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07 Nov 2020 16:37:35
Unfortunately entirely predictable. I don't think we will be relegated but Rads is entirely correct. Stay up - consolidate - improve -repeat. We play decent football but we're weak at the back. If Llorente is good we should improve as the season goes on. Worried about the the virus effect on Rodrigo in the short to medium term. In the premiership you don't get to make too many defensive mistakes without it being costly. It will be interesting to see us when Phillips, Rabinnia; Llorente; and Rodriga are back. We don't have a great back up squad yet but hopefully that will come season by season. 40 points is the target this time.

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07 Nov 2020 16:48:23
Think Lorente will be huge for us a proper left back is important

Worried about Phillips coming back as o think we are weaker with him. Gutted in results as it looks like we missed him but we didn’t know villa game just belisa made huge mistakes last two games

Is Phillips really the answer against two quick counter attacking teams like palace and lesticer?

Also stuijk played well today I thought?

07 Nov 2020 16:48:57
As ever scoring the first goal is crucial

Mentality and confidence are crucial

We score first we invariably win under Bielsa, if we concede first we invariably lose chasing the game just 2 wins out of 28 games conceding first

We need our best side out and all players available Llorente , KP, . Rodrigo, Raphina and Pablo

We have 2 weeks to regroup and. get players back and strengthen the team

A good season will be staying up and my post season prediction of between 12th to 15th I will be extremely happy to happen.

VAR is ridiculous.

07 Nov 2020 16:55:27
Hes agree, I've said from day 1 I'd taken 17th all season long, but we have now conceded 17 goals, most in the prem, 4 against leicester isn't great but they are a good team, but to concede 4 against Palace is IMO inexcusable,
Dallas is either played at left back or not at all IMO, Raphinia needs to start, and yes Berm missing Phillip's is the key, surely you can't now say were better without him, 2 weeks off but i'm fealing Managers are doing there homework on Bielsa

07 Nov 2020 16:55:33
Joking apart Hesslian, you play very good football mate, and no way will you go down.

07 Nov 2020 16:58:29
Bermo really insists Strujk is better than Phillips, snd we are better without Phillips? I just don’t see it? I think our results speak for themselves without Phillips we post 4-1 twice on the bounce.

07 Nov 2020 17:00:35
Juries out for me on pascal bermo, he seems to lose concentration to regularly, I know when we have a full squad again he will be subbed but its an aspect of his game that he needs to rectify, along with a little penchant for fouling too regularly imo, we were always going to get a reality check and sure as hell, we have it,

Our bench is the worrying aspect for me, and it's weird that some on hwre thought we don't need to strengthen in January, we need more players,

We have accumulated a lot of sub standard last few seasons, this is blaringly obvious now

Anyway even though we were well beaten, raphinha clooks like he can pick great passes, and paddybamayang can't do it all on his toblerone.

07 Nov 2020 17:02:43
Berm, worried about Phillip's coming back, REALLY, defensively we are shocking without him.

07 Nov 2020 17:12:32
Great post Hess. And Mighty, I agree ref Kal. we are lacking his presence, as he makes the team tick. We certainly haven’t played “better” without him, as Bermo wants us to believe.

07 Nov 2020 18:10:13
No belisa made mistakes villa was without Phillips we was amazing

No one doubts Phillips is slow so how would he of helped againstesticer and palace it defies logic

We are stronger without Phillips just need belisa to pick right team Phillips will not improve us and was just getting found out when injured again time will tell but I’m very very confident in this.

07 Nov 2020 19:16:40
Bermo, Llorente may/ should come in, possibly for Coops but he is a right footed Centre Back not a Left Back? I assume everyone is pitching for a Koch+Llorente pairing going forward, maybe that's the future but certainly Koch needs to up his game and learn how to out jump and bully forwards.

07 Nov 2020 19:24:17
Nonsense Berm, you used the single Villa result of proof of Phillip's being poor and Leeds better without him, why don't the next two defeats prove the opposite?

Is it me or simply does Struijk play a lot further forward then Phillips?
He is not as disciplined in staying just ahead of the back line which leaves holes behind. Positionally Phillips is far superior (just too slow) .

07 Nov 2020 19:43:49
Spot on Canada
Berm' s just plain daft ' reasoning'is entirely selective.

07 Nov 2020 22:22:06
Phillips positions is beyound poor what’s ap me and I’ll send videos to prove it. really poor

Cooper is the problem when he plays we concede for fun that don’t mean Phillips is the answer

One game without Phillips and cooper and we was amazing that for me is prof enough.

07 Nov 2020 23:48:11
Well said leedsdave.



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