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15 Apr 2024 11:54:35
Just seen the Team of the season.
3 Leeds 2 Leicester 1 Ipswich. On the whole can't really find too much wrong with it except If Rutter, Jimmy and Amps get in surely there is a place for Joe Rodon?

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15 Apr 2024 12:11:20
Rodon has been best CD all season

Leif Davis class at LB .

15 Apr 2024 16:58:34
Baz Davis sale cost us a certain Championship ? title. Indicative of the threefold myopic rodent ? power.

15 Apr 2024 17:41:07
Too fricking true George .

Those Leif Davis 16 assists and 2 goals would have had us Champs by March.

15 Apr 2024 17:53:12
Davis is a typical beilsa defender, amazing going forward but awful at defending. Personally I’m old school and like defenders to defend first

Anyone see the irony in that the most beilsa like defender was not given a chance and forced out of the club by, you guessed it! Belisa

Funny the statler and Waldorf of the group are moaning about losing a player that there god forced out?


15 Apr 2024 22:03:16

1.Davis is a proven match winner at Champo level ; specialist in getting promoted

2.Bielsa loved and played ' Very good Davis '

3.You be wrong ; it was Orta and Marsch ( not Bielsa ) who foolishly sold Davis in July 2022.

4.I admire Bielsa first 3 years but he is not my " god " as you keep erroneously stating.

15 Apr 2024 22:05:17
And Berm . any idea why in posts that do NOT even mention Bielsa , you go off on an obsessive rants about Bielsa!


15 Apr 2024 22:07:57
Bermondsey, I think Bielsa agreed to his loan but Uncle Jesse actually sold Leif Davis to Ipswich
However, Bielsa clearly didn't rate him at that moment in time.

15 Apr 2024 22:33:43
Sorry Bermo but I think you’re wrong on this one mate.
Davis was definitely loaned out by MB to get first team experience but he was sacked a good few months before Davis was sold by Leeds.
Statler and Waldorf love it ??.

15 Apr 2024 22:40:34
Davis left last year under Marsch.

15 Apr 2024 23:43:39
Wrong ( as usual ) Berma on all counts ??

1) Davis defensively would not have much to do this season . Whereas his assists would ensure Leeds were champions

2 ) Bielsa liked " very good Davis " and played him.

3) Leif Davis was sold by clueless Victor Orta and Jesse Marsch ( NOT Bielsa ) in July 2025 .5 months after Bielsa had left the club!

16 Apr 2024 08:44:45
Bielsa still living rent free in Berma's mind.

16 Apr 2024 08:51:19
Berm So Jesse Marsch is Marcelo Bielsa. Nice plot twist!

16 Apr 2024 10:05:40
I Don't think it was a case of anyone being forced out berm. Bielsa had Davis in a lot of his first team squads. It was more his age and timing. We had more experience in front of him including dallas.

We went into the prem and Davis was never going to be first choice. It took him a move to league one and now the championship and I still think he might struggle with the prem if they go up. I would have given him a couple of loans but I don't know what his contract details were.

I think it happened with a few of our youngsters. Our rise under bielsa was that rapid that young players bought for a middling championship team were suddenly faced with developing and breaking into a championship winning or a prem side.

16 Apr 2024 10:06:37
They forgot to the 3 own goals ??.

16 Apr 2024 12:35:15
No all that was just to bate my new mate baz who I have found in real life!

Belisa clearly didn’t rate him or give him game time but of course he was sold by marche

Just new that by mentioning baz god bubs I’d get a torrid of rants from baz…. because I live in his head

So sorry group but I couldn’t resist bating the little baz fishy and he took the Bate hook line and sinker… posting one rant twice! Brilliant

In other news mr baz now I know who you are in real life we going to meet up mate… maybe go fishing?

16 Apr 2024 13:23:11
I’m sorry Baz, but your beef on Davis being sold is very much with the benefit of hindsight. Up to the point of his sale he had very little first team experience, partly through manager preference and partly due to a succession of niggling injuries. He had just spent a season in the Championship with Bournemouth, during which he made the match day squad for just 17 of 46 fixtures, starting just 7 times, being subbed on 5 times and amassing a total of less than 600 minutes. Granted, he started each of their three cup games, but over the season he played less than 850 minutes, and chipped in with just 1 assist. The previous season, he was in Bielsa’s Prem squad for 25 of the 38 matches, getting 2 sub appearances for a total of 31 minutes under Bielsa. It was Bielsa’s decision to let him go on loan the next season. Bielsa had included him in the previous season’s Champ match day squad 11 times, handing him 3 sub appearances for a total of 13 minutes.

