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26 May 2024 17:08:12
Ok, well it wasn't to be; sad we didn't play as we all know we can.

All the best for the summer everyone. See you for the new season.

Signing off, Ani.

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26 May 2024 17:18:45
All the best to you too Ani. ??.

26 May 2024 17:39:15
He's a Gonner!

26 May 2024 17:43:32
Yep have a good un’
Not much to say really, feeling numb.
A freak of a season tbf, sadly we drew the shortest straw.
Think Farke will smash it next season but at this moment in time I just want to forget football for a little while.
Don’t really want to discuss the game, just makes the pain even worse.
Taking a little break also until the dust settles.

26 May 2024 18:04:02
To be honest expected that result today but hoped for different.
A season of hopes but in the end hope kills you!, Lots of ups but also some downs downs. not commented on here or even viewed this site for weeks as I guess 'its been lots of the guys that bask in the I told you so. Blah, blah, blah etc. Hurts like help to lose but hope we keep Farke, players we lose so be it. As fans we can't effect the result, so have to deal with it. Enjoy the summer guys, signing off.

26 May 2024 18:22:51
What like you did this season OP . jeez,

26 May 2024 18:38:12
Don't know how anyone can assert smash next season for following reasons.

1. Will 9ers stick with Farke? Not so sure.
2. We are about to lose a 70 g/ a forward line albeit for big money.
3. Will Rodon join?
4. We actually don't have a defence right now. Gray and Amps midfielders, Roberts belongs to Burnley, Byram, Cooper out of contract, Ayling gone, Firpo will surely return to Spain. Cressy? LOL.

Considerable work to do.

26 May 2024 18:45:00
Marching on together means nothing to you, does it?
Give your self indulgent horn blowing a rest, now is not the time to make a confrontation with a fellow Leeds fan.

26 May 2024 19:28:55
George I believe Farke will stay, Amps is better as CB, we’ll have Struijk back next season.
Pretty sure Summerville will leave but don’t think it will be in this country.
Rutter not ready for Premiership and could stay, Willy is also likely to leave.
Don’t think Rodon is in Spurs future plans and could be sold to us not sure about Roberts though, would like him to stay.
Joseph will definitely see more action next season.
Archie is 100% staying put.

Will always love and respect what Marcelo brought to our club and I think Daniel Farke will also get us out of this damned league on his second attempt and be a hero to our club.

26 May 2024 19:42:09
The irony of Mezzer doing exactly what he complains of.

26 May 2024 19:43:02
What George said.



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