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18 Apr 2024 12:38:57
Fake madness, as some posters described him, justified in his actions for subbing Willy against Blackburn. Gnonto was still not fully fit and Farke didn’t want to risk him any longer than he already did.
Don’t be so quick to trash our coaches decisions when we don’t know the reasons behind it.
Gnonto’s impact on these last three games could decide whether we get automatic promotion or not!

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18 Apr 2024 13:58:34
I agree op
But just want him to get it right. No fluffy ups.
Choose the right players for each game.
3 left.
No Bambi.
Gnonto before Dj.
Roberts before gray.
Firpo before byram.
Field in form uninjured players.
It’s our last chance.

18 Apr 2024 15:00:43
The Blackburn defeat on Farke.

1.Primarily taking off Gruev leaving Leeds nonsensicaly with no CDM at nil. nil. the Blackburn goal does NOT happen otherwise.

This is NOT just my opinion but many Leeds United content creators opinions Connor McGillgan, Kagey TV etc

2.Balderdash on Gnonto just an excuse. The guy was full of running and looked well peeved to be coming off

3.CR coming off less disastrous than IG in particular. but questionable too.

18 Apr 2024 17:56:53
Totally what Baz says. Ignore the flannel from LUMP.

18 Apr 2024 18:48:05
You don’t know your talking about hindsighters,
Your insults are literally water gliding off a ducks back, so glad I’m not a WUM.

18 Apr 2024 19:09:48
No idea what / who “LUMP flannel” is supposed to be referencing, but I suspect it’s disparaging. Anyhow I agree with your post Aus. My sentiments are the same.

Good points OP. There’s only two reasons Farke did what he did.

1) he knows all of the information about the status of the players
2) he reads these pages and did it to wind up Baz and George.

Pretty sure it’s the first reason.

18 Apr 2024 19:31:36
Flannel sounds pretty apt actually

Keeping on the bathroom analogies . these " dodgy excuses " on here are getting more slippery than a bar of Lux soap ? ?.

18 Apr 2024 19:46:37
My opinions above are also the same opinions of renowned Leeds United content creators

But of course according to you therefore" they don't know what they are talking about either "and are WUMs.

Jeez keep it real OP.

18 Apr 2024 20:08:57
Whatever Baz, let’s just agree that we disagree with pretty much everything you and I post.
There’s no surprises in that.
Have an erroneously eroding evening.
Had enough of these crap posts, watching the Liverpool game.

18 Apr 2024 20:45:55
Baz "Keep it real"? His job is to perform the opposite.

18 Apr 2024 21:01:11
Ani Not disparaging, merely factual.

18 Apr 2024 21:17:36
George…what the hell does it mean?

18 Apr 2024 21:42:25
George and Ani I am guessing ? ' LUMP'
might mean

Leeds United Media Propoganda

Or something


Let Us Make Peace ✌️ . maybe.

18 Apr 2024 22:06:28
??. ?️go. Full ? Brother Baz. ?.

19 Apr 2024 08:06:48
Someone liking his own posts yet again!? ??
And now Farke is pretty much just a liar? It gets funnier with every post now!

19 Apr 2024 13:29:05
Bright no it seems other posters like George's posts. not that ' likes 'even important nest pas?

don't know why you keep posting this truly lame comment Bright for about 7th time now in less than a year ?.

19 Apr 2024 13:53:00
Hmmmmm. ???
Counting everything too now fella?

19 Apr 2024 13:54:26
And no one yet knows what LUMP even stands for?

19 Apr 2024 14:22:40

19 Apr 2024 16:40:18
Don’t waste your time with them pair of UmpaLUMPa’s
Brighty. I’d rather give myself an enema flush with caustic soda before taking their posts and likes seriously.
Moving on.

19 Apr 2024 16:53:09
Sounds like you already have had an enema flush ? with caustic soda grumpy OP lol ?.

19 Apr 2024 17:00:05
Would that medicinal flushing event take place at Elland Road, not on a matchday but during regular office hours with the soda being purchased locally in the LS11 area by chance?

19 Apr 2024 17:22:55
Lol OP!
The best, most logical, irrefutable posts do get likes, of course. Not normally do interested. That is why these jump out as utterly laughable sadness! ???.

19 Apr 2024 17:43:04
Bitter Brighty too lol.

19 Apr 2024 17:45:33
Baz This is why he only gives half his name. It's really Pessimist Optimist Optimist Pessimist. ?.

19 Apr 2024 17:52:12
George Lmao ? ? ?.

19 Apr 2024 21:09:21
Bitter? For what?
I’m not so sad as to need verification or recognition of anything I say or do, here, or anywhere for that matter. Tho clearly, with the thumbs up increasing beyond poster numbers, the small man is at it again! ???.

19 Apr 2024 22:07:17
Why mention" likes" ( and often ) then Bright. you are the ONLY one that does lol ?

I would have thought as a guesstimate there are 80 plus registered people on this forum some post comments others don't)

19 Apr 2024 22:13:48
It would be odd indeed if a 2 times Championship winning manager knew more than a handful of keyboard warriors.

19 Apr 2024 22:29:02
That was SIX years ago Cuppa . different circumstances, different club etc etc

This time last season DF was getting the ole tin tack after just one season in tne Fatherland. to be far more current up to date fella!

A manager is only as good as his previous match and by general consensus of most of the Leeds United content creators and others DF forked up the Blackburn match with his subs ; lost Leeds the match!

But one doesn't expect you to put your bias to one side and be rational about it Alfie lad! Definitely not. ??.

20 Apr 2024 07:08:05
So going on a 15 game run of no losses and two of them being draws in the championship isn’t good in your estimation Baz?
Even Pep doesn’t win every game!
Your expectations are completely and utterly delusional, given the fact also Farke is a new coach to the club with some very talented but also very young inexperienced players.
Leeds United do not need non believing fans.



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