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21 Nov 2023 13:00:47
Pressed send by mistake:
All with their own self serving agendas. The only people I hear with any good reasoning to all this is the Everton fans themselves.
Of course they’re not happy but most are philosophical in that what their reckless owner has created much like our own pistol packing Pete. Getting behind your team as much as we did in those days is the best you can do.
The penalty in my estimation fits the offense and they will have to deal with it. What gets me is this sympathetic view which is not directly towards the fans but more the club. People in the media actually saying the they should receive a much lighter penalty.

I don’t remember anyone offering the slightest bit of sympathy or that the points deduction was excessive, in fact if I remember correctly it was more of a humiliation that was delivered to our club and even more so to the fans.

If there is just one point taken of this penalty in any absurd appeal then there is no mistake that corruption is involved.

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21 Nov 2023 14:55:26
Great post OP, and smashed right on the nose! The only thing that could make this “sympathy” more sickening, would be if Fat Frank was the gaffer there!
They have flown in the face of the rules, shown a complete lack of respect to all teams, to the degree of blaming Spuds for their overspending for not waiving the Dele Ali fee! Clowns deserve every single point, and personally, I would dock them an extra two points if they have the Gaul to appeal!

21 Nov 2023 15:09:02
Totally agree OP, but can see Everton getting their points penalty reduced on appeal. The groundswell of opinion from must media outlets is that 10 points was excessive or harsh, personally I think it was lenient.

21 Nov 2023 15:32:26
I agree with you op. No sympathy came our way but I don't think we wanted any. It was either we went into administration and wrote our debts off or the club would have been no more. I don't think it helped bates doing it he was very ruthless and the authorities didn't like it. I for one didn't blame anyone but our previous owners for the points deductions. Own your failures.
So in our case I believe it was an open and shut case.
With Everton a case over 3 years with a .c.v. in it I can see it could be more subjective.
Th EPL have chosen to rip off the plaster and finally charge a club with FFP. Where will this go? Surely they need to continue with this crusade and punish all that have crossed the financial line.
Legally Everton will have a case if the EPL don't look into other clubs and fine them.
As had been said before Everton as it stands are quite capable of getting clear of relegation. So they need to stop bleating about it and get their heads down and save themselves. And blame their owners for the mess not everyone else.

21 Nov 2023 17:31:18
Indeed Ben, own your failures, or more appropriately our owners failures. As should Everton.
You’re right we didn’t ask for sympathy but we received a lot of humiliation, that I remember very well.

21 Nov 2023 17:38:01
Well you do know they all hate Leeds **** we've been hated for years by all but I don't agree with fair play rules myself.

21 Nov 2023 21:36:13
That's right mally. Leeds are and were disliked in football add to it Mr Kenneth bates and his wily ways. The powers that be were never going to let us get away with anything.

OP they did try their best to humiliate.
But our storming start in league one and our fans outnumbering home fans in some games soon made up for things.

22 Nov 2023 08:24:38
That was a fantastic start to the season wasn’t it Ben!? The perfect response to those who guffawed at our possible demise!

22 Nov 2023 09:20:44
Top man Gus Poyet as well, totally got what the fans needed to see. Great spirit with club and fans.

22 Nov 2023 12:10:22
Yep Gus Poyet. was fab.

23 Nov 2023 09:10:21
Dennis wise and gus did well. Really brought the team together.
Wise hasn't managed since. Must of broke him.



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