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19 Jan 2021 12:12:52
Insightful article - Bielsa out of ideas


1.) 19 Jan 2021 12:44:13

2.) 19 Jan 2021 15:49:48
Bermo, what was insightful about the article?

The journalist attached to that piece is lazy. He brings nothing new to the debate, which in itself is not even a new debate.

He mentions one source for an assumption he has written, yet offers no irrefutable data to corroborate his text, which is something the original source failed to do either.

He takes quotes out of context. He offers no insightful ponders that have not been made by clever folk than him

All in all 5 minutes of my life I won't get back

Leeds has lost a few games, wow, welcome to Premier League football. Did we think it was going to be a walk in the park?

And just for the record, you do realise Jordan "England captain" Henderson and Harry "England captain" Kane have been EFL players at stages of their career so those using the argument that we are picking Championship standard players from last season should may be read up on sports player development. They don't just come out of the box, shiny and PL standard straight away!

3.) 19 Jan 2021 17:13:27
Didn’t think it was possible for you to eclipse you prior levels of boring repetition, but well done Berm, you’ve actually done it.

4.) 19 Jan 2021 17:45:59
Axe, agree with the majority of your post, however, just because some players who played in the Championship go on to become great Premiership players does not mean that all of them are capable. The majority never make it and certainly not to the highest level.

5.) 19 Jan 2021 18:14:37
point is someone is printing it, someone thinks it someone is reading it

if silly old Bermo and soppy lazy journalist can see what do the prem managers make of it? are they working out how to beat us.?

makes you think doesn't it

we ain't just lost a few games we are still failing with the same problems of three years ago. losing ain't the problem the way of losing is.

6.) 20 Jan 2021 09:09:12
sorry to be boring so please avoid but here is another article summing up the feelings of some pundits. for me this is a bit strong but sums up a lot of what I have said.

the stories are out there agree with them or not they must be being said for some reason?

7.) 20 Jan 2021 17:55:39
Let’s take a look at our defence so far this season, eh Berm?
A stable defensive line up is critical to a successful season, no?
How many times have we been able to play our preferred line up in th back 4, or 3 (when we’ve played that way) . For me, this alone is the reason for our inconsistency. We have been plagued, season after season, bu injuries to key defensive players, and this season, two of our key signings have been out.
I’m sure that once we get Koch and Llorente back to full fitness, we will secure our position in the PL.



15 Jan 2021 13:13:14
lots of talk about the under 23's and are they as good as we are lead to believe or not. I read this article and thought it was well worth a read.


1.) 15 Jan 2021 13:54:16
Bermo, where did you read it?

I am interested to see how the lads are rated, and cheers for sharing with the rest of us, appreciated.

2.) 15 Jan 2021 14:15:38
Thanks Bermo. It seems to lean towards, it could be that the experienced players let the young ones down on the day. Maybe a little bit of truth in that. Not one player, young or old, covered themselves in glory. Hopefully it's old news now and as soon as we dispatch Brighton it will be forgotten.

3.) 15 Jan 2021 16:47:33
That was helpful Berm thanks, a well balanced article and still reasons to be optimistic with regards to our youth set up.

4.) 15 Jan 2021 17:04:24
Sorry I thought I posted link but I’m well thick with internet so think I Messed it up. It was on fb good article I agree with it I think we got some great youth and reasons to be cheerful.

5.) 15 Jan 2021 19:18:20
You did berm, click on the word article.

6.) 15 Jan 2021 21:11:26
Bermo you did, it was my eyes

The black of the surrounding text masked the blue of 'article'

Cheers, a really uplifting read.

7.) 15 Jan 2021 22:21:03
Nice article and very fair summary I thought. Lots of potential and perhaps at a different level than those all ready out on loan to other clubs.



29 Dec 2020 18:51:08
I can not enjoy pretty football when we do the basics wrong, when like Newcastle we play well but concede silly goals I get the proper pox

however when we do the basics well and play like we do tonight it is perfect. so great to wacth

last two games against two big organised set play teams and we have dealt with it and got six points. merry xmas nothing makes Berm more happy

also how good is our keeper in the air?


