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25 Nov 2023 16:55:58
No one should look or be tired. They should be fit enough to play twice a week. Ball is only in play for about 60 of the 90, average distance run is about 6 miles ( bear in mind walking pace is 3 mph) Number of tackles is very few although blocks would add on to that. Good grief they are paid enough - more in a week than many people make in a couple of years. ( might call my boss in morning and tell I him I'm a little tired so please forgive me if I don't do my best or maybe even take the day off)

Excuses for poor performances are ridiculous - if we are crap sometimes just say so.

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25 Nov 2023 17:07:17
Totally agree 70, it brasses me big time on here sometimes when posters say oh their tired .

Ffs their pro athletes in the prome of their lives, treated like gods, who are " finished " most days by 3pm after exercising and eating all morning .

Do me a favour!

25 Nov 2023 18:27:20
Fine margins when you’re a top athlete, travelling does carry fatigue. Sitting in our armchairs supping a tin of beer and watching the game we wouldn’t know the difference. The three welsh boys would be feeling it I’m certain, especially with the emotion that was involved with their games.
Being paid a lot of money doesn’t cancel out emotional and physical fatigue.
It’s only my opinion and I’m not an expert so if you don’t agree that’s fair enough.

25 Nov 2023 19:34:28
Of course OP, but most of us work, work long &hard and have to continue that for 11 months a year inyo our 50's,60,s and that's just way it is

For.20somethings who may have to run around competitively twice a week sometimes, well i will never buy the fact that football drains the body

Rugby, well then yes i would accept that, but never football.

25 Nov 2023 20:54:54
You might be right Chris but to give the benefit of doubt I would say you are not going to get away with just running around competitively twice a week in a half hearted fashion in a professional football team.
If you go back for example to Marcelo’s murder ball training days then full competitive games with little to no rotation, you might be feeling it a bit?
I think at the level we’re at and you’re not tracking back to defend for example, you are going to feel the full force of the coach on your back.

They are all young and privileged men playing a sport we love and getting paid shed loads. But I still think they have to work very hard to be at the top of their profession.
Otherwise we’d all be doing it!

25 Nov 2023 21:33:03
Chris, I understand your sentiment and rational, but at the very pinnacle, the human body doesn’t / isn’t capable of performing like that (forget the physiological aspects) Is it hard for a professional footballer to perform physically and emotionally 180 minutes a week (ignoring all the other demands on training, travelling etc) , well yes, for a period, but not indefinitely. Muscle and lung tissue is being damaged all of the time and needs time to recover. (The mind needs to get back in tune after big highs and lows) An extreme example of this, Usain Bolt was capable of running at his very fastest about 15 x a year and he seldom tried to in between competition ; so 2.5 minutes a year operating at his very best? Carl Lewis could barely ever finish a long jump competition of only 6 rounds. Us mortals can’t perform the same before and after lunch, never mind at our peak continually. Quite frankly, if I was earning £200K a week, I’m not sure I could even contemplate a coach ride to Rotherham, never mind play (work? ) .

25 Nov 2023 22:12:41
Natural ability / talent also OP, its what seperates the good from the normal / average / bad, its why we all just can't do it

Not everyone is. good at it just like all others things in life, but that doesn't mean its exhausting neither for. those who are pro at it.

25 Nov 2023 22:56:07
Sorry Chris mate but you are talking absolute bollox. ’
If you have say half your team having played two games in the last week and your opponent has had a total break then you are at a total disadvantage next game. Maybe only 10% off but these margins matter.,
As for your mention of the everyday worker in comparison to a football player, well that’s nonsense. You can’t compare. It’s like comparing Georgy our Gary Speed lookalike to Mo Farah!

25 Nov 2023 23:52:41
It is a slightly old fashioned view when people say "oh they can't be tired there only you lads" or "if I was getting 200 grand a week I wouldn't be tired ".
We have come a long way since greavesy could have a full English down 5 pints and still score a hatrick.
The modern footballer is monitored by GPS and biometrics down to their every movement. Their weight is controlled all their meals are cooked for them . Every metric of every game and training session is recorded and pored over.
The sports science now wrings every last ounce of work out of a modern player.
Tired is probably the wrong word it should be fatigued. The muscles can only recover at a certain rate. So if there is not enough time between games the player will not recover completely. So will not be 100 percent.
We had players that were fatigued and not 100 percent. Rotherham squad had 10 days about except for a couple.
So one or two players were not as on it as they should of been.
But we lost because we failed to take our chances. Chances that mainly fell to players that had not travelled for internationals.

26 Nov 2023 09:12:24
I can say it Cork because i see it day in + out
Some men. dig roads, ground work all day for years, day in / out and that's their job which they have to perform

Its hugely physical and yet they do it for decades .

Now please don't tell me different as i see it daily, so do not insult those men by saying footballers are exhausted after 2 games in a week

Ffs their in prime of live and running on average aroumd 10km in a game

I run at weekend after working all week in building site, if i get time i do it, i would try do 5-7 km

So am i superhuman?

26 Nov 2023 10:06:13
Chris you are wrong about comparing a man doing a physical job and a professional footballer.
It's like comparing a diesel truck to a high performance sports car.
The truck will work day in day out at say 80% Efficiency. Doing an incredible amount of work. Never break down and last for years.
The sports car runs at near 100% . Needs constant time in garage. Needs special fuel and specialist equipment to keep it running. And it still breaks down all the time even though it only runs now and again.
That's why by the age of 30+ many football players are knacked.
The damage caused to the body from top level sport means they cannot sustain that high out put.

26 Nov 2023 16:57:35
Many are knackered? start naming them, because i ain't seen that .

So WB what you are now saying is footballers now feel a different type of tiredness to men who work highly phsical jobs is it?

So you are now stating biological sillyness to explain this? Ha ha.

26 Nov 2023 17:08:55
Bitter as ever Chris. Get over it.
And yeah, rugby players still go at it two days after a game. Irrespective. I’ve played with a broken ankle and heel. Kinda countering my own point! ??.

26 Nov 2023 17:58:31
Intensity has everything to do with it Chris. I can split 15 tonnes of wood at home in a day, but if I had to do it in 2 hrs, I’d be fahooked.

26 Nov 2023 20:31:36
You know. absolutely nothing about me factually Brighty. Becayse my opinion differs to yours i am bitter?

Really sound logic for forming personality presumptions .

I shall leave it there,



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