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25 Jun 2021 11:22:47
Looks like Grealish is going to Citeh, for around £100m.

Guess the Vile have already overspent £30-35m of that on Buendia - and now the price of any other players they want will go up by £5-10m now they’re expected to be flush with cash. 😂😂😂.

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25 Jun 2021 12:37:55
Has a feeling Grealish was plotting his escape from the mundane and mediocre Aston Vile this summer ever since he literally downed tools with that mystery 'injury' 2nd half of season. 😃

Two things

1) Citeh will be seriously overpaying if they pay anything more than £60 million for Jerkish ;but since they have money to burn they won't mind.

2) Watch the vast majority of the hypocritical Vile supporters start criticising Grealish's cheating once he has gone.

25 Jun 2021 12:45:24
I wonder how much Southampton will be wanting for JWP now if Grealish is sold and Villa follow through on their interest in the Saints captain. Transfermarkt have him valued at £27m, but I’m guessing they could want at least double that. Everyone knew the high-rolling Villains loved to jiz their money around anyway.

Of course there could be a a little uncertainty over whether JWP would be as interested in the move if Grealish had gone.

25 Jun 2021 14:23:44
I would think grealish worth 60 to be honest. He has great talent. And if we had him we would be over the moon. We can’t afford him.
I don’t like his diving but if it earnt us penalties and points would we complain? I think not.
Villa will have to sell and will most likely not replace him and suffer.
He has talent.

25 Jun 2021 14:14:09
Great problem to have though eh? Oh what to spend our millions on 😀 never fear you need not worry you won’t have that problem as kalvin and the chipmunks won’t fetch anything over 25 million.

25 Jun 2021 15:06:13
The same Kalvin that has played every minute for England and grealish can’t get on. ? lol. Let’s be honest. Kalvin worth at least double what your saying and grealish over valued. As good as he is. I think it’s City and villa saying Give us your money if you want him. 👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️… seems our chipmunks finished above yous in the league at our 1st attempt also. 😂😂😂😂MOT.

25 Jun 2021 15:24:10
Very well said Batts 👍👏one can always rely on the Whack lad to talk sh1te.

25 Jun 2021 15:28:06
Whacky - I was rather hoping you’d have gone away to sort your head out, but it would seem you’re happy in your deluded little world, Just be careful when you do eventually take off your claret and blue tinted glasses, you might be shocked by what you see.

You’ve already spent around a third of the money on the inflated fee for Buendia, Norwich obviously saw you coming, Their head of recruitment is general recognised as being pretty good at sniffing out value in the transfer market, and thanks. to your lot they’ve made a good profit on Emi, which they will probably reinvest prudently.

You’re correct in one sense, we won’t raise loads of money from selling KP or any of our other top players. But that’s because we won’t actually be selling them, you numpty.

25 Jun 2021 16:09:25
It’s easy not to sell when nobody wants them buddy, when we bid for KP 2 seasons back your club accepted the offer but player turned it down.
never fear guys I’m sure you will have some sort of a Leeds transfer to talk about soon, mind you it’s probably going to be for your U23’s 😂😂
Yes KP had a good first game in the tournament but as crap as the rest of them for the second and third.
I do agree he’s a very good player and if he replicates it next season I wouldn’t be surprised to see city looking for him to replace Fernandinho.

25 Jun 2021 17:00:51

25 Jun 2021 20:28:08
Whacky - you always hark back to the past don’t you, rather than trying to figure out what is happening now/ likely to happen in the future. Anyone can look backwards, but the latter, takes a little thought and intelligence - you should try it some time.

When your lot bid for KP we were still in the Championship, having just lost in the playoffs, and the club clearly felt they owed it to him to give him the chance to talk to your jokers if he wanted to go for Prem football at that point rather than giving it another go with us. They probably had a strong hunch KP would choose to stay anyway. KP is now in the Prem with us, and is excited at pushing for a European spot this season with his boyhood club, so need for such considerations.

We’re not fearful in any way about the lack of signings through the door, as we know that quality transfers are in the pipeline and are being delayed because the players concerned, or the possible replacement their clubs would seek to sign are involved in the Euros/ Copa America etc. The signing you’ve made were ‘low-hanging fruit’ - easy pickings which we and most other clubs had no interest in - so please don’t think we’re in any way jealous of your early business.

Yes we will also be bringing in some high quality u23 and other academy signings, but not at the expense of first team squad additions.

25 Jun 2021 21:56:19
Clueless there’s a one here that’ needs to sort his head out to mate, it not Judy whacky!

25 Jun 2021 22:12:37
You just described jack grealish, ready to push for Europe for Europe with his boyhood club, I don’t mean to say either will move I just mean both in the same boat and if city come calling both are as likely as the other to move or stay.
low hanging fruit is probably a bit mean as an assessment mate, Buendia was player of the season in the championship last season and young won seria A, 1 is up and coming, spent time with the national side a few weeks back, you yourself have plenty of players not making international standard just yet but it don’t mean they are bad players.

26 Jun 2021 00:00:29
Whiteman - I can see you’ve written some words, but they don’t make any sense.

26 Jun 2021 00:47:19
Whacky - Buendia set the Championship alight 3 seasons ago but did very little of note the following season in the Prem - 1 goal and 7 assists in 36 matches. Yes of course we have some players who have not been called up to their national team, but we haven’t paid anything like £33m for any of them. Not saying Buendia is a bad player, but he’s not worth that much, and no-one else was interested in him for that price.

Yes, as you said, Ashley Young did win Serie A last season but, with just 1 goal and 4 assists, it’s not like he played a crucial role in that feat. Clearly Inter did not see fit to extend the 35-year old’s stay there, and there won’t have been many clubs queuing up to pay him around £2.5m for a year’s diving.

