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08 Nov 2023 17:38:20
I hear that Jesse " David Brent ' is anchoring / presenting CBS football show these days.

A sort of USA version of Steve Ryder perhaps? ?


1) I think it very unlikely that Jesse Marsch ever " coaches " a professional football club or country in future ?


2) Just how on earth was JM Brenty ever given the LUFC coaching gig? ( by you know who ) ?.

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08 Nov 2023 22:26:32
Baz He did keep us up in May 2022 mainly thanks to Raphinha. I think he'll manage again.

08 Nov 2023 22:50:49
Baz I can see where rads and orta were coming from with JM.
We have done well with a high energy high press style. So who also plays that way!
But as with a lot orta had a hand in it wasn't thought through. Bielsa is an amazing one of a kind manager and to find two was a long shot.

And I think Jesse will manage again I think there is to much self belief (however misplaced) to not try again.
I don't think it will be at a top level though.
Just not experienced enough. Maybe the Saudis will have him.

08 Nov 2023 23:58:26
Yes Jesse kept us up. I think his belief his enthusiasm was just what we needed for that few games. I think the team were still playing for him right up till his sacking. I think injuries again were not kind. Sini Adams Bamford might of made a difference. We really needed a rodon figure at the back a bit of pace. To many times our press was broken and our defence just backed off.

I do remember the Brighton game when Jesse's tactics were very similar to farkes against Leicester. Squeezing the middle sending the ball wide. Their wide men were much better than our full backs on that occasion but the tactics were there.

My opinion is that Jesse like a lot of the players orta and rads bought was a work in progress or one for future.
Leeds was too big for him and limited knowledge. But cheers for trying.

09 Nov 2023 00:01:17
He’s won trophy’s…may be in lesser leagues, and despite what folks think, he kept us up (note 3 subsequent managers didn’t) . We actually played well (significantly better than the subsequent 3) and were always in games. We would still be in the EPL if he stayed, maybe barely, but we would have been in my opinion.

09 Nov 2023 00:18:51
George, Ben and Ani time will tell IF he manages again . its approaching a year .

1.He seemed to be a vibes cheerleader more than a coach .

2Saudis take anyone who is a " name "

3Raph, JH kept Leeds up not JM

. even then it was by pure good fortune and last minute of last game confirmation .

Saudi Barcodes also in particular need a shokuran jazeelan from LUFC on final game of that season.

09 Nov 2023 05:49:26
Devon job might become available. Like to see jm there ?.

09 Nov 2023 07:45:40
Marsch was clearly a big mistake, American coaches have a bad history on our shores.
A marketing idea by Radz that went badly pear shaped.
I posted a video on here of a half time discussion or more appropriately bafoonery nonsense Marsch dealt out to his players at RB Leipzig. It was pathetic.
I think it’s just best for him that if he wants to continue a coaching career, better to do it in the States where he belongs.

09 Nov 2023 10:16:34
In my opinion baz a cheerleader is what we needed for those last few games. Someone just to inject a bit of confidence into the team.
I think that if it was the other way around last year and Jesse had come in to replace say garcia then you would have seen a greater bounce.
But it is history we didn't have the players to be affective with that style of play and Jesse would not change.
Definition of madness. Keep doing the same and expecting a different result.

09 Nov 2023 12:55:43
Interesting posts Ben.



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