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05 Nov 2023 10:05:57
I just wanted to say that Farke’s tactics were absolutely pin point with the Leicester game. Leicester are very good in possession but we didn’t allow them any spaces in dangerous areas of the pitch, we also caused havoc with our counter attacks.

I don’t think anyone should doubt Farke’s capabilities now, we will have the odd Stoke game as will the other main contenders.
One thing for sure though, I think we are only going to get stronger as the season progresses and that is a fearsome prospect for the rest of the teams in this league.
Other teams will be bricking themselves when they come up against us.

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05 Nov 2023 12:58:05
Good post OP, just watching Norwich vs Blackburn, Blackburn currently 2-0 up and not a single Norwich player has broken sweat as yet, they’re not playing for the shirt or the Manager.

Think back to our game at their place and Wagner stated it was their best performance of the season!

All these cup finals other teams generate when they play us is another factor Farke faces but never let's it faze him, his calmness in all situations very different from Brenty who was all noise no substance.

Although Farkey did collect his second booking in over two hundred games as a manager when Rutter was denied a penalty.

05 Nov 2023 13:05:07
Why Will other teams not get better given balance of injuries, form and transfers?
We are gaining momentum but so are others and everybody has a fail.
Not sure farkes tactics were great although we got a deserved 3 points. Our wing backs were run ragged at times. No fault of theirs. Just quality opposition.
Most teams are only as good as their manager and Leicester managers comments post game gives me hope. He seems like jm 2.
We are a good team and I firmly believe that most teams need to score two to beat us.
It’s going to be a roller coaster.

05 Nov 2023 13:29:42
OP For greater strength and success as season progresses, please speak with your colleague Mr Hammond and ensure in January we acquire another CD to upgrade on Cooper. Someone whom can back up Rodon.

05 Nov 2023 13:32:51
Wagner probably sacked tomorrow.

05 Nov 2023 13:55:02
' colleague ' Mr Hammond ☺️ .

05 Nov 2023 15:32:54
Baz The spine of our team very important. Meslier still error prone but at this level decent enough, Rodon immense (top 3 central defender in the whole division) Amps and Kammy (best in division) then combo of interchange of Rutter and Piroe which is still in development. Lose Rodon and it's all different. We must recruit a Rodon 2.0 in two months time. Probably not a straightforward task but we have Mr Hammond who is in my opinion top class at his job. Then we're ahead of the curve. Would love an upgrade on Junior and back up to Byram but can't see that happening until summer. Another CF to replace the finished Bamford would be great as well.

05 Nov 2023 16:10:38

Even OP is ' an upgrade on Junior Firpo ' . yes he's really that bad.

05 Nov 2023 21:04:16
Thank you Baz but how would you know that?
Firpo hasn’t really been a success at our club so far but he has shown moments of some decent play.
As Alf has already contributed, Firpo under Farke might be a completely different specimen and could surprise us all?
There have been several players of recent times like
Rodrigo, James, Rutter who haven’t started well but have come good after some time.

06 Nov 2023 00:42:56
OP . Rodrigo was fairly good 1sr season . very good final season.

DJ played out of position by your idol . played in his correct position. much better . hmm funny that

Firpo though . he will likely be loaned out in Jan.

06 Nov 2023 07:58:06
That might be a little amnesia and exaggeration mixed in your post there Baz. Rodrigo had cv and was injured in his first season, he did play but if I remember plenty of posters including your good self wanted to get rid of him. James was played out of position because we simply didn’t have a striker with both Bamford and Rodrigo out. Bielsa probably felt he was our best chance of getting goals and assists.
James was played more often than not on the wing and was very poor in the Premiership. Seems to be ok in Championship but can he make that step up to Premiership quality?

Do you have inside information on Firpo being loaned out in January?
Get rid of Firpo, Byram gets injured then we’ve got no LB, mmmm that makes sense!

06 Nov 2023 11:09:24
As usual you remember wrongly OP ?

I certainly was not calling for Rodrigo to be sacked in hje first season. Feel free to find the non existing quote

Yes he missed 12 games but Rodrigo still played 26 games scoring 7 goals 2nd best goals per game ratio better than Raph, Dallas, JH .

He was excellent when he was played as CF . but Bielsa played him out of position sometimes ?.

06 Nov 2023 11:19:34
As for DJ and Firpo

DJ scored a very decent 5 goals and had 5 assists in the EPL in a team that finished 17th . without those goals and assists Leeds United would have been relegated ??

Firpo simply can't defend . can't tackle, ball. watches, fouls, zero positional awareness, walking yellow and red card, slower than a tortoise . an absolute liability and makes zero sense to play him against any decent winger/ team

ABF (Anyone but Firpo) . as I said I would prefer you OP at LB .

Buy/ loan a LB in Jan and loan Firpo (to a second division Spanish team) . hopefully in Jan window.



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