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05 May 2024 17:24:52
The Southampton fans started taunting the Leeds fans yesterday when Ipswich started winning, which at first I found a little odd because Ipswich have done us both over this season. But then I remembered that resentment can be driven by being made to look a fool - and then I remembered that famous Barry Davies line - 'to say that Leeds are playing with Southampton is an understatement'. 7 v 0 etc. We've made enemies over the last 60 years and a lot of it is to do with resentment. And yet we haven't won close to the number of trophies we should have won. What a story the history of our football club tells. True romance. Maybe that's what attracts the likes of Russell Crowe and Will Ferrell. They're not in it for the money. Life is about winning and losing. We've done our fair share of the latter. But when your friend is down - you stick with him. I f****** love Leeds.

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05 May 2024 17:59:05
Good post Manston . and yes older Saints fans are salty over that 7 nil men against boys embarrassment,

Personally I dislike Southampton as I am still a bit salty of the fab Tony Currie inspired Leeds United being beaten unjustly by thuggish clodders Southampton in League Cup semi 1979.

05 May 2024 18:08:54
I always had a soft spot for Southampton baz. Firstly because of a close friend being a big saints fan and secondly le ti's and his brilliance.
Thirdly they had a good run of beating man u.

05 May 2024 18:30:45
Very good post Manston and how true it is of our history and legacy.
We have indeed soared with the eagles with not a lot to show for it, then wallowed with the pigs, which sometimes feels like an eternity.
It’s a very unique and special club, certainly to us it is anyhow.

05 May 2024 18:32:45
Le Tiss what a supremely talented player ? Ben.

05 May 2024 18:53:58
Baz - I was at a youth club in Whitkirk the night Southampton beat us in the League Cup semi final - and the DJ stopped the music to announce and rejoice in the result. Turned out he was a Southampton fan! Knob.

05 May 2024 18:54:10
Anyone remember a goal Leeds scored against Southampton which actually went wide but was given as a goal?
I think it was Strachan? Or has my mind totally gone?

05 May 2024 19:48:38
Manston ugh. You should have short circuited his DJ stuff

You weren't following match on Radio 2 the great Peter Jones commentary.

05 May 2024 20:05:09
Unlikely Manston - there is only Baz old enough to remember that.

05 May 2024 20:44:32
I’m afraid not Alf. I was def there.

05 May 2024 21:21:22
My commiserations Manston. However I think the majority of Saints fans these days would not remember that or give two hoots about it.

05 May 2024 21:24:16
BTW the resentment towards Leeds is due to the entitlement of a large portion of the fan base. People saying things like 'we have the best squad in the league', ' we deserve to be promoted', 'Ipswich were league 1 last season we should be embarrassed to lose out to them' are all classic examples.

05 May 2024 22:06:05
Cuppa you do contradict yourself.

06 May 2024 07:00:09
Explain oh master of contradictions.

06 May 2024 07:01:22
Corkster don't recall that.

googled and was reminded that Mark Hughes for Saints once scored a " goal" vs Leeds that hit the advertising board and bounced put of goal.

never given ?.

06 May 2024 07:09:05
I seem to remember a goal at The Dell that was not given. The advertising hoarding were so close behind the goal line, that when the ball bounced out after crossing the goal line, everyone thought it had hit the post; they just played on.

06 May 2024 08:17:10
A valid assessment that Alf!



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