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27 Dec 2020 23:15:22
Bielsa has won 3 league titles in Argentina and the Championship with Leeds. Olympic gold with Argentina. If he had taken Mourino's path and chosen the best teams in the world to work with he would have won more. Saying he hasn't won anything is incorrect and imo pretty disrespectful. He has taken 'smaller'clubs to achieve great things and has many runners up against teams with much more resources. Winning things does not tell the whole story.

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28 Dec 2020 00:49:14
Belisa took a big team in a small league no great feet in my opinion he then won second tier with highest club and big wages and transfer spend

Mourino made his fame wit little Porto winning champs league then bossed prem, won champs league another two times (one with inter who were far from favs) and took a poor Man Utd team second which no manger since Fergie has come close to

Love or loave him Mourino has to be considered a great while belisa for me has done nothing outside of Mickey Mouse Argentina league

Mour won champs with Porto which was small club while belisa favs of Argentinia flop in World Cup. style for me counts for little just ask anyone who has cheered on Mourino win something . with football results do tell all the story. winners write the history books fancy football might make a footnote at best.

{Ed001's Note - little Porto? You have no idea. Embarrassing how ignorant your post is. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, even your arrogant dismissal of Inter is based on ignorance. They were one of the favourites, it has only been the mess Jose left Inter in, with a wage bill they couldn't afford, that has seem them slip away from the top tier since then. You will do anything to slag off Bielsa, even making up stuff about how great your team was before he arrived. You constantly forget that you yourself kept banging on about how crap they were back before Bielsa.}

28 Dec 2020 02:40:21

28 Dec 2020 07:09:34
Ed001 What do expect from a poster who proclaims John Lukic as Leeds best goalkeeper in 30 years and believes the "best manager to have ever managed Leeds" is Clough, not Revie. He's a shock jock but writes good plays though.

28 Dec 2020 07:27:43
Berm If Porto are "little" like you say with their almost 80 major trophy wins and 51,000 record attendance in their stadium, Leeds must be just a cute twinkly minnow of a club formed in the eye of an aging pixie.

{Ed001's Note - exactly.}

28 Dec 2020 08:37:55
No Ed it is not embarrassing it is taken out of context

When I say little Porto I mean in the context of the champs league they won., they were little compared to the teams they beat . hence why after they won it the team got picked apart by bigger clubs. wage bill and transfer spend when Porto won it they were little . they were 500-1 to win the champs league when that competition startered which is massive outsiders I know that because my uncle backed them. so not ignorant is it

Then of course inter are a big team but in my opinion (and the opinion of many pundits and again the bookies) inter were far from favs to win the champs league. Look over the starting 11 it was not packed with galaticos like Madrid or city but with hard working players. lost the players Ed and honestly would you of backed them to win champs league that year?

So my post is far from inginorant is it. yet again you jump on with you biased harsh judgement from a great height

Answer me one question is 500-1 is not an outsider what is

Also I was very supportive of Leeds under monk who I think did a good job on the whole yes the manager from
Barnsley who I thought would be good was useless and took us backwards but we was not as bad as many say before belisa got here under monk

Bet this don’t get posted as you seem to block my replies that make you look stupid but love a debate from you on this but you never seem to do it.

{Ed001's Note - you are full of it. 500-1 my arse! They beat Monaco in the final. They had previous experience of winning the Champions League. No one called them little but you. It is ignorance.

Again with the nonsense about the bookies who know f all about football. Inter were one of the favourites and they had at least one Galactico in Eto'o. Javier Zanietti is one of the best players of all time. Lucio and Maicon were top class Brazilians. Sneijder, Chivu, Cambiasso, where ever you look that team was littered with quality players. And yes, like many that season I did tip them to win it before it started. A lot of people did so.

I am going to ignore the end because I normally delete crass posts with that kind of crap on the end goading me. It won't happen again, next time I will just delete any attempts like that to goad me into posting your made-up nonsense.}

28 Dec 2020 08:38:07
Interested to hear Paddy saying (only in interview, I don’t know him personally or any of his family) that Bielsa organised Xmas raffle for everyone, staff wise and provided a new car for the winner! Now that’s what I call a great manager! Someone who cares about the club, the players, everyone who makes the place work! Take Bielsa over Mourinho or Alladyce every day of the week!

28 Dec 2020 08:57:28
I have put my answers George but Ed blocked my post no idea why it had no rude language but did make a good point and make Ed look stupid which apparently he can’t handle

As for Clough vs revie. it is no competition no one outside of Leeds thinks the don is better than Clough.

{Ed001's Note - more lies Berm? Final warning or you will be blocked. I do not appreciate you speaking like this. I work damn hard providing this forum, you do nothing but abuse its facilities.}

28 Dec 2020 09:48:56
just spoke to uncle. you was right 500-1 was rubbish I got confused that was a different bet he did. he got porto to win champs league at 80-1 which is still very big odds. so the big odds would mean porto were (in that competition) a comparatively little team

wanted to correct that as I was not lying but did get confused and got it massively wrong. so just to clear that up they were 80-1.nowhere near as big as I originally said but still pretty big in my opinion.

