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02 Aug 2021 20:52:00
Surprised to see so many Leeds fans urging jack to stay at villa and tell city's money men to do one, have read lots of comments online everyone says the same, ridiculous that they can throw so much money at transfers without having sold anyone of note, 900 million in 5 years is some joke but yet pep is supposed to be the greatest manager of all time, I think a few of us guys could win trophies having spent all that money.

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02 Aug 2021 21:23:16
On this it is difficult to disagree Whack Lad . the Vile with Jerkish ( and Spuds for that matter with Kane ) should tell Citeh to do one! :

£ 900 million outlay on player recruitment in 5 years with much much less in return from player sales

is FFP some sort of mirage? a bermuda triangle of token, not enforceable financial regulations? especially ignored for Manchester Citeh and Manchester United.

02 Aug 2021 21:44:42
I’m struggling with complete absence of meaningful action following the aborted super league debacle, fining these clubs pitiful amounts only gets passed down to their fans (whatever we may think of them) in the long run. And all of the clubs including the English teams should have been hit with two-three year European ban and two-three year transfer embargo.

02 Aug 2021 22:00:44
Erm, pot calling the kettle black.
In the last 3 seasons (including this one, so basically since vile got promoted) net spend of Citeh is around 100 million less than vile have spent.
Citeh have a net spend in the last 5 years of around 300 million from what I can tell (transfermarkt) .
I think most transfer fees are a ridiculous amount in general.
That being said FFP doesn't seem to count for some clubs who bribe/ scam their way out of justice and a level playing field and I've mentioned two of them above!

02 Aug 2021 22:00:47
Agreed with all the above points and yes any of us could win with that kind of squad and financial backing. I’d massively doubt Pep could have taken either of our 2 squads and gained promotion and stayed in the prem. yes he’s good but he’s always had the biggest budget and the best squads in every league he’s managed in, does that make you the best!? No it makes you successful but not the best.

02 Aug 2021 22:02:03
I’ve just read that Harry Kane hasn’t turned up for training but grealish has. Says a lot about a player refusing to train for a club that’s paid his wages for years and he’s never once complained. I don’t know if it’s paper talk or true but if it’s true there should be something drawn into contracts that they should have to pay years worth of contract money back on top of a fee the club will lose on him forcing his way out. Yeah levy may have promised him this or that but if it’s in his contract in writing then there isn’t anything to argue about and if there isn’t then he should honour what is in writing. Players have far too much power, and if Spurs had enough money he should be kept for the duration of his contract and sat in the reserves and shown that if you want to start throwing your dummy out then you will be treated like a baby.

02 Aug 2021 22:06:00
I think it's more that the more these teams get away with snatching whatever talent they like because of billionaire ownership and disregard for the rules the more likely it is to happen to us sooner or later. With football it's always about who spends the most and always will will unless proper action is taken. I genuinely believe the powers that be don't care though as long as they get fat and rich off the back of it.

02 Aug 2021 22:49:05
I have to agree 92, they tried to ruin the whole football structure in the country and their punishment is being able to go spend over 200 million on 2 players a few months later, they are effectively ruining any chance for us guys outside the top 4 to compete, how great would it of being for English football if they had being relegated down a league to teach them all a lesson,

02 Aug 2021 22:49:46
Not often we agree baz 👌👍.

02 Aug 2021 23:43:55
Whacko I hope Man Citeh complete the purchase of Jack. It's a win win for everyone. I'm sure you'll use the money wisely.

02 Aug 2021 23:56:09
Loveaway This is why I've argued for years footballers of this status aren't really employees, they're more like assets. In a normal work environment, you'd be taken through a formal disciplinary procedure and probably sacked once things went too far. It's all ridiculous because we know Spurs are soon going to take the money. You can't force a person to work or work for you even if it's in their contract. If the player won't play, you may as well sell because the alternative is no player and no money.

03 Aug 2021 01:02:12
According to Transfermarkt, in the previous 5 years and the current window to date, Citeh has a net transfer spend of £518.98m Villa has £314.49, and we have £109.45m.

03 Aug 2021 02:00:25
Hey Canada, there’s a big difference between our squad and city’s, we spent 130 million when we got promoted, that sum was spread out over about 11 players, we spent 70 million last year, 33 million this year, we built 1 team, city have 2 premier league teams that could genuinely challenge for the title, we spent roughly 200 million in total since promotion, city are ready to spend 250 million on just 2 players, after we won the playoffs we lost 13 players from our squad through retirement, players out of contract and players returning to their parent clubs, we didn’t even have any players to sell, Wesley was our record signing when we came up he cost 20 million, only Watkins 28 million and buendia 33 million could be considered marquee signings, the likes of mings, konsa, luiz, targett, cash, trez, were all bought for 12-14 million each, we had no players mate we had no choice but to buy, also we lost 3 keepers to injury in our first season up, 2 of them were out for almost a year, we lost Wesley for 18 months hence why we bought Watkins, trez is gone now for pretty much all next season hence why we bought a new winger, between the idiot Chinese tony xia almost ruining us in the championship and the injuries we have suffered since coming up we are lucky to have a team, we don’t have an abundance of players we finished last season with 4 youngsters on the bench and we will start next season with the same amount I’m guessing.

03 Aug 2021 02:08:04
And that’s just the last 3 seasons Canada, if you look at the 3 seasons before that city were at almost -500 million, they had huge spends with very little coming back.

03 Aug 2021 10:56:54
Spend is spend whack, does it matter how it's spend or on who?
By the way why do you keep down playing viles spend?
Your net spend since promotion is around 260 million not 200. And that is net not gross!
As you keep overpaying for average players I expect you will overspend for years to come to try and compete.
Citeh are the extreme (although their near neighbour's in red have actually spent more in the last 10 years net) but relatively you are going to be in the same ballpark.
It's bad for the game.

03 Aug 2021 23:50:44
Spend is not really spend mate like I said we lost 13 players, city lost nobody, we bought players to have 1 premier league level team, city are spending to have 2 premier league level teams just to be greedy and stop anyone else having them, that’s the difference Canada.



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