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23 May 2024 16:20:44
As far as attacking abilities go there’s not a huge difference from Leeds and Southampton .
Where we hope to have an advantage over them is our defense, they have let in over twenty more goals than us over this season.

I think them winning both games against us this season is not a true measure of the better team as of course at very beginning of our season we didn’t start well with too many players to bed in and not really up to speed by the time we played them. Then of course the last game of the season where the players already knew in the second half we were out of the auto promotion.

However, what they did manage to do was to keep Cree very quiet, they doubled up on him and didn’t give him an inch to move.
Summerville is a very talented prospect and still has a long way to go to prove his potential. It’s in a big game like this where if he really wants to showcase his abilities, this is the moment, no matter how many players are on to him. Quality players deal with being the target and he now needs to kick on and show it.
As he did at Anfield scoring the winning goal he does possess the nerve and ability to score a goal on the big occasion.
Of course it’s not about one player on Sunday, but I’m looking at him to make the difference when it really counts.

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23 May 2024 17:09:19
No mention at all of midfield OP?

where match is often won n'est pas?

I would suggest that Saints midfield is better than Leeds United midfield.

Flynn Downwes and Smallbone must be nullified by Leeds ; but Southampton also have Aribo and Armstrong who are quite decent.

Despite all this I am still going for a Baz double special :

Leeds to win 2 -1 ;


Willy Gnonto 1st goalscorer.

23 May 2024 17:20:30
I agree OP, the two games vs Saints are a poor indicator and we need to play as well as we can as a team if we want to beat a very tricky opponent. The key is team for me - if an opponent doubles or triples up on one player then that opens space and opportunities elsewhere and we have to be intelligent enough to use that to our advantage as opposed to being stumped and running out of ideas. Summerville also needs to be mature enough and shrewd enough to use that to our advantage and stay focussed and professional. SBSET.

23 May 2024 19:12:51
I agree with Baz regarding keeping their midfield quiet
Summerville will no doubt be triple marked, so rather than keep hold of the ball (like he has a lot recently)
The space Southampton will leave will need exploiting by Rutter and Willy
I'm confident and going with a 2 - 1 Leeds win.

23 May 2024 22:28:15
Great overall assessment OP, and good point raised by Baz regarding our midfield. One thing that OP mentioned regarding Cry, yes when we played Southampton on the last game of the season they and others teams before them in our last few games, nullified him by over marking him, but we did not play our last games against Blackburn, QPR, Sunderland, Hull City, Coventry and Southhampton with the same intensity that we used when playing Norwich City last week. We were more full on, we were more in control and we wanted it more.

My point is all of this intensity on the pitch opens up spaces and provides Cry with room to move more freely. Southampton have not seen this side of Leeds United and I hope they will see us in full swing, we are a different proposition when we play with the confidence and freedom that we are capable of.
Wembley, bring it on it’s our time now ? MOT ALAW.

24 May 2024 08:03:34
Spot on Woody with what you said. They haven't, and I just hope it doesn't turn into a cagey boxing match, little jab hear and there. We need to go out like we did against Norwich. No excuses around fatigue can be given, they should be fresh and ready to go, and I feel confident we will play well, potential showroom window for some, and what better stage.

24 May 2024 08:10:23
Put very well Woody and that is the point, the intensity and accuracy of our play, which was very evident against Norwich at Elland rd.
The passing especially was notably much quicker and that leaves opposition players dead in in their tracks and gives our attackers like Cree with more room to manœuvre.
If we can perform in the same way as against Norwich I can’t see us losing the final.

24 May 2024 08:57:09
I've been watching some Southampton games, in particular the games they conceded more in.

Some notes:

They're very fluid in transitional play, and tend to commit a lot of runners forward when they do so. Some of the goals they've conceded have come from the CBs being touch tight on their CFs and winning that first ball. With their players already committed to runs, it left space for the opposition to take advantage of.

With VAR in play, I think we can afford to play a higher line and for our CBs to play touch tight when marking. Key is to win those first balls and allow their runners to either run offside if they do win the ball or take them out of the game by winning the first ball. I feel like this is a key factor that will come into play Sunday as they do overcommit to attacks. If they do win the first ball it's generally a give and go or a flick, so playing the high line would help alleviate the pressure somewhat by the offside threat - which if VAR does it's job right - will call the offsides correctly.

They don't like early crosses. They've looked vulnerable to early crosses that force their defenders to turn and face goal. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a good cross. Just make them turn and have to run back to goal to try intercept and there is opportunity as they don't defend them particularly well.

They are particularly vulnerable down their left hand side. A lot of the attacking play from opposition seemed to be down Saints left. They seem to be caught out of position a fair bit down that side, in particular Ryan Manning. He didn't start in the last game, which could be due to this - maybe not. If Bree plays in his place, as he has done on occassion this season - plays both full back roles - he also looks to be a weak link for them, as he's a bit of a ball watcher and wanderer.

TLDR: Id we play a higher line and press their attackers to stop balls to feet, we can take advantage of nullifying their runners from deeper by either winning the first or allowing them to venture offside. Plenty of early crosses to cause problems and attack their left flank relentlessly as it's vulnerable.

24 May 2024 19:38:19
Good points Dill on Southampton weakneses especially down their left

Leicester obliterated them.



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