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02 Oct 2023 00:00:28
Wonder ? if our Jack and Luis will score or pull out of challenges against one another on Saturday? Must be first time LUFC loanees play against each other in EPL.

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02 Oct 2023 10:33:22
I guess they both enjoy relegation football along with what it seems the eternally injured Adams.
They made their bed now they can lie in it.
It does appear that either of those two could come back to Leeds, as a fan I hope not, as far as I’m concerned their time of wearing the white shirt is over.
No bitter feelings just moving forward.

02 Oct 2023 12:08:13
Ireola stating that Tyler Adams is going to be out again for a long time.

(VERY Well done Nicky Hammond and Mr Steinson in getting £23 million for Adams)

And the natives in Bournemouth are unhappy that their owner

1) signed an injured player in Adams

2) signed another Leeds " dud " as some refer to him in Sinisterra and letting Anthony leave on loan


3) wishing they had let Leeds sign Max Aarons after his latest performance in the Gooners 4 nil trouncing.

02 Oct 2023 13:17:35
Indeed Baz! Funny as! (Tho not laughing at the fact that he is injured, just bought while he still was! ) as well as old biscuit legs Sinni! ??.

02 Oct 2023 13:59:12
Indeed Brighty ☺️

plus a" Brucey Bonus" Bournemouth are currently in bottom 3

I had Bournemouth going down next season but who knows maybe this season.

02 Oct 2023 14:55:24
Baz I don't want Hammond to leave in March as presently slated. He's done a terrific job.

02 Oct 2023 15:54:21
Agreed George
Hopefully Mr Marathe does too!
and offers Mr Hammond an extension offer too good to turn down ???.

02 Oct 2023 17:52:25
Hammond was brought in on a short term contract when the Saudis took over Newcastle. It would be great to give him a bigger contract but perhaps that’s the way he prefers to do his business.?

02 Oct 2023 19:10:24
We'd be fools to let Hammond go on current performance.

02 Oct 2023 20:10:54
OP Well at least pass on our compliments. He's welcome around my ? any day.

03 Oct 2023 08:00:48
I agree with all of the above, but I did hear a tale that he does prefer the consultancy type, short term roles. 100% he has done an amazing job for us in his time here, and I too will be very disappointed if he goes. However, I think the final decision sits with Hammond himself, rather than any financial persuasion from Marathe.



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