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30 Apr 2024 22:34:03
Dropped points to Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland, Stoke, Preston, Blackburn, QPR. and Rotherham. not promotion form no good beating the two promoted teams and dropping points to three relegated teams. not very confident going into the playoffs confidence must be very low.

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01 May 2024 00:27:21
Bottom line Leeds and Southampton beaten to top 2 by last season L1 Ipswich

Leeds simply must redeem this failure by winning playoffs

So far proportion of blame imo

Farke 60%
Players 39%
Ani 1%.

01 May 2024 04:27:34
Funny Baz but stats about right. ?.

01 May 2024 08:57:11
We’re Ipswich in L1 last year Baz? ??
Never would’ve guessed it from any of your posts this season!

01 May 2024 09:08:05
Baz sorry mate can’t see it myself We will remain where we are.

01 May 2024 09:24:11
Forever and ever and ever, in fact I reckon we’ll be stuck in the Championship not sixteen years this time but thirty two years. In fact we’ll all probably be dead by the time Leeds get back to the Premiership again.
Oh well never mind, let’s all have a cuppa tea and pretend we don’t exist, it’s much better that way.

01 May 2024 09:39:12
I put money on not lasting 16 let alone 32 opti.

01 May 2024 09:56:47
What league Ipswich were in last year is irrelevant to this year.

01 May 2024 10:20:07
Absolute nonsense Alf . previous league entirely relevant
Top of the league
Leicester 1st, Leeds 3rd, Southampton 4th with their parachute payments, squads full of £30 million plus players and high wages no surprise

Last years L1 teams Sheff Wed and Plymouth struggled. all season in bottom 6 . no surprise

Ipswich finishing ahead of Leeds and Saints

spending around £5 million in transfers

and with a fraction of Leeds United sqtad transfer fees and wages is an embarrassement to both former EPL clubs.

01 May 2024 10:21:56
There there OP .

01 May 2024 10:43:40
Ipswich if they do get promoted which seems very likely now will make a lot of money arriving in the Premiership. But it is also more than likely that they will be relegated after one or two seasons.
It is very hard for Championship clubs to get promoted, but it is even harder for promoted Championship clubs to remain in the Premiership for more than a season or two, especially now with FFP tightening its knot.
Forest are a prime example of their spend, spend, spend policy to try and survive.
I don’t think McKenna’s tactical nous or luck whichever it is will help him either, this is just a fact in top tier professional football these days.

I fully expect to be waving at Ipswich as we get promoted next season (if we don’t win play offs) as they descend back into the Championship.

01 May 2024 10:46:41
Clearly not relevant though Baz as Ipswich on course to finish second. Can't argue with the league (although i'm sure you would) and they are where they are on merit. Otherwise why bother playing games? Not the first team to achieve back to back promotions and won't be the last. What is relevant is form and results and THIS season they have outperformed nearly everyone.

01 May 2024 10:52:53
It was a joke Baz ?

It doesn’t matter as Ipswich after their season in the sun will be relegated the following season, if they go up.
Their squad even with new players will be ripped to shreds in the Premiership.

Unless you think they are a top six club Baz ?.

01 May 2024 11:11:00
OP without question Ipswich will struggle and very likely be relegated

Alf . yes Ipswich have outperformed Leeds and Southampton. puts into perspective Farke and Martin weaknesses.

01 May 2024 12:49:11
MeKenna had no injuries within his squad to deal with, a tad lucky I would say.

01 May 2024 13:25:23
Not true at all OP
Their leading scorer Hirst missed halv a season. others also injured Burns etc.

01 May 2024 18:04:01
You’re clutching at straws Baz to favour a team that you do seem to prefer?

01 May 2024 19:32:59
I prefer to clutch at lumps of lethargy and polo mint shaped goalkeepers.

01 May 2024 19:47:54
Clutching at straws pff OP . they have had injuries .

Up the tractors ? lol ?.

01 May 2024 21:57:47
Indeed! Glad that humour is in tact ?.



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