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19 Jan 2021 19:00:02
I have never said that his defensive tactics are not a weakness. He’s done his maximum with the players he’s got to get best out of them. Making them probably fittest players in the Premiership but they are only what they are in respect of ability. Bielsa will have better players to accommodate his style of play.
You Berm are a complete ignoramus and only want to see Leeds Utd football the way you want to see it, which is outdated football and very boring to watch.
I find your banter extremely offensive and disrespectful to the only coach who managed to get us promoted!
You know as well as I do that there has been a lot of managers over a 16 year period who have not achieved what some of us thought was never going to happen in our life time.

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19 Jan 2021 19:36:42
when did I say I want leeds to play 80's hoof ball?

you OP are a jumped up mug who takes what I have said out of context.

my point has been this. Belisa is amazing, what he has done is fantastic, when his style works it is second to none

however our quality of players are not always up to this style when playing the top teams

and when his style don't work, it will never work (as someone put on here you can tell after five minutes when we ain't going to win)

so belisa needs to adapt in against certain teams, he needs a plan b so our defensive stats are not 19th or 20th in the prem (which they are in every area at the moment) and he needs to adapt when teams bank up because in three years here it has never worked

now personally I wouldn't sack belisa I would hope he would learn and adapt, however I don't think this would happen

so we have two choices, stick with belisa and hope plan a is enough or maybe look else where

people calling for a number 9 is pointless, people saying adapt is pointless, people saying players ain't good enough is pointless, people saying get this player or that player in is pointless

do we stick or twist because I don't think with belisa there are any half measures

you may say stick. fair enough, personally I think twisting while risky is actually the smart move at this point. that is my opinion, I think I can back it up with sound logic

this is not disrespectful to what belisa has done, it is a view on what I think he will and will not do moving forward

so stop twisting my words and take my opinion for what it is. like it or leave it.

19 Jan 2021 20:07:52
Think everyone needs to take a deep breath.

As you know Berm I do not agree with many of your views but recognise you do always provide a rationale for your views.

But I would ask you to read your latest post carefully once again where you finish with ‘ take my opinion for what it is like it or leave it’

I respect your right to have an opinion but you must also respect to like or leave others views?

You stated people calling for a 9 pointless
People say adapt pointless

I know you’re saying this due to your beliefs and the rationale which you previously shared behind it but do you not see outside looking in it may appear as yours (in your view) is the only opinion that matters?

End of the day it’s a banter site it should never be personal but we should enjoy the giving and taking from our views on the same objective a successful Leeds.

Don’t want everyone having to have a caveat of “in my opinion” but all of us myself included post unilaterally when in reality people might think my posts are a waste of space, I accept that but I never take myself too seriously after all this is our free time just a bit of fun ALAW.

19 Jan 2021 20:27:07
cheers class I respect what you have put here (and all your other posts)

I don't mind others disagreeing with me, be boring if no one disagreed, I don't mind others saying counter views or trying to disagree with my views

what I hate on this site and it happens time and again is when people don't like my view and when I back it up they can't handle it so they start the name calling and taking my posts and opinions out of context. as OP has done here.

I do think calling for a number 9 is pointless. belisa don't play number nines, we had the best number 9 in the league last year and didn't play him (or one of the best in nekitia)

I do think asking belisa to adapt is pointless (he has shown he is stubborn to a fault both in the good and the bad) .

I think these points are worthy points but with belisa in charge no point. like screaming at a brick wall.

I don't take myself too seriously (I spent xmas in a dress singing a gosple song in a church and put it on telly. I never take myself seriously) but the name calling and taking words out of context would are two things I wouldn't stand for in a pub and don't appraicte on here

I do respect managers like big sam, and do appreciate that hoof ball has its time and place, however I don't want that now at leeds. if I was the chairman I would sack belisa tomorrow and hire Ranieri. people can disagree with that or agree with that, that is fine but don't say I said things I ain't or mugging me off down to it.

