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10 May 2024 14:24:10
Apparently it’s about when Piroe scored against Southampton and Cry never went to celebrate with him or congratulate him. If you watch the clip you will see what everyone is talking about. Something or nothing, you make your mind up ??.

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10 May 2024 14:53:30
Did anybody celebrate with him?

10 May 2024 14:59:16
Cree has been great for us this season, but I get the impression he may be a little too big for his boots. Let’s see what the play offs bring, and what happens with him afterwards, but I believe we would benefit more from a real “side before self” player plus his market value reinvested.

10 May 2024 19:28:56
Totally agree Brighty, I have been thinking for awhile now that he isn’t a team player and more of a putting myself in the transfer window player, so after we win the play offs I would get rid Brighty ??.

10 May 2024 19:40:19
Yep . and seeds were sown of disharmony by CS in Hull game pen wrestling.

10 May 2024 20:18:43
As long as he keeps scoring and assisting I don't see an issue with it. If he wants to put himself in the shop window he needs to play well. Which we want him to do.

10 May 2024 21:16:35
He be already in shop window Dill; job done.

10 May 2024 21:23:38
I told you all about Summerville and his attitude (Selfish) months ago. Dill, DF was soft on him because of his goals and assists as well. that's why we have these issues with the team. When Piroe clearly was the penalty taker for that game, DF should have sent a message and benched Summerville the next game. Shows you who's really in charge Hey!

10 May 2024 21:33:18
Bingo Hooksie.

10 May 2024 21:35:13
Guess he will just give up now then ? out of everyone in recent games, Cry is the one who always looks most likely to do something. Singling him out is a bit mad to me.

10 May 2024 23:12:32
I agree, said this months ago about cree, there is something going on with his attitude. But as long as he scores next 3 games that good for, then he can earn the dollars if that's the goal.

11 May 2024 04:28:54
Perceived attitude problems and selfishness are not the same thing. Being selfish more is of benefit to certain players as it helps them to score or assist more, which helps the team in it's own way. Not being funny but if Cry is through on goal and he has Bamford at side of him are you wanting him to pass or shoot? I know which option I'd rather take. If he passed to Bamford and Bamford missed you'd all be moaning about "why didn't Cry shoot? " The kid can't win either way cos people will still have a moan.

For me, a bad attitude, amongst other things, is giving up when things are tough. Something a lot of others seem to have done recently. So Where's the "X player has an attitude problem" comments about others? Cry may not be in fine form still, but he's the one that looks most likely to do anything for us, meaning he's still trying stuff and likely trying to take a little more risk to drag us out of this hole we have been in recently.

Had the team on his back most of the season, yet he's accused of having attitude problems, lol. It's called a winning mentality and it's in a lot of top, top players. He's been playing in the same vein all season and it's only a problem now cos we aren't winning, which is less on Cry than most of the others.

That's my two cents. People will think what they like, but I don't see him being selfish as a problem.

11 May 2024 09:22:42
Are we so certain he’s a bad apple and needs to go?
Our top scorer and easily our best player, also best player of the Championship this season.
I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn him, yes he’s probably arrogant and a cocky youngster, would you not say successful players like Ronaldo and Zlatan are not arrogant and over confident?

I seriously doubt that the 49er’s will be looking to offload him, especially if we get promoted.
Personally I think it would be madness.

11 May 2024 09:34:56
Dill but ' winning mentality ' has NOT been present in CS or really any of the other players recently.

It's deja vu of last season meltdown Palace game onwards imo

That's little to nowt to do with nerves, lack of experience, or CS being selfish

And everything to do with team disharmony, fractious, not giving 100% effort and desire " downing tools " ; CS and Piroe wrestling match was symptomatic of untenable situation.

Regrettably DF appears currently unable to remedy/ improve team spirit.

11 May 2024 09:58:21
That is In your estimation Baz.

Would you if not of said before the international break the team spirit was rotten and that there was infighting within the players, downing tools, Farke losing control, players not wanting to play go Farke any more, blah, blah, blah?

I’m sure most of us would definitely say No!

How all of that would suddenly manifest itself would be somewhat bizarre would you not say?

For me it’s no more than a loss of confidence because of the pressure, there was a lot of expectation to fight our way back from the bad start to the season and that pressure intensified enormously just at the end.
It’s a symptom in football that happens every season.
We are no exception.

11 May 2024 10:56:30
Very good points there Dill and OP. Kinda makes me question my own perspective, to the point that I’m not so sure on what’s best imo now!

11 May 2024 11:14:51
End if the day without him having a little bit of selfishness at times, he wouldn't have scored a portion of the goals he has, nor some of the assists. His selfishness has directly impacted the team for the good.

And yep, exactly that, OP. Load of nonsense calling him this and that when it's him just being confident/ cocky. Too many top players to name that are exactly that. He's delivered the goods this season for us. Would we even be in the play offs without him, never mind have been challenging for top spot? Obviously a rhetorical question, but I feel we'd have struggled massively without him and his selfishness/ cockiness/ confidence on the pitch.

And again, Baz, why single him out then if that winning mentality hasn't been in the entire team, when he's been our best player of the lot. The pile on is ridiculous and built on some very spurious opinions.

11 May 2024 11:20:30
And drop Piroe if that's the case. Not Cry. Simple as. He's our best and most effective player, he deserves whatever latitude is needed to help him perform and in turn help the team win.

Piroe is lethargic, unathletic and a square peg in a round hole with how we set up anyway.

So many extenuating circumstances due to the drop off which have all been mentioned before such as fatigue, mental fatigue, perceived lack of experience, no leadership, poor results at international break, etc the list goes on. If Piroe can't get over someone else taking a penalty instead of him he's a bigger drip than I previously thought.

11 May 2024 15:58:51
Dill 1) I am not singling out CS the malaise is throughout team

2) Yes definitely drop JP . Leeds with a non press starting front four of JP, GR, CS and WG away from home gets beat 7 / 8 times so far this season.

11 May 2024 16:20:23
Hmmm, that's weird as it seems this entire chat is focused on Cry. Which it is.

11 May 2024 17:47:31
CS and Willy Gnonto for. starters
Never trusted integrity of Mes
Even Rodon seems to have stopped giving 100% . woeful efforts, performances and results evidence.



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