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08 May 2024 23:20:01
I really can't handle another Derby.
Let's get to Wembley and our top performers perform!

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09 May 2024 02:08:17
Leeds 2 victories over Norwich feels light years ago. (one win in 6 current form )

Importantly neither match Josh Sargent was playing ; Norwich have improved considerably since he came back.

Norwich content creators are stating that Leeds United " bottled " top 2 and fancy their chances

My prediction

Norwich 2 vs Leeds 0 without PB and DJ

Norwich 1 vs Leeds 1 with PB and DJ.

09 May 2024 07:37:23
I see my indian warrior Grey Clouds is back with a positive prediction ?.

09 May 2024 08:20:32
Strange how Josh Sargeant started their Jan loss to us and was so invisible in the game Baz didn’t even realise he was on the pitch! He will be the difference though this time?

09 May 2024 08:50:30

09 May 2024 09:34:53
Dougie a lot depends on team selection and Farke playing 3 midfielders ( not JP) if PB and DJ not fit.

Yes Brockers you be correct ( finally ?) on this one . JS did play in the ER match in Jan

So good news we be may be on our way perhaps to Wemberley after all ☺.

09 May 2024 09:37:33
. and Brockers and MG

any score predictions from either of you for Sundays Norwich vs Leeds match? ?.

09 May 2024 10:25:48
Well I was looking forward to watching our game against Norwich this weekend but thanks to Baz’s prediction I now don’t need to bother and I can go away for the weekend with the wife! Thank you Baz, you have saved me all the stress of watching the play offs! ?????.

09 May 2024 11:06:02
I don’t see the point in predictions personally, but as you asked Baz, my guess is it will be a pretty cagey first leg, and pretty horrible to watch, ending in a 1-1 draw.

09 May 2024 11:20:23
I agree Brockley. Predictions are pointless.

09 May 2024 11:58:22
Woody well I might be wrong and Leeds win. take the wife out on Saturday

Which line up is getting Leeds a win in your opinion Woody?

Fair play Brockley for your prediction ?.

09 May 2024 12:14:15
You've done plenty of them on here Bright ?.

09 May 2024 12:28:04
It is vital that we are still in it after Sunday. I would, like everyone on here want a big win, but this is Leeds United we are talking about, so I am sure we will be put through the emotional wringer.

09 May 2024 13:03:24
Erm not really, and it’s more tongue in cheek gung ho mentality than seriously considering an outcome, plus referring back to it forever and ever as a reference point for self validation. I don’t see it as a useful parameter for measuring footballing knowledge, unlike “the odd couple” I could mention!

09 May 2024 14:07:32
Bottom line its only an opinion ( and you have plenty of those ) on how one feels the game will go .

You were predicting / opining next Hull Manager yesterday. so that must be ' pointless ' too ?.

09 May 2024 14:19:13
Bedtime for me. Night night.
Oh. An opinion and prediction are often right and often wrong.
It’s not trying to score points every single posts that counts.
None of us are always right or wrong. Be humble. Nobody taking score.
Or. Nobody but two should I say.

09 May 2024 14:29:13
Often right and often wrong? . hmm .

09 May 2024 17:16:53
That’s called “speculation”. Totally different, and again, an outcome I couldn’t give a pony and trap about.

09 May 2024 19:58:39
Err no Bright they be three peas in the same pod

Oxford English Dictionary

Other words for speculation : among others ' prediction ' and ' opinion '

I will take the facts of Oxford English Dictionary every second of millennium over misguided Brighty in Bulgaria.

09 May 2024 20:00:59
Posted as tongue in cheek Baz, I’m not taking her out on Saturday, she’s got the housework to do! ?? I hope she never reads these posts, she will castrate me! ??? My prediction is that although it will be tough I just have this feeling that we will get our mojo back!

If DF goes back to Archie in defence and Bamford up front with Gnonto on with DJ waiting in the wings, I think we will do Norwich, 3-1 and Cry, Gnonto and DJ the scorers, the second leg very tight again and as long as we don’t capitulate like we did with Derby, then it will be 2-1 because they will be going for it. I just don’t think they have that hold over us like they used to, and I pray ? that I’m right because Bazinald will never let me forget! ??.

09 May 2024 22:09:19
Knew you sat there with a thesaurus by your side! ???
However, if you’ve ever actually studied the English Language, you would know that context adds to the definition, and that a thesaurus, while giving alternatives, is often totally incorrect if the word is not used within the correct context. That where smart arses fall down and look silly, using words out of context.

09 May 2024 23:41:12

It's finally happened! ;

there is some merit in one of Brights posts ? pat on back ; beers on Bright.



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