1.) 29 Dec 2020 19:38:04
Well pleased you’re still posting Bermo. I could see your point you was making yesterday and were harshly judged by Ed 1. However I believe the Ed was mostly correct and you kept on unnecessarily fought back. Many a lad would have disappeared after that but you obviously have the hide of a rhino!



27 Dec 2020 13:56:38
love that. that is a proper BW game

early goal then defend for our lives.

Phillps was great at cb and again for me that could be an answer for him, play back three with him so far back he can't be run in behind or out of position due to their pace. he was great

ailing MOTM for me very smart game and didn't win many headers but made sure he put them off

meliser was great, very commanding in the air at the balls that should of been his

this was a very very hard game for us. one that we should of won and we did. as Bamford just said 1-0 wins are very nice

loved that and will take them wins all day long

only slight moan was Harrison. he is so inconsistent.


1.) 27 Dec 2020 14:08:58
Complete 100 % opposite.
Drop goalie.

2.) 27 Dec 2020 14:35:05
I was glad to see Meslier try and come for the ball but missed or part punched far too many.
He got lucky. But he will only get better by trying.
Struijk won lots in the air today. Thought he did well.

3.) 27 Dec 2020 15:13:34
as a goalkeeper I have to support the keepers union.

the keeper has to cover far too much ground and is expected to do too much. a keeper should have to cover 15-20% of the goal on a corner or free kick our keeper has to cover 75% so it is going to be harder for him. it is why all our keepers have suffered on this for so many years

Keeper was immense today doing the job of a keeper and two Cb's in the air.

4.) 27 Dec 2020 15:23:45
Meslier a great shot stopper, but makes me nervous every time he has the ball at his feet. As regards being commanding in the air? wouldn't last 10min on a Gaelic pitch! The one the dropped for possible penalty should be bread and butter!

5.) 27 Dec 2020 16:04:18
Sorry Bm but your wrong about the drppped ball being bread and butter yes it was an easy catch but look how far out it was. it was never his ball to claim but he knew the defermder wasn’t getting it so had to be rash and go for balls that wasn’t his

Agree about poor distribution but why do we keep giving him the ball if he can’t pass?

I think he is as good in the air as any premier keeper just our defence offers little protection making his job far harder than it should be.

6.) 27 Dec 2020 16:59:25
Meslier is as good with his feet as any keeper in the league.
Yes he makes some mistakes but has 3 times the touches of any other keeper.
He is not good in the air. Attempted around 10 punches today and I'd say 1 was a good clearance, rest went around 5-10 yards and into the middle, not the sides.
But he is a kid and is doing OK and will develop into a high level keeper.



25 Dec 2020 07:45:02
Merry Christmas to all on the site wish you all health and happiness for 2021.


{Ed001's Note - and you too Berm, I hope next year is a better one for your industry and you personally.}

1.) 25 Dec 2020 08:18:38
Merry Christmas berm
And Ed.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Aus, must be nearly finished there, so a bit late but hope you are enjoying it. Merry Christmas.}

2.) 25 Dec 2020 08:35:12
Cheers Ed that means a lot

It’s been a hard year but lots to be thankful for here is to a cracking 2021 for all.

{Ed001's Note - I would say something along the lines of 'it couldn't be any worse' but I would worry that 2021 would see that as a challenge!}

3.) 25 Dec 2020 09:58:49
To all us lot - Happy Christmas
To all the Voyeurs, who look but don't post - Happy Christmas
To all the dissidents and protesters - Keep it up, keep this site lively and interesting
To all the Agitators who light the blue touchpaper - Happy Christmas
To EVERY poster - A very Happy (max points) Christmas. Keep on keeping on.
To all the Eds who try to keep a lid on it - Happy Christmas.

4.) 25 Dec 2020 09:59:15
6pm here. Just had a dip in the ocean.
Nearly Xmas pudding time, feel like a 🐖.

