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13 Nov 2023 21:08:41
Football is a results based game, especially for managers .
Therefore you can only bring through young players if they are good enough.
Would not wish to see young players coming through at the expense of results, getting promoted is far more important . Hence most of these players go out on loan to gain the necessary experience. Hopefully returning as much improved players who can make a difference .
Unfortunately down to the club being so badly run by previous regimes now we see most of our supposedly better players out on loan, even though most of these players proved not good enough either.

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13 Nov 2023 21:55:41
Thankfully David Oleary had supreme belief in his young players giving them chances to develop and improve. And boy did it pay off

Give me a Leif Davis over Junior Firpo any second of the day

England U21 international Charlie Cresswell will be the next young talent Leeds United will foolishly lose to another club whilst tne likes of Cooper continues to play before him.

13 Nov 2023 22:47:56
I fear you may be right Baz.

Cresswell is a top young talent who should be on the bench every week and bought on at every opportunity. Love Coops to bits but his race is run - it's time for Charlie boy!

14 Nov 2023 04:32:04
Indeed Cleggy . Cresswell over 31 year old last legs Cooper

DF has done well overall so far but the Plymouth 2nd half line up is a red flag warning (if regularly repeated) for top 2 finish .

14 Nov 2023 23:19:12
David O’dearly, Oh do me favour, a bit like Southgate, exceptional promise but was incapable of doing or winning anything with the talented players he had at his disposal.
As Ian Dury put it, "What a waste"
Please don’t tell me a Champions league semi final is something to cream my pants about.
I’d rather have a Hemorrhoidectomy than listen to deluded fans lament the none achievements of David O’dreary.

15 Nov 2023 03:04:55
OP comedy gold post of season ☺️

That's right how dare DOL did not win European Champions League.

How dare Euro super team Real Madrid win it against very experienced strong club in Valencia in final.

How dare Leeds United only play 18 CL matches to get through qualifying round, 2 groups of death, quarter final etc.

15 Nov 2023 03:06:47
. and oh yes how dare DOL did not win EPL . beating those super minnows Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea

#OPcomedygold ?☺️.

15 Nov 2023 05:29:55
DoL inherited the spine of a great team from George Graham, and benefited hugely from Wilko’s academy set up coming of age, and went on to spend a filthy bucket load of dosh which was given to him on a plate by a corporate criminal. He then destroyed a dressing room with his selfish release of an unnecessary biographic. His lack of success after leaving, and his lack of career thereafter speaks volumes in my opinion. That squad was capable of delivering much more. Yes there was some beautiful football, and were some great results, but they under delivered.

15 Nov 2023 08:45:37
Revie, Wilko and Bielsa all trophy winners, O’dreary zero with an inherited team of potential champions.
Definitely a comedy gold if anyone thinks O’Leary achieved and deserves to be heralded as one of Leeds Utd great managers.
As I said before “What a waste“.

15 Nov 2023 13:52:01
Brighty :DOL inherited some good journeyman players ( they certainly were not a great team under Graham) and had to sell tne starman goalscorerJFH.

Yes super legend Howard Wilkinson set up a very good youth system and thankfully DOL had the courage and foresight to play many of them consistently

The filthy load of dosh is a load of tosh until the final 18 months of his 5 year tenure but even then his squad still wasnt on same level as Real madrid Man u and Arsenal who comedy gold OP expected Leeds to overcome.

15 Nov 2023 13:54:36
OP You mention Bielsa . very grateful for his tenure . and yes he won Championship. but then so did scores of other managers including our fave Colin ( Neil Warnock) 8 times

As for your other point I have answered it above.

15 Nov 2023 14:19:42
Colin won nothing with us Baz.
Nor did David O’Nearly.

15 Nov 2023 14:50:30
Bit silly again OP . Colin had Papa Smurf as Chairman/ owner . Pep and Klopp would have won nothing too!

As for your DOL comments. they have always been comedy gold ☺️?.



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