up the trophy, add the silverware to the cabinet and give RB a resounding success and confidence we will give the prem teams a run for their money. Finishing second or winning through play-offs is not a reflection of the teams quality, the club's history or dedication, inspiration and devotion of the fans.
Other clubs may dislike us, but the Leeds fan base is one of the best in world and we've earned it through continued support through thick and thin.
Show me a premier league stadium that had celebrations like those elland road with the wins over Leicester and Norwich, and I'll go to the foot of our stairs.

09 Jun 2024 12:18:35
Let’s not forget that Leicester broke the Profit and Sustainability rules for them having a strong enough team to get promoted, there’s one thing having your hands tied behind your back dealing with the previous owners mess but also clubs that are prepared to cheat.
Makes you wonder whether it’s worth breaking the rules if your only likely to get a four to six point deduction?!

{Ed001's Note - last time they did it, they never even got punished and went on to win the Premier League a couple of seasons later. Sounds like it is well worth it.}

09 Jun 2024 14:35:18
We are Leeds, dealing with cheaters, paid off refs and crap officials comes with the badge. Leicester will be in for a shock next season. I can't see them being relegated, but they will struggle while we blast past them in 26/ 27.

09 Jun 2024 15:09:38
Hmm MOTagain

so Leicester in forthcoming season will be in shock/ struggle but (yet even after a points deduction ) still stay up? ?

And Leeds blast past Leicester in 26/ 27 you say ?.

that's in THREE seasons time ?!

Yet in your predictions yesterday Leeds United are definitely going up (as Champions) this forthcoming season?

09 Jun 2024 23:12:11
We don't know their punishment for breach of rules and they've lost their manager. The bungee from prem to champ to prem takes its toll. They're a good team, no doubt about it but there are a lot of variables that point to them not having the smoothest season. Then again, this is footie to they may smash the prem, but I wouldn't put money on it.

I'll hold my hands up, I got my years mixed up. Next season 24/ 25 we will be in the championship, 25/ 26 we will be in the premier league with a road map of how that will look, drafted up in this season.

Another season gives 49ers and RB chance to hash out their relationship and how they'll shape the club.

This is just my tuppence and it holds about as much value as Fat Dave down the boozers does.

10 Jun 2024 00:21:39
Ok MOTagain fair clarifications and rectification.



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