19 Jan 2021 20:32:19
Stop being so defensive and sensitive and stop saying I’m trying to make you look stupid! Stupid you are not nor am I twisting your words. I’m trying to engage you into a dispute where we are both in disagreement with each other about Bielsa’s tactics.
You say he should change his system when we play a team like Brighton for example. Potter played a game I believe to achieve a 0-0 draw, he got lucky because of our disabled defense and not to mention the exclusion of the only player who can play a pin point pass, your favorite KP.
For me, most games where the opposition wants to play lock out and we have a full strength squad, we will win. !
There is no way that we are going to be in agreement with each other .
Berm, we will see the result at the end of the season, I hope for the sake of the team we love that you are wrong again. 😉.

19 Jan 2021 21:04:17
stop saying you are trying to make me look stupid. stupid I am not. you just called me an a 'complete ignoramus' . which means you either have no idea what that word means or that is the exact opposite or what you just said two posts ago. at least have the balls to stand by it OP. have some self respect

as for putting words in my mouth you said I only want to see it which is outdated and boring to watch. that is words in my mouth, 1stly you have no idea how I want football to be played (for the record it would be Liverpool or lesicter style as city and Barcelona is too tippy tappy I like a bit more directness and pourpose) so that style is neither boring or outdated

I do respect old style like big sam and I do think it is a good way for weaker teams to pick up points but I don't want that at leeds, we are beyond that in the quality of our players (yes we could use it last ten minutes as plan c but plan a and b first)

so you called me an idiot, twisted my words to say I want to see leeds play hoof ball

OP I don't mind a debate but be reasonable, use only words that I have said and don't call me names. I expect better

however if you do, do what you have just done at least be man enough to stand by your own dump. own it, because going back on it trying to come across as decent is really low. if I wanted that i'd join villa Dave and his Brummie mates.

19 Jan 2021 21:22:36
I was on your side Berm until you said that. 😂 I totally agree with you for what its worth.

19 Jan 2021 21:33:05
Think you referred to me as being an idiot in a earlier post and a mug. Just giving back what you deal out.
I’m not trying to be decent either, you don’t know me at all. All I know about you is that is I totally disagree with most of your banter on Leeds Utd.
I like this site and don’t want others to feel awkward about this spat, so in future I’m not going to respond to your posts anymore, you can do what you like.

19 Jan 2021 21:42:35
cheers villa Dave and sorry for the cheap shot but I will be honest when I can take a cheap shot I always will!

Op I did cal you a mug after you called me a completely ignoramus so what did you do that pre-emptivley call me that as you knew my next post i'd call you a mug. wow and I call myself the orical . you know what I am going to type before even I do

I don't mind you disagreeing I just don't like name calling think i'm a bit above that. and thank you for giving me permission to do what I like. means a lot to me, because before I got your permission i was always cautious which is why all my posts are sitting on the fence

as for the other posters I don't think we hold enough weight to make them feel uncomfortable to be honest.

19 Jan 2021 22:01:22
Your post Berm,
”I said we can’t beat teams who sit back and defend deep. We can’t if you disagree with that your an idiot who don’t know the first thing about football”

You’ve got selective memory son, never mind. I’m bored of having this futile dispute. I’d rather dish it out to Villa Dave who is a proper wind up merchant and supports a team I love to hate.

19 Jan 2021 23:04:02
I only popped out for a bit, look what I missed 😂😂😂,

A few conciliatory lemonades in Peacock for the 2 protagonists above if we ever get back to that again?

20 Jan 2021 03:12:35
Dave don’t encourage him.

20 Jan 2021 17:51:00
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OP.
For a playwrite you’re not very eloquent Berm! “Mug”. haven’t heard that for a while! Lol! Anyhoooooo, ALAW?

20 Jan 2021 19:00:19
im a cockney Bright so no not always very eloquent. you should see the new film we are doing called time. the language is not very flowery to say the least

you can take the boy out of Millwall. etc.



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