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08 Oct 2021 14:56:06
I am just reminding everyone - this is Leeds United!
What are the chances Raphina and Kalvin will go in the Summer, if not in January?
Then what are the chances of Bielsa staying around to start a rebuild?

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08 Oct 2021 15:30:15
Made this point in the summer, it was imperative that Leeds invested in quality signings in the summer and progressed this season, somehow getting into Europe.

Instead we have stood still at best or regressed in squad quality

Raph will go in the summer
KP too or if we are lucky one more season

Bielsa is a harder one to call, thought this might be his last season but think he may now continue next season unless Leeds get relegated this season which remains a distinct possibility.

08 Oct 2021 19:15:51
Fellas, don’t get your kickers in a twist, we are not an elite football club so naturally your best players will be sought after, it’s normal. I don’t see KP leaving for a while but eventually he will, like Raph. The good news is that the club will profit substantially and subsequently will be able to strengthen the squad further with more quality players.

08 Oct 2021 19:41:43
OP yep we are not an elite club


finishing in your own OP predicted top 6 European places this season would ( most probably ) help persuade our best players to remain longer at Leeds.


Profiting substantially from player sales is all very well but one needs an excellent savvy successful recruiter of a DoF to:

1) get top dollar for your best players


2) use the proceeds very wisely in purchasing other quality players ( not VO signing duds )

08 Oct 2021 19:55:17
Baz your second point was sadly so predictable.

08 Oct 2021 20:02:51
yep Clueless predictable maybe true most definitely.

08 Oct 2021 20:10:49
IMO all 3 be gone come next August, Clue in fairness, what else you want Baz to say?

When the lads are sold ITS GOING. TO BE VICTOR involved in finding replacements and he picks a lot more dross than gold, so Baz is 100% right in what he said.

08 Oct 2021 20:48:45
Can never get my head round this thing about Orta being bad at transfers.
What is the statistic for success rate of transfers for all Premiership clubs? What are you measuring your arguments against?

I can't be bothered to research the ins and outs at other clubs but I can't imagine any top club brings in 100% successful transfers.
From what I observe at Leeds there haven't been many high value duds brought in. I recognise a lot of lower value transfers in have not worked out but that is normal at any club. You are trying to find that low value, high potential worth player but you have to shift through a lot of mediocre along the way.

Somebody tell me of a high value transfer in that had not worked (and don't count injured players)

From last year's most frequent starting eleven I believe Orta has been involved in the transfer of 50% of them.

Meslier. Orta involved in the transfer (OIIT)

Llorente. (OIIT)


Raphinha. (OIIT)
Harrison. (OIIT)

Bamford. (OIIT)

BTW, Uncle Orta, if your still reading this far down can you please RSVP to my hottub Christmas party invite. Cheers.

08 Oct 2021 21:23:55
Axe - I seem to recall my favourite Uncle was also involved in the signing of Struijk, Alioski and Klich.

08 Oct 2021 21:31:00
Lol Axe! Where is my feckin invite? Stuck in the post again!?

08 Oct 2021 22:08:58
Axe me ole mucka, Rodrigo 27 million, Costa 15 million, JKA 21 million, Firpo 15 million, DJ ( other positions were more needed nor does he appear to be that that good) £25 million

£ 103 mullion wA

as for our achievements getting promoted is one thing yep good ( Norwich have done it twice in 3 seasons ) and key talisman Pablo Hernandez was the biggest player reason for Leeds doing so ( not an Orta signing)

As I said let's see how Leeds get on this season and next to really assess matters.

08 Oct 2021 22:44:20
Hottub Axe my ole mucka

VO seems like a good guy, I want him and Leeds obviously to succeed ; the REAL ACID TEST is this season and next as to how good his signings really are after the honeymoon first EPL season

kudos for promotion is Bielsas with a special mention to vital key player for Leeds in getting promoted record breaking 3 consecutive Player of the Years talisman Pablo Hernandez ( 9 goals, 12 assists) not an Orta signing

Orta certainly did very well with the Raphinha signing but was that more by luck than anything else?

as for the exoensive duds to complement the humungous amount of less expensive duds well top of the list the embarrassing

JKA 21 MILLION, an absolute balls up

Costa £15 million

Rodrigo starting to look more and more like a dud £27 million .