{Ed001's Note - at the start of the Champions League, it is not unusual to get any club at those kind of odds. It is not until after the group stages start and people can see how teams are doing that the odds become lowered.}

28 Dec 2020 09:51:39
Down south belisa is a touch of class off the pitch. real quality paying the fine I think also shows his class.

I know that when the fans got on bamfords back belisa told him to ignore everyone other than him and Bamford backed the boss and himself and the results are clear. fair play to both.

28 Dec 2020 10:23:40
here are ed found it

they were 66-1 taipeitimes.com/News/sport/archives/2004/05/07/2003154541

thats the official odds. my uncle got 80-1 which is possible if hunting for good odds which is what he does

I also noted that my longer post with all of the other websites backing up my view has not come up despite me posting it well before the odds and uncle one

why was this not posted ed? it was not rude or nasty. it was simply backing up my view that you jumped on me for.

you said I was ignorant and I was the only one who thought of porto as a small club. I then found many independent non-based websites saying exactly the same thing

I don't mind a debate, I will be honest I thought you post on me was harsh. I then found a lot of data to back up my opinion and certainly disprove your point that I was not ignorant and that I was far from the only one who thought of porto as comparatively small and then this post doesn't get posted?

I hope you can understand why I feel a little aggrieved at this?

{Ed001's Note - oh for god's sake, I really don't care what a few clueless people have to say about one of the world's biggest clubs. This is the problem with the internet, ignorance is pushed at people instead of knowledge.}

28 Dec 2020 10:34:18
This is no lie my uncle got them at a huge 350-1 and told me the odds were higher before he backed them. as for no-one calling them little but me. this simply is not true. Jose himself called them little in reply to fergie. fergie said anyone could win the league with Chelseas money as they were the big team. Jose replied I know. I know but little teams can beat the big teams like when my little porto beat your big man utd.

I can find exact odds but I believe these links to websites below are not biased and certainly back my opinion up.


wiki page calling porto outsiders. which is my point


calls Jose's achievement one of the biggest surprises.


final of underdogs.


again another view:


to quote the above a win against all odds

please don't see these as an attempt to goad you they are not. they are simply me trying to back up my original view and defend myself against your claim my view is arrogant and I am the only one with it. which as the sites above prove is simply not the case.

this is not disrespectful to porto rather a comment on where they were when the competition started.

as for inter of course it was no where near the size of porto's achievement and again I can't find the odds, but in my opinion inter was not widely fancied to win the league and many do credit Jose for winning champs league with that team. but this is opinion only. I would argue the porto win is much harder to argue against.

{Ed033's Note - I'm sure loads of people find your posts entertaining, Bermondsey. I think this is a win for you, well done. :)

Maybe people should check their egos in once in a while?

28 Dec 2020 11:36:34
Yes the raffle happens each year apparently. Just another reason why Bielsa is solid gold.

28 Dec 2020 11:59:12
Very interesting debate of sorts between Berm and Ed001. Not to add oil onto the flames but in the above posts Berms uncle got odds of 80-1, then he says it was 350-1. Or maybe I've read it incorrectly.?

28 Dec 2020 13:59:03
Correct Mezzer
Er Berm you said you phoned your Uncle and he told you he got odds of 80 to 1 then a few posts later you stated he told you he got odds of . 350 to 1 . Just saying re your credibility on this.

28 Dec 2020 14:00:49
thanks ed33

to be honest I don't see it as a win as I didn't see it as a battle.

I love this site, love football and love the fact that people can have different opinions and different views its what makes life and this site beautiful

I know my views differ from most leeds fans, I think as a leeds fan but also as a proud south Londoner my views are often very different from most. I respect this.

I also know I am loud, abrasive, staunch in my opinions and will bang that drum maybe too loud and certainly too often. but I always try and respect other people and their views. even if they disagree with me so are obviously wrong (this is a joke honest).

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for clarifying.

28 Dec 2020 14:03:47
I got it wrong but post were not posted in time order if that makes sense

I thought it was 350-1 but got confused it was actually 80-1 which is lot smaller but still outsiders and small team in bookies opinion.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but you have to realise that links to other sites have to be manually checked and that can throw out the order.

28 Dec 2020 15:01:45
The order of my posts were not the same as the order they are shown the post where I phoned my uncle was the last post hence the reason for the confusion. not my credibility honest!

{Ed033's Note - Yes, but you have to realise that links to other sites have to be manually checked and that can throw out the order.

28 Dec 2020 16:11:29
Berm it’s very common for many good teams to be 50/ 1 and bigger at start of tournament.
Teams like Seville Dortmund and Leipzig were all around the 50 plus mark so Porto weren’t exactly outsiders just more in the middle of the betting.
And of course Mourinho would say they were a small club as it makes his achievement sound even better.

28 Dec 2020 16:38:40
Cheers Ed for clarifying as wasn’t sure how it worked

Cork you are of course correct but to call a 66-1 one shot outsiders and a small club is not ignorant or embarrassing is it? It certainly was not an opinion I had no my own many agree with me.

The teams you mention while good teams are all smaller in comparison to city Liverpool bara etc and if they won it it would be considered outsiders

66-1 shots don’t often come in as bookies don’t like getting it wrong.



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