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05 Nov 2023 14:20:51
Good to see Mr Marathe at Leicester match.

Imo Leeds United need the following four criteria to happen for a very strong chance of top 2 final positioning

1) MUST crucially have very little to no injuries to our first 11

2) MUST have successful recruitment of ideally five ( 2 loans 3 buys) new players in Jan window ( 2CB, LB, Number 10, striker ) !

(So no more Cooper, Ayling, Firpo etc on bench/ game time ) !

3) MUST start games ( very) quickly taking game to opposition ( as we have seen in past 2 games ) getting this crucial ( early ) first goal!

4) MUST improve on being ( far ) more clinical in taking chances!

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05 Nov 2023 16:22:36
Agree on all points Baz except maybe the second.
Five recruits would be nice but doubtful. If your first point comes true we should be ok with a couple of additions?

05 Nov 2023 17:11:49
Had enough of this gunk now Baz!
Quit it asap.
I can’t accept agreeing with your sentiments anymore.

05 Nov 2023 17:17:48
Was just about to write the exact same thing Brighty! What has happened? Surely the universe is out of sync, I mean I’m nearly agreeing with everything Baz is posting lately!

I’ll give my therapist a call in the morning she may offer a reduced rate if there’s a few of us in need of help ?.

05 Nov 2023 18:06:49
Brighty, Class and Corky ? welcome

05 Nov 2023 20:34:51
Baz, your wish for a CAM/ no 10 might be in the pipeline.
Apparently, Amiri is impressed with how things are going and wants to join Leeds United (again)

05 Nov 2023 22:41:09
51 I thought as much. Everyone makes mistakes.

06 Nov 2023 00:34:17
Definitely DF and NH will be looking for a CAM Number10 to sign in Jan window Leeroy

but doubt it will be Amiri though.

06 Nov 2023 07:21:14
Didn’t they make Amiri pay for his flight back to Germany, can’t see that one happening even if he begged for a move here. Having said that January transfers are not exactly brimming with quality players at affordable prices, maybe this saga will continue?
Certainly make him pay for his flight over this time though!

Even if there was a second coming of Christ, the earth changes its axis over night and I win the biggest lottery ever would there be 5 new signings in January
It will depend on if there are any long term injuries at this period and if not then possibly as you say a CAM or a more likely a CB or LB ”if“ there are any quality ones available at this window and want to play for Leeds Utd. No buy only loans.

It has been mooted by a couple of reports that I’ve read that Facundo Buonanotte could be loaned out to us in January from Brighton. The young Argentine attacking midfielder hasn’t been getting much game time apart from being an occasional sub. Don’t think they would add a buy clause into the loan as they view him as a big future prospect. Maybe a short spell in the Championship with Farke might ignite his future career.

If anything in the January transfer window, I can only see potentially a couple of loans. It’s bad business to buy in January especially at where we are now.

06 Nov 2023 07:34:46
On the additions my thoughts are that we have enough permutations at full back for this window. Would much sooner see us strengthen the spine to cover injuries, bringing in 4, a CH, DM, a striker and a number 10.

Think we would be better served with better quality cover in these positions . Injuries to Rodon, Strujck, Amps, Kams and Rutter would leave us vulnerable with the current cover we have.

06 Nov 2023 10:59:46
We shall soon see OP! . what on earh will you be saying when Leeds complete 5 signings in Jan window ??

The fact that you have predicted it won't happen now makes it a guaranteed given! ??.

06 Nov 2023 17:37:13
Baz No way we sign 5. It'll be 2 or 3.

06 Nov 2023 18:25:41
Hopefully I am right Georgey because imo we need 5 .

Our first team and particularly our bench players ( such as against Leicester) needs much improving for us to get vital top 2 promotion end of season.

06 Nov 2023 21:09:27
Baz Priority strengthening as I see it and in the same order:


We could also use another striker to replace PB. Realistically can see 3 incoming January, all loans probably.

07 Nov 2023 00:00:18
We are generally in agreement brother Georgey on this issue.

08 Nov 2023 01:23:03
Personally I hate the January window; it can cause all sorts of problems,

a) our good players are in the spotlight (again) and can be snapped up / have they heads messed up.

b) bringing in new players means incumbents can be disrupted / upset and lose their form, change their attitude.

c) our underperforming loanees can have their loan agreements terminated and their back on the payroll. (Impacting our own business opportunities in the window)

d) Richer clubs can “buy” more and “better. ”

e) New players seldom improve the team in reality, at least not for a while and so the overall impact is somewhat questionable?

f) risk of panic buying when you miss out on your targets.

I would be happy to survive the window unscathed personally with as little going on as possible. We will be in the automatic positions by then based on current relative form!



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