DJ maybe not that good and certainly not essential when other positions were needed £25 million,

Firpo £15 million still not convinced at all

kikos wages £10 million top 3 worst Leeds keepers in past 50 years

Koch arguably £13 million perenially injured another Forshaw

Roberts and Forshaw £ 15 million on transfer fees and wages

total £125 million kerching plus another £30 million or so on all the other duds like Grot, De Bock, Cilbicki ( £6 million between them 3 alone on transfer fees ) etc.

08 Oct 2021 22:56:35
Axe high value transfer you say? We haven't had too many of them so that's not a basis for a fundamental view on Victor . I answered this question to either yourself or George I think about a year ago and the amount of dross Victor purchased was staggering . Whether you accept it or not Victor is not a talent finder and the stats can confirm that if you want to check yourself.

08 Oct 2021 23:06:44
hear hear Chris
and Alf also detailed ALL the VO signings in a list a few months ago too.

09 Oct 2021 04:03:06
Acid in the hot tub?

09 Oct 2021 09:18:37
Baz - as I’ve advised previously, Bielsa specifically wanted Costa and Rodrigo - kept on badgering Radz the whole summer until it was done, and phoned Rodrigo to help persuade him to come here. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and something you seem to be particularly strong on in respect of Koch, Forshaw and yes even JKA. Neither Koch nor Forshaw had a significant injury history before they came, and have been very unlucky with them since they got here, and I can’t be arsed to go through the who debunking your mythical JKA red flags again. Far too early to judge Firpo, and those not desperate to pin blame on Orta for as much as possible to support a flawed argument will probably concede that he is already showing signs of improvement. How you can say Dan James wasn’t needed is quite laughable, we obviously needed back up for Raphinha and Harrison, as a significant part of our game is built around overloading the wide areas, and it would have been piling a ridiculous amount of pressure on Summerville if another experienced winger had not been brought in. He should already have been awarded at least two penalties in three games, and has used his pace to great effect in getting back to cover, as well as in attack. So your ‘kerching’ is not nearly as resounding as you try to make out. As for the ‘other duds’, if you google any Prem Club and failed signings you’ll find there are plenty of articles listing signings that didn’t work out.

09 Oct 2021 12:59:39
lol Clueless I do enjoy your feeble excuses/ propoganda attempts on your/ your Uncle VO behalf especially the ridiculous JKA ones

I notice that not even you could think of an excuse for the signing of Calamity Kiko top 3 worst Leeds keepers ever , but no doubt once challenged you will probably try

the next season or two of Leeds United final league placings will be of course the true barometer rather than anything one says

I most sincerely hope for the sake of my beloved Leeds United ( that somehow) you, OP, Mr Hottub are proved right and a top 6 finish awaits for Leeds.

09 Oct 2021 14:51:04
Lol Baz, not excuses, just a collation of statistical facts and other info from reputable sources. When it comes to feeble, your suppose summation was a very feeble attempt to come up with a large figure to support your very flimsy hypothesis re Orta.

Yes, Orta has made mistakes, but so has every other DoF and every football manager working without a DoF. I recall that, when challenged, you came up with Paratici as some supposed high performing DoF, and when I pointed to some of his shortcomings in the transfer market I seem to remember you took your ball home.

As for Casilla, I’m not the only one on here who has previously pointed out that while he did make a number of blunders, he was between the sticks for the majority of our promotion season, so overall can’t have been so s#*t as you are trying to suggest. Even the best keepers (and I’m not suggesting Kiko is one of them) have some absolute howlers in them - Alisson made a number last season. Meslier has commented that Kiko was a good mentor, so even when he was just back-up last season, he was helping the cause.



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