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12 May 2024 16:11:36
Anyone else concerned about Mes, I'm on eggshells every time he has the ball, his distribution is poor and leaves it right to last minute to kick after doing back and forth flicks. I won't be concerned if we sell after all this is over.

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12 May 2024 16:48:47
Very much so.

12 May 2024 17:02:26
3 seasons and counting from my perspective

Not called " Gashlier" without reason.

12 May 2024 17:11:05
To be fair, the first “mistake” was Gruev calling for the ball and then not controlling it. Can’t believe the commentary; watch the replay and you can see Gruev beckoning for the ball, which Mez obliges. That unsettled him imo.

12 May 2024 17:35:06
Agree with that point Ani, which raises another question; what has happened to Illia? He isn’t the same player that was such a revelation when he broke into the team. Much more negative in his play than he was before. Has he been told to play that way, or is he being overly cautious? Dunno the answer myself, but I much preferred him with his head up and looking forwards to release the offensive players.

12 May 2024 18:21:48
Thing is requesting the ball doesn't mean you should pass it, Mes needs to grow a pair and realise that wasn't the option.
This is just a singular event we are discussing here, it's more the constant late like away after using his flicky feet, distribute the ball quicker, getting the team fwd is the focus.
Don't get me wrong he is young, but anyone who watches him can see his flaws, doesn't catch, punches unnecessarily, flicky feet right up until the opposition is mowing him down, I just find him frustrating.

12 May 2024 18:25:59
I think it’s the form of CS and Rutter Bright. You can see the whole middle struggling to find someone to past forward too. CS when he gets it, just comes back now ( now everyone has worked out his cutbacks) . Bamford makes space, which others just can’t seem to. We were more aggressive when we had players playing out of position; now everyone is in position, we seem so lethargic / toothless.

I just hope we can scrape by.

12 May 2024 18:52:15
Bamford a massive loss. Norwich two CBs were literally marking nobody today.
There’s a big clamour for Joseph to start and despite only seeing him play a few times he makes the runs to make space for others, is strong on ball and apparently a good finisher. James would be another option up front imo. His finishing can be erratic but at least he’s a handful for defenders something which Rutter is not last few months.

12 May 2024 19:12:27
Too true Bright about Gruev, his performances recently have been a concern.
Also Meslier is the normal go to player to blame if we don’t win, I don’t think he did too much wrong throughout the match, he had a clean sheet but wasn’t really tested, I’m more concerned about other players who still look under par and they would be Rutter and Cy.
There was only one player in my mind in the first half who showed some sort of a spark and that was Willy.

Ref got that decision completely wrong, again! Possibly not a pen but 100% a foul. The offside where we scored was dubious also.

To win this game at Elland rd we will need Rutter and Summerville transforming their game a little bit, especially Rutter, as he is our creativity with his strength and agility, he has to dig deeper.

As with the other game with Brom and Southampton, neither team in this first game wants to give an advantage and nil nil’s are not a big surprise considering what is at stake.
I just hope at our place with the fans we give that bit extra to get that goal and it will be only be one goal if it’s decided in open play I feel.
Penalty shootout must not be an option but could be a big possibility in this kind of game.

Our defending was better than recent and Archie for such a young player looked the most assured in his role today, such a talent that kid.

12 May 2024 19:19:36
Corky, I think MJ or Piroe, if he was on at the time, would have got to that cross that Georginio totally aired and missed right in front of goal, nailed on for Bam Bam that one!

12 May 2024 20:14:26
That would have been missed by Bamford . it was a right foot effort. and Bamford has no right foot.



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