When he was sold in July 2022, there was little evidence to suggest that he would become a reliable option for the Prem, which was the level we were playing at. Granted the same could have been said of Firpo, but Davis was not the obvious answer to that problem. In relation to Davis specifically, ideally we would have sent him out for another Champ loan, giving him a further opportunity to develop, and to show he could be a reliable (form and fitness) option at that, and possibly Prem level. Unfortunately, his contract was expiring in June 23, so a new or extended contract would have been needed. Davis himself wanted some certainty in his future and didn’t favour a further loan with the possibility he might later establish himself at Leeds but rather to become settled somewhere as a first teamer - ruling out agreement on new/ extended contract - so at that point all available evidence suggested the best option for the Club was to cash in on him then, rather than lose for free at the end of the season. Even if he had agreed to go out on loan again, Davis would have been a free agent last summer, with no guarantee he’d have agreed a new deal at that point, if indeed Farke had wished to offer one.

Can you point us to any contrary evidence at the point he was sold (July 22) , which suggested that Davis would become a reliable attacking fullback at Champ level, let alone a reliable option at Prem level, which is where he would have had to play had he stayed at Leeds that season, and where we desperately hope we will be playing next season? Given the defensive shortcomings others have alluded to, if we do manage to get promoted, would you be advocating his starting in the Prem next season?

16 Apr 2024 14:15:39
And as a follow-on question (to both Baz and George) , if our current owner, director and management structure had been in place in July 22, do you honestly believe that (on the basis of the evidence to that point) they would have kept Leif Davis at Leeds with a promise of significant Prem first team involvement that season and thereby convinced him to sign a new or extended contract?

16 Apr 2024 14:39:38
Clu ; your point about his remaining length of contract 1 year is valid.

The rest of your post is seemingly all conjecture because I don't recall what you suggest these details being reported in press. and a lot of what is reported, in press isn't even true/ click bait/ club propaganda etc as you well know and remind us frequently.

so unless your Uncle Victor told you ( and again still could be false) Or perhaps more pertinently for accuracy you are Leif Davis agent you don't know what was really offered/ happened or not offered Clu.

As for Davis alleged defiencies . not only is he far better than Firpo going forward, he also is ( far) better defensively which isn't difficult as Firpo is shockingly bad defensively!

Clu have a poll of Leeds supporters who they would prefer in EPL / Champo

Davis or Firpo?

95 per cent plus choose Davis over Firpo.

16 Apr 2024 14:49:06
As for your follow up question Clu . why not? Certainly as one of several LBs at club . all professionally well run clubs should hsve at least 2 Left footed LBs in their squad

Instead SF49ers unbelievably have just one left footed LB in their squad! . an over sight which has caused Leeds issues and problems.

16 Apr 2024 15:28:24
Clue are you accusing baz of being captain hindsight…. never

Here is a baz like prediction from berm the original oricle

Baz will make another five highlight posts this season full of hyperbole.

16 Apr 2024 17:06:00
Clu If I may interject I know that Liverpool enquired about buying Davis and a £4M bid was rumoured to be lodged by them. I had seen enough of Davis to know he would have been an asset. Part of good club strategy is to retain players good enough to get you promoted in event of your relegation. He was such a player.

16 Apr 2024 19:14:36
Far too much hindsight going on here concerning Lief Davis, nobody was raving about him before as much as Jimmy wasn’t being raved about.
Yes he does look a decent prospect now but this is all as I said, in the benefit of hindsight. What Clu has posted is as it was and that’s it.
Stop trying to make out that we all knew he was going to come a decent player in the Championship.

The made up I told you so stories are very boring.

16 Apr 2024 19:23:51
Facts are back in Summer of 2022 George and mysel were against the SALE of Leif Davis and had similar debates on it with Clu.

Nothing " made up " about it OP. try and keep it real.

16 Apr 2024 20:04:10
Baz while he was at Leeds playing or not because he was injured so often nobody including you and George were raving about the great talent of Leif Davis.
Keep it real yourself, please.

16 Apr 2024 20:15:23
Raving no but rating enough yes.

16 Apr 2024 20:46:12
Well put Cluey! Good to see you popping back. Hope you’re doing well pal!?

16 Apr 2024 21:05:00
Good to see you Clu - hope you are well fellah.



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