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24 Mar 2022 12:04:20
Despite Orta’s recent statement that Leeds will retain a slim squad, I still believe there will be a few new first team transactions, Aaronson being one of them.
Although we’ve had the season from hell with injuries etc, we shouldn’t be thinking that we will become perineal relegation fodder. I think with a fully fit squad that we’ve got, a few new signings in the summer and the U23’s coming on leaps and bounds, we could be surprising teams next season. I definitely want to see a positive spin on the Marsch era, you never know, we all might be very surprised.

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24 Mar 2022 14:45:03
OP Disagree. Without serious investment and losing Raph, we won't be perennial relegation fodder. We will be relegated! Remember the points Raph has acquired for us single-handed. Who is going to replicate that? The injury free Paddy lol? Tyler the Creator lol?
I do expect Joffy, Jimmy and Cressy to improve and receive more game time hopefully along with Baz love child. However, we are in screaming 😱 need of a brand new central midfield along with reinforcements in other areas of the pitch such as striker and defence! We ought to be spending minimum £150m in the summer otherwise Andrea "European" lol aim for next season is just a lie and a bad 😞 joke 🤣.

24 Mar 2022 16:39:23
I can see merits in both arguments, but am leaning more towards George’s view at this time. (What’s happening! )

I think Burnley have shown season after season that they can do enough to survive, although due to the extra money and investment at the likes of Southampton, Palace, Villa and Sham the relegation pool has become definitely smaller and I’m not convinced Burnley will escape this season.

I suppose Brighton are the example nearer OP’s model and they have a strong academy (Ben White, Solly March, Lewis Dunk) and tend to look to Eastern Europe and Holland for their more senior players as they’re not as expensive.

Everton are nearer to George’s philosophy in terms of big investment on both players and infrastructure (new ground imminently) BUT they’re players have cheated their fans and they’re very much a team of expensive individuals, with Fat Frank jexpertly steering the ship in circles.

The irony is not lost on me that in my humble opinion the ONLY way you get by with a larger academy quota in the team is under Bielsa.

Now I appreciate I must give Jesse some time and a chance to add his own recruits and embed his playing philosophy, BUT the gap between the haves and the have nots, is increasing year on year.

When we bring subs on it’s usually from a couple of academy players and Roberts, when Liverpool needed to avoid a cup replay with forest recently they brought on three subs with a value of over £100 million. Nota got the winner!

Jesse may pull a rabbit out of the hat, but the fact that every major comp looks like it’s solely between Citeh and Pool is pretty depressing.

The fact that Villa and Sham want and can afford our very best player in KP is even more depressing.

Hope I’m wrong, I often am, but the English super league is already upon us and entry and future participation requires serious, serious financial backing more every year, (look at Norwich) well until somebody makes significant changes to properly level the playing field akin to F1.

24 Mar 2022 16:44:51
George, I recall seeing an article in the last week or so from one of the journos closest to Leeds (possibly Phil Hay) , which said priority signings this summer will include LB, RB and Striker + midfield of course.

24 Mar 2022 16:47:51
Georgey : Raph is a very good player but let's go easy on the hyperbole of his league points significance this season

this season his 9 goals have been significantly boosted by 3 penalties ; if Rodrigo had taken those penalties, Raph would be 3rd top scorer behind Rodrigo and Harrison

At least 3 of Raphs 9 goals led to no points for Leeds,

One or two of his goals led to 3 points; that is it.

24 Mar 2022 17:27:36
Defo need investment this summer, and Aaronsson will be a great start (if we stay up, of course! ) if we get the £60m or so for Raph, I’m pretty sure that will be reinvested, and we will see a net positive spend. We have some fantastic youth coming through, and JM has already proved his willingness to use it. We need that extra striker for sure. 3 signings will do imo, without the horrendous injuries!

25 Mar 2022 01:24:55
Baz You're probably correct but Raph presence creates danger for the opposition almost constantly when he's in possession. He's world 🌎 class in my book.

25 Mar 2022 06:31:13
I like the idea of finding the best young players, coaching them into being world beaters and growing a fabulous team at very little cost, I really do. Unfortunately while this is something that works well in football management games, in reality it's incredibly tough to do not only because promising young players that become world class are few and far between, but also because even high quality young players need to be supplemented by quality signings. It might work, I really hope it does but we also need to spend to bring in some good players as well and our recruitment under Radz and Orta has been shocking at best.

25 Mar 2022 09:07:19
Sadly we don’t have the support with real quality players to give Raph a more fluid game. You put him in a Liverpool or Man City and he will run a riot.
It irks me to say it but he he is too good a player for where we are at this moment in time. You put Messi in our team right now and it would be the same.
Raph wants to move up the ladder where he belongs, flashing wads of cash from Wet Spam and Villa will not deter his ambitions.
The only thing we can hope for is that he can assist in our survival and that we can profit handsomely from his sale this summer.

25 Mar 2022 12:50:07
Yep fair comment OP.



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