5.) 25 Dec 2020 10:02:37
Merry Xmas to all posters and Eds and let's get a good points tally over the Xmas period.

6.) 25 Dec 2020 12:10:33
Season Greetings to everyone especially those who are unable to see family and friends, God bless each and everyone of you.

7.) 25 Dec 2020 13:58:57
Nice aggro.




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10 Nov 2020 12:26:45
hard to tell with belisa

not long ago he had a bust up with Jansson and we lost our best CB as a result. I stand by belisa and see why he did it but Jansson was a huge loss, meanwhile league one Liam still gets picked.




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27 Sep 2020 19:19:47
love cantwell, young, hungry, pace and can played. offered Norwich a lot last season and we must assume he would get better under belisa.15 million a steal in my opinion and love to see players come from them to us other than other way round.





Bermondseywhite22's banter replies


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21 Jan 2021 10:31:44
I agree love Orta and I don’t think we have made any bad buys think we have brought really well hence my immense frustration at the Brighton game and people on here putting bad performances down to having championship players . I think that opinion is crap and just a get out for belisa

100% behind our transfer strategy.




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20 Jan 2021 23:20:02
axe I also applaud our policy fair play to rads for backing us and well done orta and Mb for brining these players in. part of my frustration is that I have such high hopes on the strength of our playing staff. I really rate them

alf I love you buddy but I don't get how if the money is wasted it ain't belisa fault

it is well known orta and belisa are in the transfers together. most famous is costa. belisa was walking unless we signed him. so belisa deserves praise if it goes well and condemning if it goes badly

how anyone would be willing to blame just orta when the facts are there clear as day is honestly beyond me.




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20 Jan 2021 22:27:45
I respect that spanish and certainly can see where you are coming from

I just think he got us this far with the best players in the league

now with average players his style and limited tactical approach (Limited in range of adapting not limited in quality) will cost us. hopefully not cost us too much in terms of going down but I think it will be closer than it should be.




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20 Jan 2021 22:25:07
read it mate and great article

firstly I agree. Belisa is a man of great quality, his humanity, humility make him a special person. look at the way he took the blame and the fine for spy gate. plus the countless other things. The man is a true great

then of fat frank as a boss. I agree i'd rather have belisa all day long it is not even close, although it must be said of frank as derby boss he changed his tactics after three defeats and he did a number on us. Did fat frank get lucky or did he outwit and do a number on belisa. that is up for debate

also belisa is an amazing coach, he improves players and the stuff he has got us playing is beyond top class. he got these players playing like Barcelona with a mix of holland total football

my one and only criticism of belisa is his stubbornness which we all admit he has

his squads do get burn out. he won't change that with bigger squad

we are crying out for a number 9.he won't play one nor does he want one

he will never deviate from plan A, even when it is beyond obvious plan A doesn't always work. espcially against teams who sit back

he sticks with same game plan even when our players can't pull it off (giving away the ball in midfield)

His style leaves us massively open

he doesn't work on set plays. this has cost us in a huge way already

he can not change a game mid-way through to help us get balance of the game

So it is a clear choice do we back the manager and accept the faults knowing he won't change or do we think his faults will cost us and jump ship

both are valid views and both choices have the merits and cons. I respect all those who say stick with belisa. I get it I respect it

I however think with these problems all being very obvious and all being long term it is a bit of a risk. I think our players will dip in form as they tend to under belisa and the flaws outweighs the perks. I am that worried I think with belisa in charge (unless football goes on a break) we could well go down. at the end of the day I think there are others out there who could do a better job and win us more points from the remaining games. not sure who but personally my realistic choice would be Ranieri.

I think this is all fair however some can't not accept my reasoning or my views and feel the need to shout me down and mug me off. fair enough. I hope they are right.




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20 Jan 2021 20:20:35
I agree alf

but what is the same is the same has been spent, how, who, what, where, why is not really anything to do with anything

two teams come up and spent the same amount. one went down and we all laughed and said how bad that is to spend that much to go down. if we do the same we are as bad as them. no other way to look at that. a fail is a fail.