26 Jun 2021 08:55:15
Whacky- yes, both KP and Grealish are playing for their boyhood club, but there is an important difference between their situations.

KP is being managed and developed by Bielsa, a world renowned coach, whose methods and ideas have inspired some of the most successful managers in the game. Bielsa took what was previously a mid-table championship squad, with the addition of a small number of carefully selected players, to 9th place in the Prem at the first attempt - playing a style of football that has thrilled not only our fans, but also all but but the most blinkered opposition fans - gaining 59 points with a squad whose purchase price was £1.9m per point. This is the lowest cost per point out of the 20 teams in the Prem, with only Burnley coming anywhere near, at £2.2m - third place was West Ham at £2.8m. Basically, players know that if they are prepared to put in the effort, Bielsa will improve them significantly - it is also very notable how many have commented that they have improved not only as players, but as people, in terms of attitudes and behaviours. With a little judicious spending in squad strengthening in a couple of key areas, we should be set fair for further progression next season, with many pundits expecting us to challenge for Europe.

Conversely Grealish is being managed by someone who took a championship side which had been assembled at a cost which would have seen them fall foul of ffp had they not sneaked out and tried to replace almost all of them by spending a shed-load of money on anyone who would come to Villa, and would have been relegated at the first time of asking if not for the infamous ghost goal. He then threw more money at the problem and came 11th, 4 points behind us. He has spent £230-260m since promotion and the squad cost per point gained last season was £4.4m - more than twice ours. Bottom line is that your manager does not have a great track record of improving players ability, and any moral standards they had before they worked under him will likely take a dive, and sex-cheat JT obviously ain’t going to help in that regard either.

If Jack the lad wants to improve further as a player and have any realistic hope of maximising his potential, and achieving the success his natural abilities suggest he should, he needs to move on.

26 Jun 2021 11:27:25
It's a huge loss to a team to lose someone of that ability and the key player in the squad. Even though the income is good its almost impossible to find a replacement. Kal is so instrumental to the way we play I would rather keep hold of him than sell at any price.

26 Jun 2021 12:44:11
Buendia scored 8 goals in the championship 3 seasons back, last season he scored 15, marked improvement there, yes he had a season in the PL with the worst team in it finishing bottom, put better players around him and given his own personal development and coming to the prime years of his career I have no doubt he will flurrish this coming season he’s only 24 after all.
I agree MB is a great manager and any team would be lucky to have him, yes he improved your players from mid table in the championship but to be fair if you had your current keeper back then you would of being much higher, casilla or whatever his name is was a calamity and cost you a lot of games, if you remember Chris wilder done everything that MB done with the same outcome but look at them now, you have to invest to stay in the premier league which they did not do, much like Norwich when they got relegated straight after coming up, wolves were another example coming up having great first season then falling away.
konsa, benerahma, Watkins, Neil maupay are all players that smith bought for small money at Brentford who got big money moves and now playing every week in the premier league, Tyrone mings couldn’t get a game for Bournemouth when smith bought him and now he’s playing for England, him and konsa 3rd or 4th best defence in the PL last season, jack grealish another who has hugely improved and made the England squad under smith so much so he would walk into any PL team and city supposedly want to pay 100 million for him, so although you do talk sense about some stuff, your hatred blinds you to some other simple facts. big swing Terry was a sex cheat, he also won everything there is to win in the game at club lvl, mick down the road can have an affair, anyone can and if we all had the lives they have I’m sure plenty of us might do things others don’t have the chance to.
and Ashley young plays wing back so he’s unlikely to be lighting up on the goals front, you do need a defence to win a league mate, he’s a player who can cover either side of defence or midfield, the experience he brings to our young team will be huge, also he was free and inter offered him 1 year extension but he wanted to come back to England and had offers from 3 PL teams not just us, shrewd signing imo.

26 Jun 2021 14:14:41
Brentford were doing great buisness before Smith and are still doing so now, so I'd like to think it's the clubs scouts who are doing the great buisness not Super Smith, and in regards JT open your eyes to what he is,

26 Jun 2021 14:55:59
We’re not talking about the good business rich we are talking about managers ability to improve players, the scouts find them for sure but they don’t train them?
Oh so you know him personally? Or just what’s in the papers all those years ago, can’t have it every which way, ye say I’m dredging up the past.

26 Jun 2021 15:05:25
So Anton Fredinand is a liar is he
Claret and Blue tinted glasses.

26 Jun 2021 16:04:46
1 of them is a liar for sure but your posters say that it’s ok cause it’s in the past and he hasn’t done it since. don’t make much sense but those are cluless words not mine. unless of coarse bamford is once a cheat, always a cheat I’m only going on what I have read on this page.

26 Jun 2021 16:20:54
No comparison to what Terry said and a player diving

27 Jun 2021 01:16:18
Whacky mate - that you can even think Bamford is in any way comparable with JT in terms of conduct and outlook on life suggests you may not be fully aware of JT’s rather lengthy catalogue of misdemeanours which, to many people, would seem to demonstrate he doesn’t give a toss about anyone but himself . I suggest you read the following article, which if anything, rather understates things.

John Terry Conduct

I’d be interested to know whether, having acquainted yourself with JT’s conduct over a prolonged period, you feel he is a good role model for the young players within your club.

27 Jun 2021 14:29:14
Aha what an apt title, for this very insightful article Clu : 'John Terry one of footballers finest frauds'.

Next time the Whack lad comes on here spouting his latest deluded illogical sh@te nonsense you could refer him to this link.



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