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20 Jan 2021 08:00:25
So, if I can understand the point that Bermo is making in his posts, Bielsa should be sacked now because he won't be prepared to change his ideas. Hope that is a correct summary and I haven't taken it out of context.

It won't happen, not now, long period without a game gives him a real chance to react to the situation, Llorente returning will have a real impact on the defence and KP. Next game is Newcastle away, real chance to show what we can do.

Could he be sacked in the future, IMO, yes, the key will be if we really look like we could be relegated. It won't be about him changing his ideas or not, it'll be about him not picking up enough points. Not sure anyone would want or expect Bielsa to do another year in the championship trying to get us back up so relegation will bring a change in coach an might as well do it at a time it might still bring us premiership survival.

Do I think it will come to that, No! We have two key players who will come back and impact on our defensive ability. Even without that, Bielsas approach is good enough to win enough points to survive and that's this years mission. Come the summer, a chance to regroup and think again, not sure Radz naturally likes a manager who can effectively hold the club to ransom each summer.

Final point, think Koch and Llorente will be playing together before the season ends. I'm sure we will handle Cooper with the respect that he deserves but you don't buy those two to have one of them bench warming or playing in the under 23s! A gradual transition perhaps made easier by the injuries this year, but a transition nonetheless!

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20 Jan 2021 08:08:17
Agree with most of the above.
But doubt cooper will be dropped. I think Koch will spend most of time on subs bench. At least the returning loriente will allow more players in natural position.
I think biesla will be here until end of the season. If we survive he will have a crack at euro qualification. If we don’t he will walk.

20 Jan 2021 08:44:29
In regards Managers styles, not every fan will be happy
Spurs are 4th and I know a few who aren't happy with the style
By brother is Man U, he hates OGS style and negativity, as do many, and they could be top tonite
My mate whose a west ham fan dosent enjoy the Moyes way, (in summer he wanted Howe in)
I would rather play as we do then any tripe that Bruce, Warnock and co bring to the party.

20 Jan 2021 09:06:41
Am looking forward to Koch and Llorente but I think you are right I think it will be April earliest to see Koch start.
Next year will either see Cooper go or sit on the bench. The guy has been a rock and Bielsa has got the best out of him but if we are to move forward he is not good enough.
The Bielsa argument is a tough one because he has become a legend and the style of play is awesome but his stubbornness not only in style but also in his substitutions and failure to drop players.
I think the next two games will set the route for the rest of the season.

20 Jan 2021 09:27:45
Llorente, Koch and Philips all playing together should make us far more more solid at the back. Even any two with Cooper.
In this window we should try and bring in a player with some creativity, just as better option and give a little boost. Even if just a half a season loan.

20 Jan 2021 11:25:41
If you look back to the original quotes from Bielsa soon after we bought Koch he reiterated that Koch is able to play the defensive midfield role (he has done it well for German National side) so possibly where as a fit KP is currently considered undroppable Bielsa may well utilise the option to play Koch over KP or both in specific situations.

20 Jan 2021 12:07:40
When Bielsa does eventually leave we will look back on these days with fondness. Enjoy it while we can as it won't last forever and we may be praying for a return to such amazing football.

20 Jan 2021 12:32:14
you got it spot on Spanish,

I agree if he gets the boot it will be to a lack of points and if we get a lack of points it will be due to belisa not mixing things up

a few times this season I have heard the pundits say. the opposition manager has done a number on leeds. Trouble is it is easy to do a number on us at the moment

forget spurs Man U and Liverpool, but wolves sat back, brighton sat back, palace sat back and hit us on break and crawley and West Ham targeted our weakness at set plays. of that lot (wolves excluded) we should not be losing all of those games. certainly not due to the way we lost them.

belisa teams do tire second half of season, Newley promoted teams often start well then fade, belisa is very one trick pony (great trick it is) and very predictable and I think all of these points together don't bode well for leeds

do I think we will go down. not sure. do I think we should be considering relegation.100% not. I read a report by Richard keys now I can't stand the man but he made one good point. Rads is smart and a businessman he has invested 100 million and I don't think he will be happy with a relegation dog fight after backing the manager.

20 Jan 2021 13:36:29
Can't even be bothered.

20 Jan 2021 13:50:16
And Alf why no one not even me will miss belisa amazing style of football with belisa for every amazing game there is a useless one that is awful to watch

We all loved the villa and Newcastle games but must of hated the Brighton and Man Utd ones?

Personally I would settle for a happy medium but less of the amazing football for a few less 4-1 defeats and useless displays against teams like Brighton.

