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22 Apr 2022 06:54:50
Nobody is going to go quietly and make it easy for us are they? Huge games coming up now.

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22 Apr 2022 11:48:59
Alf, I believe the danger to us is all very clear but if you look at Villa, who are on 36Pts may or may not feel they are free from threat. They have to play Burnley twice in their run in. !
On that basis I can see our boys putting in a big game in performance, Palace could resort to rough and time wasting tactics.
Bring it on and fasten your seatbelts.

22 Apr 2022 12:20:38
Then we'll make a late dart into the top 6, carve a golden statue of Bub into the Elland Road center circle with OP being appointed head of spelling, grammar and logic at the adjacent Bub university.

22 Apr 2022 13:08:27

God ( no not Bielsa as some ridiculously referred to him on here )

help that University if OP is appointed head of logic.

22 Apr 2022 13:58:57
Hey George, what does it feel like to be a pseudo intellect with zero humour?
Bandwagon Boy and his windbag sidekick Baz.
There George, I’ve just elevated you above Baz to give your damaged ego and your inferiority complex a needed boost.
Anyone who thinks Bielsa was a waste of space for Leeds United is a waste of space.
Sad people.

22 Apr 2022 14:35:25
Bielsa was my words ' one season too many'

rather than what you as usual incorrectly infer

Chin chin fella.

22 Apr 2022 14:53:50
Why is it that when things appear to be be getting tougher for Leeds, some on here feel it necessary to cast belittling barbs at more optimistic posters, often while seemingly making a preening display of their previous ‘accurate’ predictions. It is of course true that at the time of an apparent upturn in fortunes, barbs are occasionally sent the opposite way.

Yes it’s a banter site, but all too often comments appear to go beyond mere banter. What is be gained by seeking to belittle fellow Leeds fans - a moment of self- congratulation for a point-scoring witty epithet or word-play? - a belief that others might in some way admire you because of your postings? - simply a way of letting off steam? Whatever it is, can we all please try to cut it out.


22 Apr 2022 15:29:48
I couldn’t agree more Clu, I’m sorry though if some moron insults my intelligence I respond. I don’t draw Baz into this as much as I do George.
George is sadly trying to belittle my knowledge of football, I don’t claim to be an expert like them, but it’s my opinion. Because I want to be positive about my club doesn’t mean I’m naive either.
I think their posts can be petty and unnecessary.

22 Apr 2022 15:42:42
Clue I'll tell you why. Because in absence of receiving the five letter word which rhymes with a large truck famed for carrying necessary merchandise to stores over fairly long distances, I'll carry on with the intellectual humour (and so will Baz! ) . I have said all along even when Berm posted that John Lukic was our finest ever goalkeeper that whilst he was incorrect he had every right to voice his opinion (until his ban for persistent unnecessary arguing with the Eds but I digress) . This site is predominantly about voicing opinions. My opinion and Baz opinion turned out to be right. Neither of us require thanks but what I did require was a mild apology for the excessive abuse I took from OP, Brighty and Cork. Cork apologized so respect to him. The first two have not. Therefore I'll continue. Is it clear now? We are all guilty of having a go at each other for what we perceive as an overly negative or overly positive opinion but there is a line. Last 3 posters crossed it for me but at least Corky apologized. No apology no peace. Apologies matter. 💛💙.

22 Apr 2022 15:51:10
Well said Clue 👏 👌 👍.

22 Apr 2022 16:10:10
George - I’m not entirely sure why anyone on here needs to be thanked for an opinion on the likely direction of our season, or on a decision that should or shouldn’t be made by our manager or Board.

You will have noted that my request to cut out the insults was addressed to both sides of this apparent divide.

22 Apr 2022 16:28:24
Clu I understand your point

BUT it comes across as more than a tad disingenuous as I am just curious why your ' request 'took so long to materialise?

As although it personally doesn't bother me but I have received a lot a lot, repeat a lot of ( some personal) insults from many posters ( no need to name them, they know who they are )
over the ENTIRE season for simply having a justified critique of Bielsa for THIS SEASON ( 'one season too many') ; a critique that I was 100% correct in with Bielsa's eventual sacking in February.

That's all. Cheers.

22 Apr 2022 17:16:41
“Intellectual humour”. LAMFAO!

22 Apr 2022 17:28:27
Cluey Yes I noticed. I agree 💯 regards thanks 🙏. I posted as much in my post above. It's only the apology I crave. Criticism can go too far. Whilst we were getting hammered, it did. Baz was the first poster to call for Bub departure and I believe I was the second. Not a competition but I took some 💩. Now we're in a better place. A win against Palace and it's almost done. I am fully behind my club, players and manager. I only know how to love LUFC 💙💛.

However, I'll maintain my stance of no apology no peace until I deem otherwise. For what it's worth, if we retain our EPL status and spend very wisely in the summer, I see no reason why we can't threaten 6th spot in the league. Will need some very cannot investment in all areas of the pitch but it's achievable. This is why the next few weeks are incredibly important. They shouldn't be but Bub put us in this predicament.

22 Apr 2022 18:50:56
Baz - My request has not taken ‘so long’ to materialise. I’ve already made a similar request previously - it’s just that it clearly required repetition.

22 Apr 2022 19:47:49
Hmmm Clu don't recall you doing so at all

so you now claim you had made a similar ' request ' ( singular)

pretty sure you would have therefore mentioned this previous ' request ' in your post above but on the contrary that post indicates this is the first time for you to make such a request.

23 Apr 2022 04:16:03
Clue So your request for cease and desist must be obeyed but mine for an apology must be ignored? Irony being the apology will result in the cease and desist.



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