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05 May 2022 20:22:17
Off current topic I know but that's not a bad thing currently with the shitty situation we are in

Anyone's views on Pep?
Here we go again with yet another failed attempt, from the supposed best manager in world!

2 wins as manager with teams Danny Cawley could have won the European cup with

His rotation was very questionable last night and hooking Kevin equally questionable .

The inevitable question arises again, without the big fat chequebook he is just another ordinary manager, No doubt now if he's staying for another crack, then they will try for haaland in Summer for some world record fee .

Then come next summer if he did win it then you would have journos calling him the greatest ever for winning it 3 times as manager .

Totally ignoring the addition of say a 150 mill player .
If pep was as good as some say, then it would be another all British final rather than the implosion he presided over.

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05 May 2022 21:25:01
Bit unfair to blame Pep for the last few minutes when it was completely the fault of the overpaid muppets on the pitch. No tactical ability can compensate for that. Until then Citeh were in control and should have been more in front than they were, again fault of the players, but players we would take in a heartbeat.

{Ed0666's Note - Grealish & Fernandinho missed guilt edged chances to win it even after the messiah went off. I agree how is that Peps fault?

05 May 2022 23:28:28
1st half that game should have been finished, Vinicius Jnr was looking very dangerous and on another night would have bagged a few, Pep couldn't counteract that IMO, also he peresisted with Jesus, when again IMO sterlings pace was surely a better asset in light of Casemiro being firpo esque

How I see it being peps fault is paying 100 million for Grealish, yet Jack proves very regularly that he's nowhere near that of player, surely that's on Pep that such a high fee has deprived him of a better goal scorer in the benzama bracket, as surely Jacks transfer was too sustain a better Euro attempt also no?

Also taking Debruyne off was surely negative as the likes of him can change a game in an Instance,

I not saying I right here merely looking for views, but peps fell flat again and it won't be on the players as history shows us time + again.

06 May 2022 08:43:29
Think the more relevant point here is Grealish a £100m player of did someone drop a nut sack when buying him.

06 May 2022 10:25:33
I’d happily give half a nut sack for Grealish in our team, never understood the English mentality to deride such natural born English talent, happened with Gasgoine and yeah they may have done stupid things in their young very visible lives…. but who hasn’t.

Grealish doesn’t set his transfer fee and all things being relative, I believe he is worth more than our own beloved KP, and we’re talking, hoping for 60-80 million for him.

As for Pep yep he’s had billions and agreed has only worked where he has had unlimited funds but he’s a humble guy, won, no dominated the leagues in Spain, Germany England and recently said Marcelo was far better than him, and in my opinion is, along with Klopp best manager in the world right now.

Citeh should have won both legs and without Benzema would have done so comfortably.

But that’s just my opinion, be very boring if we all thought the same eh.

06 May 2022 10:46:47
If Grealish had scored either of his decent chances the tie would have been over and everyone would have been congratulating Pep on a job well done. How Citeh didn’t sign a genuine no9 last summer is as puzzling as our failure to sign a CM. Apparently De Bruyne was subbed having picked up a knock - and the sub Gundogan then played a role in Mahrez’s goal too.

Should be said also that the match officials had a very questionable performance. Ref let a lot go, but overall seemed to favour Madrid - that Casemiro wasn’t even booked was laughable - 2 clear yellow card offences in the first half alone.

06 May 2022 10:50:45
Personally Chris Chris i think losing Walker changed the game, thought KDB wasnt having his best game, rumours he's carrying a knock.
Think Kloop is a moaning git but IMO he is a better Manager.

06 May 2022 11:32:59
I think it was due to a lot of the team being knackered after playing us. The players clearly ran out of steam after about 85mins cause they had to work so hard at the weekend and then it was a simple matter for Real to score a few goals past an exhausted side. Sorry Citeh but should have played your youth team on Saturday and given the firsts a rest.

06 May 2022 13:07:33
I on the same page as you Clu, why city paid that cash for Jack and didn't go after say Benficas Sanchez, has to reflect poorly on Pep .

07 May 2022 07:03:17
Do English teams still need a certain number of British players in the squad?

{Ed002's Note - No, they never have don, but they need at least 8 in a full 25 man over 21 squad.}



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