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29 Apr 2024 12:47:24
Simon Kjær (AC Milan/ Denmark centreback) is on a free this summer. He's 35 but still has a couple of good years ahead of him with plenty of international and European football experience.

Played at Wolfsburg, Roma, Lille, Sevilla, Atalanta and AC.

Would be worth an enquiry.

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29 Apr 2024 14:12:01
How deep do our scouts go?
Sometimes I think a few posters on here have more idea of vfm.
There have been some knowledgeable suggestions from posters on here.

29 Apr 2024 14:37:09
A good few years ago now, but Jamie Vardy was under our noses at Halifax Town and he went to Fleetwood!

29 Apr 2024 18:57:21
Victor Johanson available for £1m, Rotherham are willing to sell since their relegation
Personally, he is a decent keeper but didn't have a great defence in front of him this season.

29 Apr 2024 19:11:03
A good gk is crucial to success Leeroy, agree on Johanson.

Victor Johanson is certainly far, far better than Gashlier. I recommended him last
season and this season!

If Leeds previous DoF had had a clue and had signed Johanson ( or of similar quality) last season

Then Leeds United would never have been R last season

and be safe and sound this season too.

Alternatively, if Johanson had signed this season Leeds would be going up.

29 Apr 2024 19:16:10
With 17 clean sheets, our cack keeper is still going to win the Golden Glove.

29 Apr 2024 19:28:43
Bright lol that ole chestnut head wobbler ?

Facts are Gashlier is way down (17th) in Champo on actual saves per shots fella amongst Champo gks

Many of those " clean sheets " he literally did NOT have a shot to save.

More often than not when opponents do get ball on target it ends in the net.

Most recent match for example

QPR 5 shots on target .4 goals.

29 Apr 2024 20:12:07
I've seen the same stas regarding Meslier.
He was talked about at length during a recent podcast and how the clean sheets were mainly down to the defence
So its no coincidence that the defence is struggling and the goals are being shipped.

29 Apr 2024 20:21:51
What Baz said. Polo Mintier is like a drunk dwarf working in logistics but about to be sacked. Can't face shots ?, 4 foot 6 not 6 foot 6 and his distribution garbage ?️.

29 Apr 2024 21:08:00
Spot on Leeroy and Georgey

Rodon, Ampadu and Gruev have been the major force behind " clean sheets" in keeping Meslier with as little to do as possible.

A big shout out also to the top high quality excellent analysis of Leeds United content creators

The 3 best in my opinion are

Locky ; Ger of the View and Kagey.

29 Apr 2024 21:51:54
I do agree about the lad from Rotherham tho, and also said the same last season. Not arguing with any of those stats there Baz, as it would be daft.
What it does say tho, is that something has gone awry with what was the best defence in the division, since the internationals.

29 Apr 2024 22:17:58
Baz, Why do you omit Conor from your top 3? He's really built a channel and fanbase including many from overseas. Kagey excellent and Locky certainly knowledgeable.

29 Apr 2024 22:20:19
Bright Adverse impact from ??????? international loss and not qualifying. Farke ought to have seen their decline coming - tiredness, disappointment. Should have been given a rest.

29 Apr 2024 23:07:24
George . Connor is good and been around a long time . I just rate the other 3 ( a bit) more.

By the way in terms of numbers of subscriptions ) Ger of the View has had a truly remarkable season. and will soon surpass even the long established Connor in subscriptions.

30 Apr 2024 02:54:45
Baz Fair dos. Ger has also done well. His channel very newsy.

30 Apr 2024 09:03:43
But George, if he had rested the Welsh contingent, we would have Cressy and Coops at the mid back. Not going to really change the run of results we have had?

30 Apr 2024 16:00:39
Bright This is where many including Farke short sighted. You rest the ones you identify as being forlorn say for 2 weeks and as a result you probably lose 2 and draw 1. 1 point out of 9 but then after a rotate you reintegrate into first team and do much better. We ended up on a special losing streak by playing our regulars. Rather lose and rest than lose and play because our losing streak was then extended because no rest benefit was conferred. I saw whole thing coming and posted same right after the Welsh game. It's basic common sense. Name me anything which still performs to same high level when it's extremely tired? Farke lost us the auto spot, not the players.



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