20 Jan 2021 17:41:44
Tosh Bermo, again.
Spot on Spanish.
We haven’t had a settled defence for pretty much the whole season so far. In the PL, that is critical, and it has a massive unsettling effect on the whole team.
MB will not change his ways, and I hope he never does, as he has brought a brand of football to our club that has NEVER been seen before.
That plus the Charisma, and class that he carries with him, is something that I hope we can keep for as long as possible.
Long reign Bielsa!

20 Jan 2021 18:08:07
Why should we be losing any of them teams you mentioned? All have been in the premier league for a number of years,

It’s frustrating getting beat by any team but we have no right to be beating any team in this league and vice versus, 2 other teams came up with us and we are higher than both them. Sheffield Utd doing us a favour by been so bad at the moment meaning we only have to finish above them and Fulham and West Brom to stay up. I’m not saying my ambition is to scrape all the way to the end and stay up by one point come end of the league but why do we think we are entitled to any better?

League consolidation is this years aim, next year with bielsa may be Europe if budgets allow.

If we win 6-3 then lose 4-1 or lose 1-0 then win 1-0 the points equal the same amount so I’d rather watch our highly entertaining games than watch dross hoping to stay in the league. At least if we get relegated I can say I enjoyed every minute of it. Imagine been West Brom right now and watching hoof ball and playing to stay in a game and nick a goal and still getting relegated?

If you gave me a choice of bielsa style and relegation or fat sams and stay in league then I’d choose to stay in league of course however we are playing entertaining football and currently safe and if we replicate the 2nd half of the season the same we will be mid table. I really don’t see any Leeds fans issues right now. Even if we lose a few.

20 Jan 2021 18:57:33
tosh hey bright?

I agree the unsettled defence and spending so much on two cb's to not play is huge blow, no one can doubt that. however the problems we face are not new are they? nor are they exclusive to our injuries

under belisa we have been poor at set plays, under belisa when a team sits back we struggle to break them down, when we play a weaker team on paper who are up for a relegation scrap we often do quite badly. these are three year old problems and that worries me

loveawaydays, I make you right if going down better to go down fighting and playing decent stuff. just one difference between us and West Brom. we have spent 100 million. when Norwich went down playing I thought fair play to them. we are a different kettle of fish. When Fulham spent 100 million to go down we all laughed, we all slated the management and the board who brought these players, if we go down or even come close it will make us the same laughing stock it made Fulham. We should be demanding more, we should be mid table in my book and points make mid table not entertaining football

and speaking of entertaining how much entertainment did we offer against brighton. none, because they sat back and when a team sits back we are about as entertaining as a big sam team, only a big sam team might score from a corner and we won't score in a month of sundays

again like you I respect the good football and good results, unlike me you don't recognise the problems when playing a brighton, crawely, Millwall, Cardiff, ipsich, wigan etc. I have listed these teams many times. this is not a new or unique problem. it is a long term flaw in MB's tactics.

20 Jan 2021 19:22:31
Fulham added loads of players for their 100mil who didn't gel and then went down. We have added 4 quality players (hopefuly) that we are integrating into the team. don't forget 30mil of the 100 are sidelined, 18 mil has only played once and and another 26 are in the youth teams. Hardly the same.

20 Jan 2021 20:20:35
I agree alf

but what is the same is the same has been spent, how, who, what, where, why is not really anything to do with anything

two teams come up and spent the same amount. one went down and we all laughed and said how bad that is to spend that much to go down. if we do the same we are as bad as them. no other way to look at that. a fail is a fail.

20 Jan 2021 20:37:29
Bermo, not hard to spot flaws in Bielsas approach, guess that’s why he’s not a serial winner . But in terms of his time at Leeds his approach got us to playoffs and then champions and yes both seasons contained blips you referred to . But he with his approach was able to achieve what all the others couldn’t . Now we are back in the prem under him and have the ability to turn in eye catching performances.

My gut is that we will finish the season strongly because the new players will get used to what’s expected and this team will gel. Think Llorente could be a real commanding presence, perhaps even more Ben white then Ben white, but we will see.

20 Jan 2021 22:27:45
I respect that spanish and certainly can see where you are coming from

I just think he got us this far with the best players in the league

now with average players his style and limited tactical approach (Limited in range of adapting not limited in quality) will cost us. hopefully not cost us too much in terms of going down but I think it will be closer than it should be.

21 Jan 2021 09:52:32
Bermo for the new gaffer. #BermoLeedsGaffer.



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