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14 May 2024 08:08:18
I see Jesse Marsch has been chosen as the Canadian national coach.
Not a surprise to see him get a free ticket to a major competition with a team that will lose every game in the group stages.
It’s embarrassing and humiliating in the knowledge that he was actually our coach.
Makes me cringe whenever I hear anything about him.

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14 May 2024 11:10:33
Have to disagree O/ P. I genuinely believe we wouldn't have been relegated had he stayed in charge. Additionally, I don't think the players would have essentially down tools had he been there. We weren't going gang-busters under him, granted, but we were not getting thrashed every game either, which was happening before him and after him. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he was a good appointment in the first place, and his credentials for a EPL team very questionable, but we all sort of know why that decision was made. Notwithstanding that, he was doing enough to keep us in the League in my opinion.

I think he might surprise a few folks going forward.

14 May 2024 11:20:45
Few decent players there tbf. Jonathan David, Alphonso Davies, Tajon Buchanan and Stephen Estaquio are all quality players.

14 May 2024 11:55:37
Interesting post Ani

I think the players would have found it more awkward and difficult to so blatantly down tools had Brenty remained in charge.

That said they could still easily ensured they wouldn't win enough/ get enough points to stay up

Leeds 4 wins out of 20 with JM

Leeds 3 wins out of 18 without JM

Rodrigoal injury missing lots of games second half was imo a very big reason Leeds went down. ( all on JM)

Rodrigo unnecessary injury all down to the clueless stupidity of Marsch of needlessly bringing Rodrigoal on in a FA cup game already won against a team of dirty clogges and on an awful injury inducing pitch.

14 May 2024 11:59:09
I would be amazed if Brenty ever got a club job in Europe again . an absolute bluffer.

14 May 2024 13:26:16
I don't think you can really blame a manager for a player injury Baz; any more than arguing a player didn't warm up properly; he's in the squad and you want the best players playing, especially when we don't have many. I agree Rodrigo was a big really big miss.

I know we won points in fits and starts under JM, but we were still on a basically a point a game, which would have been enough, plus our goal difference utterly collapsed after he had gone. We won another 10 points after he had gone, from 18 games! It's all very small margins when you're at the bottom.

14 May 2024 13:32:21
I liked watching them at World Cup. Attacking and talented team. Which he will ruin.

14 May 2024 13:53:03
Bang on Baz. Woefully inept tactically. In over his head mentally.

14 May 2024 14:57:05
Indeed Dill.

Come on Ani .100% blame on Brenty re Rodrigoal.

Please give even ONE good reason for bringing on one's top scorer by far, the player we entirely relied upon for goals . against a team of L2 kickers on a dodgy pitch when you are 3 nil up. ???.

14 May 2024 16:52:42
Hey Baz. no one complained at the time he was brought on. No one was screaming, "hey don't risk him, he might get injured, " not least Rodrigo himself, who seem pretty pleased to come on.

It was only when he wasn't available for the next game, that it became another convenient excuse to have a dig at the manager; no one complained at the time, but were happy for another tenuous opportunity to express their displeasure at having a American in charge, which some could never get over, no matter how well he may have done.

A case of serendipity in my opinion. One of his biggest issues was he was often injured, playing on "billiard table smooth" EPL pitches.

He was injured under Bielsa and under Gracia. but no one complains about them?

14 May 2024 17:46:01
Au contraire my Ipswich centric amigo Ani I was cussing the Yank pretender the moment he needlessly brought on Rodrigo. pinky promise

Rodrigo probably fancied an easy goal or 2 so he personally may have been happy to come on; but that doesn't make it a wise decision from a coach

As the very fact that Rodrigo was injury prone again reemphasises the foolishness of bringing him on. nothing to be gained from it.

Sorry Ani zero logic/ common sense being applied by you on this thread.

14 May 2024 18:56:07
We agree to disagree Baz.

14 May 2024 19:48:30
Marsch is an opportunist with some low to moderate knowledge of the game I guess.
The whole Premiership experience blew him completely out of the water.
Perhaps this opportunistic appointment as Canada’s national coach is where he belongs.?

14 May 2024 19:49:06
Yh, I seem to remember quite a few kicking off about Rodders getting played in a game when he didn't need to, myself included.

14 May 2024 20:25:18
Indeed Dill

I was definitely one of them also (as one would naturally expect).

15 May 2024 08:32:08
Can’t believe the guy is still getting air time on here tbh.



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