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30 Jan 2024 21:54:10
Window about to slam shut. Surely there must be someone desperate enough for a move to come to our once mighty team.

49ers probably more focused on the Super Bowl, all out in Vegas getting smashed while we try to consolidate our impending doom in playoff dream land. A dream that never seems to end well.

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30 Jan 2024 22:23:37
You make an interesting point which has crossed my mind . exactly how focussed is Mr Marathe ( and others) on LUFC?

I recall his LUFC interview upon takeover and it was evident from that interview that he would not be present in the UK at Leeds United that much.

Leeds United FC needs and deserves 100% primary attention ( not just secondary )

30 Jan 2024 22:35:12
Superbowl isn't for 2 weeks yet. Unlikely the 9ers are out there already.

30 Jan 2024 23:52:53
Not the players Alf - but you can bet your sweet &$#$ that the money boys are already having a good tim.

31 Jan 2024 10:06:43
Marathe was at the 49ers game at the weekend, but the DOF’s will handle transfers. No need for Marathe to be here in person, these days we tend to use email and mobile phones believe it or not.

Him being in native Indian territory makes zero difference to any transfers.

31 Jan 2024 11:14:27
Yes, yes Sweats
But Leeds are secondary.

31 Jan 2024 12:01:16
Mr Marathe was here the weekend before last, he was in the local pub having a meal with Peter Lowry and others.

31 Jan 2024 14:31:47
MG don’t bother explaining anything like that, the fans who want to moan about the owner want to believe they don’t care about one of their biggest assets.
It’s just a play toy that the 49er’s don’t care if they lose their invested millions on.

31 Jan 2024 15:10:15
So a pub crawl jolly. reassuring.

31 Jan 2024 15:16:27
Thet certainly won't lose on their investment got it for a very good price.

31 Jan 2024 17:43:51
O P relax pal, your getting very irate again recently ?

No need for it, just breathe through the annoyance ?

Nothing on this forum is serious ♥️.

31 Jan 2024 18:15:01
What Christopher said ?

OP needs to relaxxx in the hot tub.

31 Jan 2024 22:32:24
I’m so relaxed I have to double check that I’m still breathing,
Not for some concerning these January transfers though.
For me it’s fine, not concerned at all ?
But perhaps you’re right and I do counter some opinions often, a bit like Baz really.
Live and let live ?.



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